Lord Jesus Life Eternal – Hymn Lyric

Discover the powerful hymn "Lord Jesus Life Eternal" expressing a humble plea for forgiveness and a longing for ultimate redemption. Find solace in Jesus' grace and promises for eternal life.

Lord Jesus Life Eternal – Hymn Lyric

“Lord Jesus, Life eternal” is a heartfelt hymn that expresses a desire for forgiveness and cleansing from sin. It reminds us to turn to Jesus in our struggles and trust in His promises for eternal life. This hymn is a comforting reminder of the grace and love that Jesus offers to all who come before Him.


Lord Jesus Life Eternal – Hymn Lyric

Lord Jesus, Life eternal,
Before Thy throne I bow;
To Thee I make confession,
Thy grace imploring now.

My heart with sin is laden,
I sorrow night and day;
Speak Thou the word of pardon
And wash my sins away.

O crown me with Thy mercy
While yet on earth I dwell,
And let the sun of gladness
The mists of gloom dispel.

Blot out all my transgressions
And cleanse me from my sin;
My fainting spirit strengthen
And make me pure within.

I often grow impatient
When I the cross must bear,
Which Thou, O Lord, hast sent me
That I the crown may wear.

O make my spirit humble,
And help me, Lord, to see
That through the vale of sorrow
My way shall lead to Thee.

By faith unshaken help me
To reach that heav’nly goal,
And through Thy bitter passion
Give healing to my soul.

Thy Word and promise trusting,
May I, when death shall come,
In yonder fair dominions
Find my eternal home.


Meaning of Lord Jesus Life Eternal

Lord Jesus, Life eternal, I come before you with a humble heart and a burdened soul. I acknowledge my sins and shortcomings, and I seek your grace and forgiveness.

In this hymn, we find a beautiful plea for redemption and a desire to be cleansed and made pure. The poet acknowledges the weight of their sins, constantly feeling sorrow day and night. But they turn to you, Lord Jesus, knowing that you alone can pardon and wash away their transgressions. It is a reminder that no matter how heavy our sins may be, your mercy can crown us with forgiveness.

As we go through life, we often encounter difficulties and challenges. Sometimes, these can make us grow impatient and weary. The poet acknowledges the cross that you, O Lord, have sent them to bear. They understand that it is through these trials that they may wear the crown of victory. It is a call for humility and a prayer for strength to endure, knowing that the path of sorrow leads to you, dear Jesus.

The poet asks for faith unshaken. They desire unwavering trust in your Word and promise. It is through this steadfast faith that they hope to reach the heavenly goal, that eternal dwelling place promised to those who believe in you. They find solace in your bitter passion, knowing that it brings healing to their soul. It is a reminder that despite the challenges we face, your sacrifice on the cross gives us hope and restoration.

In this hymn, we are reminded of the power of your Word and the trust we can place in your promises. The poet seeks that when the time of death comes, they may find their eternal home in the fair dominions of heaven. It is a longing for that place where pain and sorrow cease to exist, and true joy and peace are found.

Lord Jesus, Life eternal, these heartfelt words express a yearning for your mercy, forgiveness, and guidance. They remind us that no matter our struggles, your grace is always available. May we too turn to you in times of trial and find comfort in your promises.

As we reflect on this hymn, let us remember that in seeking your forgiveness and guidance, we are not alone. We are all on this journey together, striving to be better and find our eternal home in your loving presence.

In conclusion, “Lord Jesus Life Eternal” is a powerful hymn that speaks to our human nature, acknowledging our faults and seeking forgiveness. It is a reminder of the hope that we have in you, dear Jesus, and the promise of eternal life. May these words resonate in our hearts, and may we always seek your mercy and guidance on our journey through life.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the powerful hymn Lord Jesus Life Eternal expressing a humble plea for forgiveness and a longing for ultimate redemption. Find solace in Jesus' grace and promises for eternal life.


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