Lord Jesus Who Art Come – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Ministry of Christ: Lord Jesus Who Art Come. Embrace His guidance and salvation through preaching

Lord Jesus Who Art Come – Hymn Lyric

“Lord Jesus, Who Art Come: Embracing the Ministry of Christ” is a heartfelt prayer and reflection on the significance of Jesus’ arrival as a heavenly Teacher. The passage acknowledges the power and purpose of Jesus’ ministry, emphasizing the importance of spreading His Word and preserving His teachings. It highlights the need for laborers in God’s harvest, the importance of pure doctrine and holiness, and the impact of Jesus’ ministry in bringing salvation, guidance, and comfort to all who believe.


Lord Jesus Who Art Come – Hymn Lyric

Lord Jesus, who art come
A Teacher sent from heaven
And by both word and deed
God’s truth to us hast given,

Thou wisely hast ordained
The holy ministry
That we, Thy flock, may know
The way to God through thee.

Thou hast, O Lord, returned,
To God’s right hand ascending;
Yet Thou art in the world,
Thy kingdom here extending.

Through preaching of Thy Word
In every land and clime
Thy people’s faith is kept
Until the end of time.

O blessed ministry
Of reconciliation,
That shows the way to God
And brings to us salvation!

By Thine evangel pure,
Lord, Thou preserv’st Thy fold,
Doest call, enlighten, keep,
Dost comfort and uphold.

Preserve this ministry
While harvest-days are keeping;
And since the fields are white
And hands are few for reaping,

Send workers forth, O Lord,
The sheaves to gather in
That not a soul be lost
Which Thou art come to win.

The servants Thou hast called
And to Thy Church art giving
Preserve in doctrine pure
And holiness of living.

Thy Spirit fill their hearts,
Endue their tongues with power;
What they should boldly speak,
Oh, give them in that hour!

Yea, bless Thy Word alway,
Our souls forever feeding;
And may we never lack
A faithful shepherd’s leading!

Seek Thou the wandering sheep,
Bind up the sore opprest,
Lift up the fallen ones,
And grant the weary rest.

Bring those into Thy fold
Who still to Thee are strangers;
Guard those who are within
Against offense and dangers.

Press onward with Thy Word
Till pastor and his fold
Through faith in Thee, O Christ,
Thy glory shall behold.


Meaning of Lord Jesus Who Art Come

Lord Jesus, Who Art Come: Embracing the Ministry of Christ

Lord Jesus, who art come to us as a Teacher sent from heaven, we are grateful for the wisdom and guidance you have imparted to us through your words and actions. Your holy ministry has been ordained with purpose – to show us the way to God through you.

Though you have ascended to God’s right hand, your presence is still felt in the world. Your kingdom continues to extend through the preaching of your Word, reaching every corner of the earth. This blessed ministry of reconciliation brings salvation to those who believe, ensuring that our faith is preserved until the end of time.

We thank you for preserving this ministry, especially during the harvest-days when there is much work to be done. The fields are ripe, but the workers are few. We pray, dear Lord, that you send forth laborers to gather the sheaves of souls. Let not a single person be lost, for you came to win each and every one of us.

As you call and equip servants for your Church, we ask that you preserve them in pure doctrine and holiness of living. Fill their hearts with your Spirit and empower their tongues to boldly speak the truth in love. Grant them wisdom and courage to fulfill their calling, leading your flock with diligence and integrity.

Bless your Word always, dear Lord, for it nourishes our souls and sustains us in our faith. May we never lack the guidance and care of a faithful shepherd. We know there are wandering sheep in need of your seeking, sorely oppressed souls in need of your healing touch, and fallen ones longing for your embrace. Grant them your love and mercy, providing rest for the weary.

We also pray for those who are still strangers to you, Lord Jesus. Bring them into your fold, surround them with your grace, and protect those who are already within from offense and danger. May your Word continue to press forward, transforming lives and bringing glory to your Name.

Lord Jesus, who art come, we are humbled by your grace and the ministry you have entrusted to us. Help us to embrace this calling with joy and dedication. Teach us to be faithful servants, seeking to share your love and truth with all we encounter. May your ministry continue to bring reconciliation, salvation, and eternal hope to a world in need.

In your precious name we pray,



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