Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion – Hymn Lyric

"Reflect on Lord Jesus and His Passion: Communion Hymn - Experience the love

Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion – Hymn Lyric

“Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion: A Hymn of Communion and Reflection” is a beautiful hymn that expressed gratitude and worship for Jesus’s sacrifice before His crucifixion. It reminds us of the significance of communion and the bond of love that unites us with our Savior. Through communion, we remember Jesus’s love, show our gratitude, and experience a deep spiritual connection with Him.


Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion – Hymn Lyric

Lord Jesus, who before Thy passion,
distressed and sorrowful to death,
to us the fruits of Thy oblation
in Thy last supper didst bequesth,

Accept our praise, Thou bounteous Giver
of life to every true believer.

As oft as we enjoy this blessing,
each sacred token doth declare
Thy dying love, all thoughts surpassing;
and while we Thee in memory bear

At each returning celebration,
we show Thy death for our salvation.

That bond of love, that mystic union,
by which to Thee, our Head, we’re joined,
is closer drawn at each communion;
by love inspired we know Thy mind,

And feeding on Thy death and merit,
are rendered one with Thee in spirit.


Meaning of Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion

Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion: A Hymn of Communion and Reflection

In this hymn, we are reminded of the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us before His crucifixion. It is a beautiful expression of gratitude and worship, acknowledging Jesus as our bounteous Giver of life. As we delve deeper into the meaning behind these verses, we come to understand the significance of communion and the bond of love that unites us with our Savior.

Before delving into the topic at hand, let us first understand what communion means. Communion, also known as the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper, is a Christian sacrament in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed as symbols of Jesus’s body and blood. This act of communion holds great importance for believers because it serves as a remembrance of Jesus’s sacrifice and a source of spiritual nourishment.

The hymn begins by addressing Jesus as the Lord who, before His great suffering and sorrowful death, left us the fruits of His oblation during the last supper. The term “oblation” refers to the act of offering something to God. In this context, it signifies Jesus’s offering of His own body and blood as a sacrifice for our salvation. The hymn acknowledges Jesus as the giver of life, highlighting His generosity and love for all true believers.

Whenever we partake in the act of communion, we are reminded of Jesus’s unfathomable love and the magnitude of His sacrifice. This sacred act serves as a tangible expression of His dying love for humanity, transcending all human comprehension. As we remember Jesus’s death, we also experience a deep sense of gratitude and reverence, recognizing the significance of His sacrifice and the immense blessings it bestows upon us.

The bond of love that is established between Jesus and His followers is another important aspect mentioned in the hymn. Through communion, we enter into a mystic union with Jesus, becoming joined to Him as our Head. This union is not merely a physical act but a spiritual connection, strengthened and deepened with each celebration of communion. Love becomes the driving force that connects us to Jesus’s teachings, thoughts, and desires.

By partaking in communion and feeding on Jesus’s death and merit, we are not only nourished physically and spiritually but also made one with Him in spirit. This oneness is a profound expression of the love and grace poured forth by Jesus, as we are drawn closer to Him and to one another through this sacred act. The hymn calls us to reflect on this unity and to let it inspire our actions, thoughts, and relationships with others.

As we can see, the hymn “Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion” encompasses the essence of communion and its significance in the life of a believer. It emphasizes the immense love and sacrifice of Jesus, highlighting the importance of remembrance and gratitude during communion. Additionally, it reminds us of the profound spiritual union we experience with Jesus and the transformative power of His death and resurrection.

In conclusion, communion is not merely a religious ritual but a meaningful act that brings us closer to Jesus and to one another. It is a time of reflection, remembrance, and gratitude, as we partake in the symbolic elements representing Jesus’s body and blood. The hymn “Lord Jesus Who Before Thy Passion” beautifully captures these sentiments, inviting us to embrace the love, unity, and spiritual nourishment that communion offers. May our hearts be always open to receive the blessings of this sacred sacrament and may we continually grow in our appreciation of Jesus’s sacrifice and His unending love for us.


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