Lord Of Life Of Love Of Light – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Majesty and Power of the Lord of Life

Lord Of Life Of Love Of Light – Hymn Lyric

In this hymn, we gather to express gratitude to the Lord of Life, of Love, and of Light. We ask for His favor to shine upon this house, nourishing our souls with His pure and sweet bounty. May this place become a sanctuary of salvation and a reflection of His celestial praise, guiding us towards righteousness and truth.


Lord Of Life Of Love Of Light – Hymn Lyric

Lord of life, of love, of light,
Clothed with mercy, armed with might,
Worship centres at Thy throne,
Praise belongs to Thee alone!

Be this house forever Thine;
Through it let Thy favor shine;
Feed the souls that here shall meet,
From Thy bounty pure and sweet.

Write salvation on these walls;
Succor those whom sin enthralls;
Lightened with celestial rays,
Let these gates reflect Thy praise.

Thou Who dwellest where is sung
Praise to Thee by human tongue,
With the presence of Thy grace
Dwell henceforth within this place.

On Thine aged servants pour
Richest mercies from Thy store,
And till life’s brief hour shall end,
Be their Guardian, Saviour, Friend.

Father holy! Christ most blest!
Evermore within us rest!
Spirit pure, illume our ways
With Thy bright, celestial rays.



Meaning of Lord Of Life Of Love Of Light

Lord of Life, of Love, and of Light, we gather here today to express our gratitude and praise to you. This hymn reminds us of your majesty and power, as well as your boundless mercy and love. We come together in worship, centering our hearts and minds at your throne, knowing that all praise belongs to you alone.

As we sing these words, we ask that this house may forever be yours. Let your favor shine upon it, filling every corner with your presence and grace. May all who enter here be nourished and refreshed by the abundance of your goodness, which is pure and sweet.

In this sacred place, we pray that salvation may be written on the walls. May it become a sanctuary for those who are burdened by the chains of sin, a refuge where they can find solace and forgiveness. May the gates of this house reflect your glorious praise, shining with the celestial rays of your love and grace.

We acknowledge that you, Lord, dwell in places where human tongues raise their voices in praise to you. With the presence of your grace, we invite you to dwell within this place, infusing it with your holiness and love. May it become a beacon of light, drawing all who seek you closer and closer to you.

We humbly ask for your richest mercies to be poured upon your aged servants. May they feel your loving embrace and experience the abundance of your blessings. As they journey through the remaining days of their lives, be their Guardian, their Saviour, and their Friend. May they find comfort, strength, and peace in your everlasting presence.

Father holy, Christ most blest, we invite you to rest within us. Fill our hearts and minds with your divine wisdom and guidance. Illuminate our paths with your bright, celestial rays, leading us towards righteousness and truth. May we be vessels of your love, shining your light into the lives of others.

As we conclude this hymn, we say “Amen” in affirmation of our words. We trust that you have heard our prayers and that you will continue to bless this place and all who gather here. May your love and light radiate from this house, spreading joy, hope, and comfort to all who encounter it.

We thank you, Lord, for being the Lord of Life, of Love, and of Light. In your holy name, we offer our praises and adoration. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the Majesty and Power of the Lord of Life, Love, and Light in this sacred hymn. Enter this worship center and bask in His boundless mercy and love. Find solace and forgiveness within these walls as the celestial rays of His grace shine upon all who enter. Let His presence and blessings be with you always. Amen.


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