Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation – Hymn Lyric

Seeking hope and peace amidst darkness? "Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation" offers solace and guidance

Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation – Hymn Lyric

“Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation: Finding Hope and Peace in Times of Darkness” emphasizes the importance of seeking solace, hope, and peace in the Lord during difficult times. It highlights how the Lord guides us, protects us, and grants us His peace in the face of adversity. Through heartfelt supplication, we can find strength and experience the unifying force of His peace in our hearts and in the troubled world.


Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation – Hymn Lyric

Lord of our life and God of our salvation,
Star of our night and Hope of every nation:
Hear and receive Your Church’s supplication,
Lord God Almighty.

See round Your ark the hungry billows curling;
See how Your foes their banners are unfurling
And with great spite their fiery darts are hurling,
O Lord, preserve us.

Lord, be our light when worldly darkness veils us;
Lord, be our shield when earthly armor fails us;
And in the day when hell itself assails us,
Grant us Your peace, Lord:

Peace in our hearts, where sinful thoughts are raging,
Peace in Your Church, our troubled souls assuaging,
Peace when the world its endless war is waging,
Peace in Your heaven.


Meaning of Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation

Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation: Finding Hope and Peace in Times of Darkness

In times of darkness and despair, it is essential to find solace and hope in the Lord, who is the source of our life and the provider of our salvation. Just as a star shines brightly in the night, guiding lost wanderers back home, the Lord illuminates our path and brings hope to every nation. With our hearts filled with supplication, we turn to the Almighty God, seeking His divine intervention and protection.

As we navigate through the stormy seas of life, we often encounter billows of hunger, both metaphorical and literal. Just as waves curl around a sturdy ark, threatening to engulf us, we face challenges that seem insurmountable. Our foes, like banners unfurled, display their hostility and try to harm us with their fiery darts. In these moments of vulnerability, we humbly request the Lord to preserve and safeguard us.

When worldly darkness envelops us, obscuring our path and clouding our judgment, we implore the Lord to be our guiding light. In this treacherous world, our own earthly armor often fails us, leaving us defenseless and exposed. Yet, we find solace in knowing that the Lord is our shield, a divine armor that shields us from harm and provides us with strength and courage.

There may come a day when even hell itself assails us, throwing its challenges and temptations in our way. Despite the darkness and despair that may loom, we find reassurance in knowing that our Lord is with us, granting us His incomparable peace. In the face of adversity, it is this peace that sustains and uplifts us, allowing us to triumph over sin and find spiritual tranquility.

However, peace is not confined to our hearts alone. As members of the Church, our souls often find themselves in turmoil, troubled by doubts and conflicts. In times of confusion and distress, we seek the Lord’s peace to assuage our troubled souls. Through His divine guidance and grace, we find comfort and clarity, enabling us to navigate our path with confidence.

Moreover, in a world where endless wars wage on, both physically and metaphorically, the Lord’s peace is a beacon of hope. This peace transcends the conflicts and animosities of the world, offering us a sense of serenity and unity. It reminds us that even amidst chaos, we can find harmony and restoration, as we align our hearts and actions with the divine purpose of peace.

The Lord’s peace extends beyond our earthly existence, reaching into the realms of heavenly bliss. In His heaven, where love and harmony thrive, we envision a future free from strife and anguish. It is the ultimate destination we aspire to, where we will bask in the eternal peace that the Lord embraces us with.

In conclusion, “Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation” reminds us of the need to seek solace, hope, and peace from the Almighty in times of darkness and despair. Just as a star illuminates the night sky, the Lord shines His light upon our lives, guiding us towards the path of righteousness. Through heartfelt supplication, we find strength and protection against the challenges that come our way. His peace, both within our hearts and in the troubled world, is a unifying force that transcends adversities and restores harmony. Let us always turn to the Lord, our source of hope and salvation, and find comfort in His unwavering love and grace.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Seeking hope and peace amidst darkness? Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation offers solace and guidance, protecting us from challenges and granting us divine peace. Find comfort in the Almighty's love and grace.


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