Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted – Hymn Lyric

"Trust and seek guidance from God in the hymn "Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted." Find protection

Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted,” the writer expresses their trust and faith in God and seeks guidance and protection. They ask for forgiveness and acknowledge God’s righteousness and kindness. This hymn reminds us to trust in God, seek His ways, and rely on His mercy and grace.


Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted – Hymn Lyric

Lord, to Thee my soul is lifted;
O my God, I trust in Thee;
Let me not in shame be humbled,
Nor my foes exult o’er me.

Unto them no shame is known
Who are waiting for Thy blessing;
They are shamed and they alone,
Without cause Thy law transgressing.

Lord, Thy ways of love revealing,
All Thy paths make known to me;
In Thy truth guide Thou my footsteps
And therein my Teacher be.

All day long for Thee I wait;
God my Savior, I adore Thee;
Former mercies, free and great,
Be remembered, I implore Thee.

All my sins of youth forgetting,
Do not Thou their guilt record;
But remember me in mercy
For Thy goodness’ sake, O Lord.

Thou art upright, good and kind,
Sinners in Thy way instructing,
And all those of lowly mind
In Thy righteous paths conducting.

All Thy paths are truth and kindness
For Thy saints who for Thee wait,
For Thy Name’s sake grant me pardon.
For my sin is very great.

Unto him that feareth Thee
Thou wilt teach the way of blessing;
Happy days his eyes shall see,
And his sons the land possessing.

With His saints abides His friendship,
They His faithful cov’nant share.
Unto Him mine eyes are looking
For deliverance from the snare.

Turn to me, O Lord, return
With Thy mercy’s benediction;
Desolate, for Thee I yearn
Sore cast down by my affliction.


Meaning of Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted

In the hymn titled “Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted,” the writer expresses their trust and faith in God. They seek guidance and protection from their enemies, and ask for forgiveness for their sins. The hymn also talks about the righteousness and kindness of God, and the blessings that come to those who fear Him.

The first verse begins with a declaration of trust in God and a plea for protection from shame and humiliation. The writer acknowledges that those who wait for God’s blessing will not be put to shame, but those who transgress His law will be humbled without cause. This serves as a reminder that it is in God’s hands to determine the outcome of our lives.

The second verse continues with a prayer for God to reveal His ways of love and truth. The writer asks for guidance and instruction, desiring for God to be their teacher. They profess their devotion to God, asking Him to remember His past acts of mercy and to forget their sins of youth. The writer acknowledges their own shortcomings and asks for forgiveness based on God’s goodness and kindness.

The third verse praises God for His righteousness and kindness towards sinners. The writer acknowledges that God instructs and leads those of lowly mind in His righteous paths. They declare that all of God’s paths are filled with truth and kindness for those who wait for Him. In light of this, the writer asks God to grant them pardon, acknowledging the greatness of their sin.

The fourth verse speaks of the blessings that come to those who fear the Lord. The writer believes that those who fear God will be taught the way of blessing and will experience happy days. They also mention the inheritance that will be passed down to their children. This verse highlights the importance of fearing God and living in accordance with His ways.

The fifth verse emphasizes the close friendship that God has with His saints. The writer declares their trust in God, seeking deliverance from snares and traps. They express their longing for God’s return and the return of His mercy’s benediction. The writer acknowledges their desolation and affliction, longing for God’s presence and intervention.

In conclusion, the hymn “Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted” expresses trust, faith, and devotion to God. The writer seeks God’s guidance, protection, and forgiveness. They acknowledge God’s righteousness and kindness, and desire to walk in His paths. The hymn also highlights the blessings that come to those who fear the Lord. Overall, this hymn serves as a reminder of the importance of trusting in God, seeking His ways, and relying on His mercy and grace.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Trust and seek guidance from God in the hymn Lord To Thee My Soul Is Lifted. Find protection, forgiveness, and blessings for those who fear the Lord.


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