Lotta Love – Hymn Lyric

Unlock the Power of Love in Your Heart | Discover the True Value of "Lotta Love"

Lotta Love – Hymn Lyric

“Lotta Love”: Discovering the Power of Love in Life In the song “Lotta Love,” the artist challenges the mindset that revolves around money and stresses the importance of love. They question whether life should be solely focused on making a profit and emphasize the need for love in our hearts instead. Love brings comfort and balance amidst the chaos of life and holds immeasurable value.


Lotta Love – Hymn Lyric

I see people makin’ money of time
I ask myself, “Should life be a nickel and dime?”
A lotta a lotta love in my heart
I want a…
A lotta a lotta love in my heart
I need a…
A lotta a lotta love in my heart
You put a…
A lotta a lotta love in my heart

I see time gettin harder to find
I ask myself, “Should life be a bump and a grind?”
A lotta a lotta love in my heart
I need a…
A lotta a lotta love in my heart

In a world of confusion (world of confusion)
It’s so good to know the truth (so good to know the truth)
And it’s not an illusion that (not an illusion)
You’ve put love in my heart (you put love)
You put a lotta love in my heart (you put love)

I see love just a body and mind
I ask myself, “Should real love be so hard to find?”
No I need a lotta love in my
Oh yeah, I need a lotta love in
In need a lotta love in my heart, in my heart (yeah)

Repeat Bridge

My heart yeah
Need a lot of love
Need a lot of love
In my heart

A lotta, a lotta, a lotta (repeat with stepouts and fade)


Meaning of Lotta Love

“Lotta Love”: Finding the True Value in Life

Have you ever wondered why people seem to prioritize money over everything else? It often feels like the world revolves around making a profit, leaving important aspects of life like love behind. In the insightful hymn “Lotta Love,” the artist questions this mindset and emphasizes the significance of love in our hearts.

The first verse of the hymn confronts the idea of money being the most valuable commodity. The artist observes how people make a profit by selling their time, and it makes them wonder if life should be solely focused on making a nickel and dime. However, the artist disagrees with this notion and suggests that there should be a lot of love in their heart instead. Love, after all, is something that cannot be bought or sold, but its effects are immeasurable.

As the hymn continues, the second verse digs deeper into the concept of time and its diminishing availability. In a world where everything moves at a fast pace, the artist questions if life should be reduced to a mere bump and grind. The answer, once again, lies in having an abundance of love in one’s heart. Love provides comfort and stability amidst the hectic nature of life, restoring peace and balance.

The hymn proclaims that in a world of confusion, it is crucial to know the truth. The truth, in this context, refers to the understanding that love is real and meaningful. It is not an illusion or a fleeting emotion. By acknowledging this truth, individuals can find solace and hope in knowing that love exists and can be nurtured.

Love’s transformative power becomes evident as the artist acknowledges the impact it has made in their own heart. The hymn suggests that love has been bestowed upon them, filling their heart with an abundance of affection. The repetition of the line “You put love in my heart” emphasizes the artist’s deep gratitude for the presence of love in their life.

The hymn further explores the concept of love, highlighting the unfortunate misconception that love is solely a physical and intellectual connection. The artist questions whether true love should be so hard to find, challenging the prevailing notion that real love is a rarity. The hymn affirms the need for a “lotta love” in the artist’s heart, as it represents authentic and genuine affection.

Love, as depicted in this hymn, goes beyond materialistic pursuits and physical desires. It is a force that nurtures and sustains, providing comfort and understanding in times of need. The bridge of the hymn encourages individuals to seek and cherish the love that resides in their hearts. Just as the body needs sustenance, the heart also requires a “lotta love” to thrive.

In conclusion, the hymn “Lotta Love” brings to light the importance of love in our lives. It questions the prevalent emphasis on money and material possessions, suggesting that true value lies in the abundance of love in our hearts. Love provides solace, stability, and hope in a chaotic and fast-paced world. It can transform our lives and the lives of those around us, making it truly invaluable. Rather than valuing life as a nickel and dime, let us prioritize cultivating love in our hearts, for it is through love that we can truly experience the richness and beauty of life.


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