Love Keeps Me Singing – Hymn Lyric

Discover the transformative power of love in "Love Keeps Me Singing." Find joy

Love Keeps Me Singing – Hymn Lyric

“Love Keeps Me Singing” is a hymn that captures the joy and gratitude the singer has for the love of Jesus. Love brings happiness, light, strength, and purpose, and it has the power to transform our lives. Let’s reflect on the love in our own lives and how it inspires us to sing praises.


Love Keeps Me Singing – Hymn Lyric

Love keeps me singing, along the rough road,
Praises to Jesus, my Saviour and Lord;
My heart is as free as a bird on the wing,
How can I help singing the praise of my King?

Love keeps me singing, the love of my Lord;
Love makes me happy, O glory to God!
My heart is as free as a bird on the wing,
For love keeps me singing the praise of my King.

Love keeps me happy from morning till night,
Love changes darkness to glorious light;
The love of my Saviour removes all my fear;
When hardest my trials, his love brings me cheer.


Love keeps me working all through the long day,
Hardship is pleasure when love fills the way;
The toil that he gives me how gladly I do,
His love is the power my strength to renew.


Meaning of Love Keeps Me Singing

Love Keeps Me Singing: Finding Joy in the Love of God

In this beautiful hymn, the singer expresses their unwavering love and devotion to Jesus, their Savior and Lord. The lyrics reflect a heart that is filled with joy and gratitude, resonating with the idea that love is what keeps them singing. Let’s delve into this concept and explore how love can bring happiness, light, strength, and a sense of purpose in our lives.

Love, as described in the hymn, is not just any kind of love, but specifically the love of the Lord. It is this love that ignites a flame within the singer’s heart, motivating them to sing praises to their King. When we think about love, we often associate it with warm and fuzzy feelings, but it goes beyond that. Love has the power to transform our lives and enable us to experience true happiness.

Love makes the singer happy from morning till night. It has the ability to turn darkness into glorious light. When we feel loved, whether it’s by our family, friends, or by God Himself, it brightens our world and instills a deep sense of joy within us. It is in the embrace of this love that our fears fade away, and we find solace and peace, even in the midst of the hardest trials.

Hardship is a part of life, and we all face challenges along the rough road. However, the love of our Savior brings us comfort and cheer, helping us to navigate through these tough times. It is through love that we find the strength to overcome adversity and emerge as victors. Just as the hymn suggests, even the most arduous toil becomes a pleasure when love fills our way. Love gives us the power to endure and persevere, renewing our strength in times of weariness.

Love also keeps us working throughout the long day. When we love something or someone deeply, we are motivated to invest our time and energy into it. In the case of this hymn, the love of the Lord becomes the driving force behind the singer’s actions. Love inspires them to labor and serve with enthusiasm, knowing that their efforts are not in vain, but rather an extension of their adoration for God. In this way, love brings purpose and fulfillment to our lives.

Now, let’s consider how these ideas can relate to us. Whether you are a believer or not, the concept of love and its impact is universal. We all long to be loved and to love others. Love has the power to bring happiness, to dispel darkness, to conquer fear, and to infuse our lives with purpose. It is a force that transcends age, gender, and background.

Think about the people or things you love. How does that love make you feel? Does it spark joy and inspire you to sing, just like the hymn suggests? Take a moment to reflect on the love in your life and how it has influenced you.

In conclusion, “Love Keeps Me Singing” is not just a catchy hymn, but a profound expression that highlights the transformative power of love. It reminds us that when we experience the love of our Savior, it fills our hearts with joy, removes our fears, and gives us the strength and motivation to keep going. Let us embrace the love that surrounds us, and may it keep us singing praises, no matter the circumstances.


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