Love Of Jesus Love That Suffered – Hymn Lyric

Experience the deep and pure love of Jesus that suffered for us. Find glory

Love Of Jesus Love That Suffered – Hymn Lyric

The love of Jesus is a powerful force that suffered for us all, stripping away our pride and filling us with true glory. In Him, we find victory, joy, and strength, connecting us to the source of life itself. Let’s follow His will, draw strength from His love, and trust in His ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.


Love Of Jesus Love That Suffered – Hymn Lyric

Love of Jesus, love that suffered,
All our pride for Thee is dead;
Birth and fortune, virtue, learning,
Thou our glory these instead.

Glory, joy, and strength, and safety,
All in all in Thee we find;
Alleluia! We are victors;
We to Christ the Lord are joined.

Will of Jesus, will so holy,
Speak and master all our way;
And of joys this will be chiefest,
Just to hear Thee and obey. [Refrain]

Strength of Jesus, strength abounding,
Sap of life to dying men;
We are withered, we are fruitless,
But in Thee made live again. [Refrain]

Cross of Jesus, Jesus risen,
All our faith on Thee we stay;
Thou our pardon at the judgment,
Thou our safety on life’s way. [Refrain]    

Meaning of Love Of Jesus Love That Suffered

Oh, how wonderful it is to think about the love of Jesus, the love that suffered for us all. It’s a love that is so deep and pure, it makes all our pride fade away. We may think that our birth, our fortune, our virtues, and our learning are what make us special, but really, our glory comes from Jesus. He is the one who gives us true meaning and worth.

When we think about all the good things in life – glory, joy, strength, and safety – we realize that we find it all in Jesus. He is our everything, our source of victory. When we are connected to Christ, we are unstoppable.

Following the will of Jesus is the best decision we could ever make. His will is always good and perfect, guiding us in the right direction. The greatest joy we could ever experience is simply to hear His voice and obey Him. It brings us so much peace and fulfillment.

And oh, the strength we receive from Jesus is truly amazing. He is like the sap of life, rejuvenating us when we are feeling weak and hopeless. We may feel withered and fruitless, but in Him, we are made alive again. He gives us the power to keep going, no matter what challenges come our way.

The cross of Jesus is a symbol of His sacrifice for us. He endured so much pain and suffering, but then He rose again, victorious over death. When we put our faith in Him, we can trust that He will be our pardon at the judgment. He is our safety and security as we journey through life.

So let’s hold on to the love of Jesus, the love that suffered for us. It is a love that never fails and always brings us hope and joy. In Him, we find everything we need – glory, joy, strength, and safety. We are truly blessed to be connected to Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. Let’s keep following His will, drawing strength from Him, and trusting in His victory. Jesus is our everything, and we are grateful to be joined to Him forever. Amen!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the deep and pure love of Jesus that suffered for us. Find glory, joy, and strength in Him. Follow His will, receive His strength, and trust in His victory. Jesus is our everything!


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