Love That Opens Heaven To Me – Hymn Lyric

Experience the power of love that opens heaven to you! Discover the everlasting

Love That Opens Heaven To Me – Hymn Lyric

Love That Opens Heaven To Me is a beautiful hymn that reminds us of the powerful love of Jesus. This love, symbolized by his sacrifice on the cross, brings us royal mercy and grace like a flowing fountain. With this everlasting, full, and free love, we can trust and lean on Him through life’s challenges, knowing that the Holy Spirit is with us every step of the way. Let us strive to grow in His image, following His example of love and service, and embrace the love that opens heaven to us and to those around us.


Love That Opens Heaven To Me – Hymn Lyric

Love, that opens heav’n to me,
At my Saviour’s cross I see;
Royal mercy he bestows,
Where the precious fountain flows.

Love, love,
Love that opens heav’n to me!
Love, love,
Everlasting, full and free!

I will tell it to his praise,
He is with me all the days;
On his mighty arm I lean,
Thro’ life’s ever-changing scene. [Refrain]

Holy Spirit, by the pow’r,
Keep me trusting ev’ry hour;
Come within me and abide,
Gift of Jesus glorified. [Refrain]

In his image may I grow,
In his footprints onward go,
Till the shadows all are past,
Till the morning breaks at last. [Refrain]    

Meaning of Love That Opens Heaven To Me

Love is a powerful force that can open up the gates of heaven for us. When we look at the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we see the ultimate display of love. His royal mercy is freely given to us, flowing like a precious fountain of grace.

This love is everlasting, full, and free. It is a love that never fades or runs out, always available to us in abundance. We can praise Him for this love, knowing that He is with us each and every day. We can lean on His mighty arm through all the twists and turns of life.

The Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in keeping us trusting and faithful. It is through His power that we are able to believe in Jesus and receive the gift of salvation. When we invite the Spirit to dwell within us, we are allowing Jesus to be glorified in our lives.

As we grow closer to Jesus, we strive to become more like Him. We follow in His footsteps, learning to love as He loves and to serve as He serves. And as we journey through life, we can take comfort in the promise that the shadows will eventually pass, and the morning light will break forth.

So let us embrace the love that opens heaven to us. Let us bask in the warmth of His mercy and the security of His presence. And let us spread this love to those around us, sharing the good news of Jesus and His undying love for all.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the power of love that opens heaven to you! Discover the everlasting, full, and free love of Jesus at the cross. Embrace His mercy and walk in His footsteps towards a brighter future.


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