More And More Like Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Discover the hymn "More and More Like Jesus" and learn how to embrace Jesus' character

More And More Like Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Title: More and More Like Jesus: Embracing His Character and Sharing His Love Summary: “More and More Like Jesus” is a heartfelt hymn that encapsulates our desire to embody the qualities of Jesus Christ. Through its verses and chorus, the hymn reminds us of the importance of humility, courage, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It also encourages us to share His love with others and strive to be vessels of God’s light, bringing souls into His kingdom. Let this hymn inspire us to live out Christ’s teachings and reflect His love in all that we do.


More And More Like Jesus – Hymn Lyric

More and more like Jesus,
I would ever be,
Showing forth His meekness
And humility.

I would have His courage
Ever to be true,
And His Holy Spirit
All my life imbue.

More and more like Jesus,
This my pray’r shall be,
Till, in heav’n He owns me,
Through eternity.

More and more like Jesus,
This my earnest pray’r,
Strength instead of weakness,
Joy in place of care.

Striving, like the Master,
Some poor soul to win,
To His blessed kingdom,
From a life of sin.


More and more like Jesus,
This shall be my aim,
Losing sight of self, and
All but His dear name.

Going where He leads me,
Doing as He wills,
Till His perfect glory,
All my glad heart thrills.


Meaning of More And More Like Jesus

More and More Like Jesus: Embracing His Character and Sharing His Love


In this hymn, “More and More Like Jesus,” we are reminded of our desire to emulate the qualities of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. It serves as a reminder that as believers, we strive to be more like Him, not only in our actions but also in our thoughts and attitudes. This hymn encourages us to seek humility, courage, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and to extend kindness, strength, and joyfulness to others. Let’s delve deeper into each verse and chorus to understand the significance of embodying these characteristics.

Verse 1: Showing Forth His Meekness and Humility

The first verse of the hymn emphasizes the importance of imitating Jesus’ meekness and humility. Meekness is often misunderstood as weakness, but it is actually a strength of character that allows us to have power under control. Jesus, though powerful, humbly served others and treated everyone with love and respect. By following His example, we can grow in our ability to respond to others in a gentle and patient way, demonstrating compassion and kindness.

Verse 2: Having His Courage and the Holy Spirit Imbued

The second verse speaks to our desire to have Jesus’ courage and be true to His teachings. Jesus showed immense bravery when He stood up for what was right, even in the face of adversity. As we strive to be more like Him, it is essential to have the courage to stand up for truth, justice, and righteousness. Additionally, we seek the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, who empowers and guides us in our journey to become more like Jesus. Through the Holy Spirit, we receive wisdom, discernment, and strength to live out God’s will in our lives.

Chorus: Praying to be More Like Jesus

The chorus of the hymn reiterates our prayer to become more like Jesus. It reflects our desire for transformation and the hope that one day, in heaven, He will acknowledge us as His own. This earnest prayer seeks to align our hearts and minds with Christ’s, desiring His character to flow through us in every aspect of our lives. The chorus also highlights the transformative power of God’s grace, which enables us to trade weakness for strength, worry for joy, and sin for righteousness.

Verse 3: Striving to Win Souls and Extend His Kingdom

The third verse emphasizes our role in sharing the love and salvation of Jesus with others. It encourages us to follow Jesus’ example of reaching out to those who are lost, broken, or living in sin. Just as Jesus sought to bring people into God’s kingdom, we too should strive to introduce others to the transforming power of His love. By being more like Jesus, we become vessels through which God’s light can shine, and souls can be won for His kingdom.

Chorus: Aiming to Lose Sight of Self and Follow His Path

The final chorus underscores our aim to increasingly lose sight of ourselves and become wholly focused on Jesus. By setting aside our selfish desires and ambitions, we make room for His divine purpose and plan to unfold in our lives. It is through surrendering to His will that we experience His perfect glory, which fills our hearts with gladness and joy. As we become more like Jesus, our lives become a testament to His love and grace.


The hymn “More and More Like Jesus” captures the essence of our desire to embrace the character of Christ and share His love with others. Each verse and chorus beautifully articulates the transformative journey of becoming more like Him, from displaying meekness and humility to exhibiting courage and extending His kingdom. This hymn serves as a reminder of our call to live out the teachings of Jesus and reflect His love in our interactions with others. May this hymn continue to inspire us to strive towards Christlikeness and be a light in a world that desperately needs His love.


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