My God Who Makes The Sun To Know – Hymn Lyric

Discover the inspiring hymn "My God Who Makes The Sun To Know" and learn how to find purpose in each day. Embrace the sun's dedication

My God Who Makes The Sun To Know – Hymn Lyric

Title: My God Who Makes The Sun Shine Brightly This hymn celebrates the unwavering dedication of the sun to its daily task of illuminating the world. Inspired by the sun’s tireless shine, the hymn encourages us to fulfill our own responsibilities, seek divine guidance, and make the most of our days. By starting early and spreading kindness and light, we can leave a lasting positive impact on the world, just like the sun.


My God Who Makes The Sun To Know – Hymn Lyric

My God, who makes the sun to know
His proper hour to rise;
And to give light to all below,
Doth send him round the skies.

When from the chambers of the east,
His morning race begins.
He never tires, nor stops to rest,
But round the world he shines.

So, like the sun, would I fulfill
The business of the day;
Begin my work betimes, and still
March on my heavenly way.

Give me, O Lord, thy early grace,
Nor let my soul complain.
That the young morning of my day,
Has all been spent in vain!


Meaning of My God Who Makes The Sun To Know

“My God Who Makes The Sun to Know: A Reflection on Fulfilling Our Daily Duties with God’s Grace”


In this hymn, the author praises God for His role in orchestrating the rising and setting of the sun, providing light to all below. Inspired by this, the author desires to emulate the sun’s unwavering dedication to its purpose throughout the day. This reflection focuses on the importance of beginning our daily tasks early, seeking God’s grace, and ensuring our efforts are not in vain.

1. Embracing the Sun’s Example:

Just like the sun has its appointed hour to rise, we too must recognize the significance of starting our day with purpose. The sun’s consistency in its daily journey reminds us of the importance of discipline and commitment to our own duties. By waking up early and actively choosing to engage in our responsibilities, we align ourselves with the sun’s steadfastness and embark on our own journey.

2. The Significance of Starting Early:

Beginning our work betimes allows us to take advantage of the fresh energy and enthusiasm that the morning brings. Just as the sun radiates its warm rays upon the earth, we can infuse our daily tasks with renewed zeal, setting the tone for the rest of the day. With a proactive mindset, we increase our chances of accomplishing our goals and experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment.

3. Seeking God’s Early Grace:

The hymn asks God to grant us His early grace, emphasizing the importance of seeking divine guidance from the start of our day. By inviting His presence into our lives early on, we invite His wisdom, strength, and guidance. This shifts our focus away from personal complaints and instead directs us towards aligning our actions with God’s purpose, allowing us to walk our heavenly way.

4. Reflecting on the Morning of Our Lives:

While the hymn uses the metaphor of the young morning of our day, it also encourages us to reflect on the broader scope of our lives. Just as we desire not to waste the early hours of our day, we should also consider the early stages of our lives. Time is a precious gift, and by dedicating ourselves early to meaningful pursuits, we can shape our future and make a lasting impact.

5. Making Each Moment Count:

Every day presents opportunities for growth, achievement, and acts of kindness. The hymn reminds us that we should not allow the precious moments of our day to slip away without purpose or intention. Instead, we should strive to make each moment count, finding fulfillment in our tasks no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they may be.


In the hymn “My God Who Makes the Sun to Know,” we are reminded of the sun’s unwavering dedication to its purpose and its role in providing light to the world. Inspired by this, we should aim to fulfill the business of our day by starting early, seeking God’s grace, and ensuring that our efforts are purposeful. Just as the sun never stops to rest, let us march on our heavenly way, embracing each day as an opportunity to make a positive impact and find fulfillment in our daily responsibilities.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the inspiring hymn My God Who Makes The Sun To Know and learn how to find purpose in each day. Embrace the sun's dedication, start early, and make a positive impact on the world. Seek divine guidance for fruitful endeavors.


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