My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord – Hymn Lyric

Praise and give thanks to the Lord with the hymn "My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord." Explore the significance of praising God and the blessings he bestows. Join in gratefulness and reverence for his unfailing love.

My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord – Hymn Lyric

“My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord: A Hymn of Praise and Gratitude” explores the significance of praising and thanking the Lord for his kindness, mercy, and unfailing love. This hymn reminds us to not forget the blessings we have received and the restoration and forgiveness the Lord has given us. As we join in praise and gratitude, we find fulfillment and joy in acknowledging his boundless love and righteousness.


My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord – Hymn Lyric

My soul, give praise unto the Lord,
my spirit, do the same:
And all the secrets of my heart,
praise ye his holy Name;

Praise thou the Lord, my soul, who hath
to thee been very kind,
And suffer not his benefits
to slip out of thy mind:

That gave thee pardon for thy faults,
and thee restor’d again
From all thy weak and frail disease,
and heal’d thee of thy pain;

That did redeem thy life from death,
from which thou could’st not flee;
His mercy and compassion both
he did extend to thee;

That fill’d with goodness thy desire,
and did thy youth prolong,
Like as the eagle casts her bill,
again becoming young.

The Lord with justice doth repay
all such as are opprest,
So that their sufferings and wrongs
Are turned to the best.

His ways and his commandments all
to Moses he did show;
His counsels and his valiant acts
the Israelites did know.

The Lord is kind and merciful,
when sinners do him grieve,
The slowest to conceive a wrath,
and readiest to forgive:

He will not always chiding be,
though we be full of strife;
Nor keep our faults in memory,
for all our sinful life:

According to our sins also
he doth us not regard,
And after our iniquities
he doth us not reward:

But as the space is wondrous great
‘twixt earth and heav’n above;
So is his goodness much more large
to them that do him love.

He doth remove our sins from us,
and our offences all,
As far as is the sun-rising
full distant from his fall.

The Second Part.

Behold, what pity parents do
unto their children bear,
Like pity beareth God to such
as worship him in fear.

The Lord that made us knows our shape,
our mould and fashion just,
How weak and frail our nature is,
and that we are but dust:

And now the time of mortal men
is like the with’ring hay,
Or like the flow’r right fair in field,
that fadeth soon away;

Whose gloss and beauty stormy winds
do utterly deface,
And make that after their assaults
such blossoms have no place:

But yet the goodness of the Lord
with his shall ever stand;
Their children’s children do receive
his righteousness at hand:

I mean, who keep his covenant
with all their whole desire,
And not forget to do the thing,
that he doth them require.

The heav’ns most high are made the seat
and footstool of the Lord;
And by his pow’r imperial
he governs all the world.

Ye angels, that are great in pow’r,
praise ye, and bless the Lord,
Who to obey and do his will
immediately accord:

Ye noble hosts and ministers
cease not to praise him still,
Who ready are to execute
his pleasure and his will:

Yea, all his works in ev’ry place,
praise ye his holy Name:
My thankful heart, my mind and soul,
praise ye also the same.


Meaning of My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord

My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord: A Hymn of Praise and Gratitude

In the hymn “My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord,” we are reminded of the importance of praising and thanking the Lord for his kindness, mercy, and unfailing love. As we delve into the verses of this hymn, we can explore the significance of giving praise to God and how it can bring fulfillment and joy into our lives.

The hymn begins with an exhortation to our souls to give praise unto the Lord. It emphasizes the connection between our spirits and the act of praising God. We are reminded that the secrets of our hearts should also sing praises to his holy Name. This serves as a reminder that our praise should come from a genuine and sincere place deep within us.

The hymn goes on to highlight the blessings and benefits that the Lord has bestowed upon us. It urges our souls to not let these blessings slip out of our minds. We are encouraged to remember the forgiveness we have received for our faults and the restoration we have experienced. The Lord has healed our pain, redeemed our lives, and shown us mercy and compassion.

Just as the eagle renews its strength by shedding its old feathers, the Lord has rejuvenated our youth and filled our desires with goodness. We are reminded of his unwavering justice, as he repays those who are oppressed and turns their sufferings and wrongs into the best outcomes. The hymn alludes to the Israelites’ deliverance and the display of God’s valiant acts and commandments to Moses.

The hymn affirms the Lord’s kindness and mercy towards sinners who grieve him. It highlights his slow-to-anger nature and his willingness to forgive. We are assured that he will not always be angered and will not keep our faults in memory throughout our sinful lives. Despite our sins, his goodness is boundless for those who love him.

The hymn draws a poignant comparison between the vastness of God’s goodness and the distance between the earth and the heavens. It portrays his ability to remove our sins and offenses from us, as far as the sun rising is from its fall. This imagery emphasizes the incomparable extent of his forgiveness and the lengths to which he goes to reconcile with us.

In the second part of the hymn, the focus shifts to the compassionate nature of God, likened to the love and pity parents have for their children. God knows our shape, our weaknesses, and our mortality. We are reminded of the fleeting nature of our lives and the temporal beauty that fades away, just like withering hay or a flower faced with stormy winds.

Despite our frailty, the goodness of the Lord endures, extending to future generations who uphold his covenant and follow his commands. The hymn emphasizes the everlasting nature of God’s righteousness and the passing down of his blessings from one generation to the next.

The hymn calls upon the angels, the noble hosts, and ministers to join in praising and blessing the Lord. It acknowledges their obedience and willingness to carry out his will. The hymn invites all of creation to acknowledge and praise the holy Name of the Lord, calling upon our hearts, minds, and souls to join in this act of gratefulness and reverence.

In conclusion, “My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord” is a hymn that inspires us to express gratitude and praise to God for his kindness, mercy, and unfailing love. It reminds us of the importance of not letting his blessings slip from our minds and of remembering his forgiveness, healing, and redemption. As we praise and thank the Lord, we are filled with joy and fulfillment, knowing that his goodness endures and that his righteousness is passed down through generations. Let us join our souls with the hymn’s call to praise and lift up our voices in thankful celebration of the Lord’s boundless love.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Praise and give thanks to the Lord with the hymn My Soul Give Laud Unto The Lord. Explore the significance of praising God and the blessings he bestows. Join in gratefulness and reverence for his unfailing love.


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