My Soul Is Satisfied – Hymn Lyric

Discover true contentment and satisfaction in God's love. Find comfort

My Soul Is Satisfied – Hymn Lyric

In “My Soul Is Satisfied: Finding Contentment in God’s Love,” we explore the concept of true satisfaction and contentment. In a world driven by material desires, the author highlights that worldly possessions and achievements can never fully satisfy the longings of the human soul. Instead, they propose that finding fulfillment and completeness can only be achieved through embracing the love of God. Through this love, our souls can truly be satisfied.


My Soul Is Satisfied – Hymn Lyric

All this world, its wealth and honor,
Cannot sate the human breast;
But when filled with God, our Father,
Every want is fully blest.

My soul is satisfied,
My soul is satisfied;
I am complete in Jesus love,
And my soul is satisfied.

All my soul can wish forever
I do find in Christ replete;
Every blessing and the Giver
In my peaceful bosom meet.

Is thy life bereft of comfort?
And thy heart a cheerless spot?
Say not Christ is in thy desert—
For we can believe it not.

Can a bird drink up the ocean,
Thirsting still from shore to shore;
Or the God of all creation
Leave thy heart yet craving more?

Would my soul could more encompass
Heaven’s glory, willed to me;
Oh, the love of God so precious,
‘Tis a deep and shoreless sea.


Meaning of My Soul Is Satisfied

My Soul Is Satisfied: Finding Contentment in God’s Love

In our fast-paced and materialistic world, many people chase after wealth and honor, seeking to satisfy the desires that fill their hearts. However, no matter how much they accumulate or achieve, there is often a lingering sense of emptiness. The truth is, worldly possessions and accolades can never fully meet the longings of the human soul.

But there is a different path, a path that leads to true contentment and satisfaction. It is a path that involves filling our hearts with the love of God, our Father. When we allow God into our lives, when we experience the richness of His love, every want within us is fully blessed.

Think about it, my dear friends. Our souls are satisfied when we are complete in the love of Jesus Christ. He offers us a love that surpasses all understanding – a love that fills us with peace and joy, regardless of our circumstances. When we are in Christ, every blessing we need and the One who gives those blessings reside in our peaceful bosom.

Perhaps you find yourself in a season of life where comfort seems distant, and your heart feels like a cheerless spot. But do not despair! For if Christ is in your desert, then hope, comfort, and joy can still abound. It may be hard to believe in the midst of your struggles, but the truth is that Christ never leaves us thirsting for more.

Imagine a bird that could drink up the entire ocean, yet still remain thirsty. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Just as that scenario is beyond comprehension, so too is the idea that the God of all creation would leave your heart yet craving more. He is the ultimate source of fulfillment, pouring out His grace and love upon us abundantly.

We long for our souls to be completely satisfied, to experience the fullness of joy that only a deep and shoreless sea of God’s love can provide. Oh, how we wish our souls could fully encompass the glory of heaven, which God has willed for us. But let us not forget that His love is so precious, it is like a deep and shoreless sea in itself.

When we seek after the love of God, we discover contentment that surpasses the fleeting joys of this world. We find fulfillment that cannot be measured by wealth or honor. We experience a love that is unconditional, everlasting, and all-sufficient. It is a love that fills every corner of our souls, leaving no room for emptiness or discontent.

So, my dear friends, let us strive to make our souls satisfied in the love of God. Let us shift our focus from worldly pursuits to the eternal blessings that come from knowing Christ. May we find comfort and joy in His presence, knowing that He will never leave us wanting. Embrace the deep and shoreless sea of His love, and may your soul find true satisfaction in Him.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover true contentment and satisfaction in God's love. Find comfort, joy, and fulfillment that surpasses worldly pursuits. Let your soul be satisfied in the deep and shoreless sea of His love.


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