My Soul Jehovah Bless My God – Hymn Lyric

Experience the awe-inspiring hymn "My Soul Jehovah Bless My God" that showcases God's greatness and power over creation. Join in praising and giving thanks to Him for His wonderful works.

My Soul Jehovah Bless My God – Hymn Lyric

The hymn, “My Soul Jehovah Bless My God,” expresses deep reverence and praise for the greatness and majesty of God. The writer paints a vivid picture of God’s power and authority over creation, highlighting His ability to command the heavens, the earth, and all living creatures. Through beautiful imagery, the hymn showcases God’s provision and care for His creation, emphasizing His role as the provider of all good things.


My Soul Jehovah Bless My God – Hymn Lyric

My soul, Jehovah bless; my God,
Thy greatness knows no bounds;
Unrivaled honors compass thee,
Thee majesty surrounds.

Who hast arrayed thyself, with light
As with a splendid robe;
The beauteous heavens, thy royal tent,
Hast stretched beyond the globes.

His palace beams in fluid air,
Who lays, and firmly binds;
The clouds his chariot formed; and walks
On wings of rapid winds.

Spirits his angels, flames of fire
His ministers, he makes.
The earth he founded on its base,
Which from its place ne’er shakes.

Thou, as a garment, o’er the earth,
Didst spread the mighty flood;
Above the mountain’s loftiest heads,
The rolling waters stood.

At thy rebuke, thy thunder’s voice,
They hasted, and they fled;
The mountains rose, the valleys sunk;
To their appointed bed.

Thou there, to bounds unpassable,
Confinest the watery main;
That it should never more return,
To cover earth again.

Second Part

He sendeth springs into the vales;
Which from the mountains burst.
There every field beast drinks his fill,
Wild asses quench their thirst.

The birds dwell there; among the springs,
They tune their cheerful voice.
The hills he watereth from his clouds;
Thy fruits the earth rejoice.

He makes the grass to grow for beasts,
And herbs for humane use;
That he, abundant food for all,
May from the earth produce.

Thence springs the generous wine, rich juice,
The heart of man, that cheers;
The oil, which makes his face to shine,
And bread, which strength repairs.

God’s trees abound with sap; he set
Thy cedars, Lebanon, there:
Where birds do build their nests; her house
The stork makes in the fir.

The wild goats climb the craggy hills,
And these their refuge make:
While rabbits, with the feebler kind,
The rocks for shelter take.

Third Part

He made the moon for stated times,
The sun knows his fixed route.
He darkness makes, and it is night;
Then forest beasts crawl out.

Young lions roar, and hunt their prey;
From God they seek their meat.
The sun ariseth, they unite.
And close in dens retreat.

Man to his work, and culture, goes,
Till the evening gives him rest.
How various Lord! how wise thy work!
The earth’s with thy riches blest.

The sea too, whose wide arms contain
Numberless creeping things;
With animals both small and great,
That swim by unknown springs.

There pass the gallant ships, which cut,
Through trackless paths, their way;
There huge leviathan, thou mad’st;
Diverts himself with play.

All wait on thee, thou in due time,
Dost give to each their food:
They gather from thine opened hand
And all are filled with good.

If thy enlivening face thou hid’st,
In deep distress they mourn;
Thou tak’st away their breath, they die,
And to their earth return.

Thy quickening Spirit thou send’st forth
And a new life takes place;
The earth renewed, with vigor blooms,
And beauty in her face.

Fourth Part

Jehovah’s glory shall endure,
Forevermore most bright.
When God reviews his various works,
He’s pleased with the wight.

If he, upon this solid earth,
But cast an angry look,
It trembles; if he touch the mounts,
They vanish into smoke.

Unto Jehovah, I will sing.
As long as I shall live;
While I my breath, and being, have,
Praise to my God I’ll give.

This shall be grateful to the Lord,
To hear my thankful voice;
While in Jehovah, and his works,
I greatly will rejoice.

Let sinners fall from off the earth,
And the impious cease to be:
My soul, bless thou the Lord, let all
To praise the Lord agree.


Meaning of My Soul Jehovah Bless My God

In this hymn, titled “My Soul Jehovah Bless My God,” the writer expresses their deep reverence and praise for God’s greatness and majesty. The verses paint a picture of God’s power and authority over creation, highlighting His ability to command the heavens, the earth, and all living creatures.

The hymn begins by acknowledging that God’s greatness knows no bounds. The writer describes God as being adorned with light, as if it were a splendid robe. It is as if the beauteous heavens themselves are His royal tent, stretched beyond the reaches of the globe. This imagery showcases God’s grandeur and His dominion over all creation.

The hymn goes on to describe how God rules over the earth. His palace is said to be in the fluid air, and He walks on the wings of rapid winds. The writer portrays God’s angels as spirits and flames of fire, serving as His ministers. The earth itself is founded upon His base, and it remains steadfast and unshakable. This imagery emphasizes God’s power and control over the elements and the stability of His creation.

The hymn then transitions to describe God’s command over the waters. The writer describes how God spread the mighty flood over the earth like a garment, causing the rowling waters to stand above the loftiest mountain heads. At His rebuke, the thunder’s voice, the mountains rose, and the valleys sunk, settling into their appointed beds. This vivid imagery showcases God’s ability to control and set the boundaries of the watery main, ensuring that it will never cover the earth again.

In the second part of the hymn, the writer focuses on God’s provision for all living creatures. The vales are filled with springs that burst forth from the mountains. These springs provide nourishment and refreshment for every field beast and wild ass. The birds dwell among the springs and fill the air with their cheerful voices. The hills are watered by God’s clouds, bringing forth fruits that cause the earth to rejoice. The grass grows for the beasts, and herbs are provided for human use, ensuring abundant food for all. This depiction highlights God’s care and provision for His creation.

The hymn continues by showcasing the abundance that comes from God’s creation. The generous wine, rich juice, makes the heart of man cheer, the oil makes the face shine, and the bread provides strength. God’s trees are filled with sap, including the majestic cedars of Lebanon, which provide a home for birds such as the stork. The wild goats find refuge in the craggy hills, and rocks offer shelter for the weaker creatures like rabbits. This imagery portrays how God’s creation is teeming with life and how every creature finds its place.

In the third part of the hymn, the writer focuses on God’s sovereignty over day and night. God has made the moon and the sun, each with their fixed routes. He brings darkness and night, causing the forest beasts to crawl out and hunt for their prey. But when the sun arises, they retreat to their dens. Man goes about his work and cultivation until evening gives him rest. This portrayal highlights God’s wisdom in the order of nature and the cycle of day and night.

The hymn concludes by reiterating God’s abundant blessings and His authority over all creation. The earth is filled with His riches, and the sea is teeming with countless creatures. The gallant ships sail through oceans, and even the mighty leviathan finds delight in God’s creation. All creatures wait on God for their food, and He provides for them from His opened hand. The hymn acknowledges that if God were to hide His face, distress would come upon all creatures, but His quickening spirit gives new life and renews the earth with vigor and beauty.

In the final part of the hymn, the writer declares that Jehovah’s glory shall endure forever, and God is pleased with His various works. The writer vows to sing and praise Jehovah as long as they live, expressing gratitude for His works. The hymn closes with a desire for sinners to fall from the earth and for all to join in praising the Lord.

In conclusion, “My Soul Jehovah Bless My God” is a hymn that beautifully expresses reverence and adoration for God’s greatness and majesty. Through vivid imagery and poetic language, it showcases God’s power, provision, and authority over all creation. This hymn invites readers to join in praising and giving thanks to God for His wonderful works.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the awe-inspiring hymn My Soul Jehovah Bless My God that showcases God's greatness and power over creation. Join in praising and giving thanks to Him for His wonderful works.


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