My Wakened Soul Extend Thy Wings – Hymn Lyric

Discover the extraordinary journey of a soul awakened in "My Wakened Soul

My Wakened Soul Extend Thy Wings – Hymn Lyric

Embark on a journey of imagination with the hymn “My Wakened Soul, Extend Thy Wings.” Picture a soul awakened, ready to explore beyond mortal limits. Let us fly past the fleeting world, witnessing nature crumbling and a cataclysmic event unfold. Gather, for the Judge’s name resounds, deciding our fates. Yet there is hope, for the hymn asks for daily glimpses of this scene, so our souls may be prepared for redemption. Soar above the ordinary and embrace endless possibilities.


My Wakened Soul Extend Thy Wings – Hymn Lyric

My waken’d soul, extend thy wings
Beyond the verge of mortal things;
See this vain world in smoke decay,
And rocks and mountains melt away.

Behold the fiery deluge roll
Through heav’n’s wide arch from pole to pole!
Pale sun, no more thy lustre boast;
Tremble and fall, ye starry host.

The wreck of nature all around,
The angel’s shout, the trumpet’s sound,
Loud the descending Judge proclaim,
And echo his tremendous name.

Children of Adam, all appear
With rev’rence round his awful bar;
For as his lips pronounce, ye go
To endless bliss or unknown woe.

Lord! to my eyes the scene display,
Frequent through each returning day;
And let thy grace my soul prepare
To meet its full redemption there!


Meaning of My Wakened Soul Extend Thy Wings

My Wakened Soul, Extend Thy Wings: Soaring Beyond the Ordinary

Oh, my dear friends, let us embark on a journey of the imagination, as we delve into the depths of this beautiful hymn titled “My Wakened Soul, Extend Thy Wings.” Imagine, if you will, a soul awakened from its slumber, ready to explore and venture beyond the boundaries of the mortal world. Yes, let us extend our wings and soar into the realms of wonder and awe.

In these verses, we are reminded that this worldly existence, with all its vain pursuits and fleeting pleasures, will one day fade away like smoke. The rocks and mountains, so sturdy and immovable, will melt away like wax before a fire. Can you imagine such a scene? This is no ordinary occurrence, my friends; it is a cataclysmic event that shakes the very foundations of our world.

In this moment, the heavens open up, and a deluge of fire engulfs the entire expanse, stretching from pole to pole. The sun, once boasting its dazzling brilliance, now trembles and falls from the sky. Even the stars, those celestial beings that have adorned the night sky since time immemorial, lose their luster and succumb to this tumultuous upheaval.

Amidst this chaotic scene, we hear a sound that cuts through the madness – the shout of an angel, accompanied by the resounding blast of a trumpet. Imagine the awe-inspiring strength of that declaration, echoing through the universe. It is the voice of the descending Judge, proclaiming His name with awe-striking might. Can you hear it?

Now, my dear children of Adam, it is time to gather before the awe-inspiring bar of this incredible Judge. With reverence in our hearts, let us present ourselves before Him. For with a single pronouncement from His lips, our destinies will be determined. Will we find ourselves basking in endless bliss or facing the unknown horrors of eternal woe? The gravity of the moment cannot be understated, for it is a moment of utmost importance.

But fear not, my friends, for this hymn also speaks of hope and redemption. It beseeches the Lord to reveal this grand scene to our mortal eyes, not just once in a lifetime, but frequently, through each returning day. How wonderful it would be if, with every sunrise, we experienced a glimpse of what lies ahead! Such a gift would undoubtedly prepare and guide our souls towards their ultimate redemption.

In conclusion, dear friends, let us take these words to heart. Let us awaken our souls from their slumber and extend our wings, ready to soar beyond the ordinary. May we hold onto the hope of a future that extends far beyond the boundaries of this mortal existence. And let us pray that God’s grace will prepare our souls to meet the fullness of redemption when that fateful day arrives.

With these thoughts in mind, we end our exploration of the hymn “My Wakened Soul, Extend Thy Wings.” May its message inspire us to rise above the trivialities of everyday life and embrace the beauty and wonder that lie within our reach. So, my friends, spread your wings and soar into the realm of endless possibilities!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the extraordinary journey of a soul awakened in My Wakened Soul, Extend Thy Wings. Soar beyond the ordinary and embrace the wonders that lie beyond. Prepare your soul for redemption!


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