Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades – Hymn Lyric

Discover the peace and tranquility of the night in "Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades." Find solace in the embrace of the Divine and cherish the stillness to awaken your soul.

Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades – Hymn Lyric

Engage in the serene and tranquil embrace of the night, finding peace in its silent shades. Despite life’s challenges, the night offers a refuge of tranquility and heavenly bliss. Surrender to the stillness and find solace in the presence of the Divine, awakening your soul to a profound sense of contentment and joy.


Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades – Hymn Lyric

Night! how I love thy silent shades,
My spirits they compose;
The bliss of heaven my soul pervades,
In spite of all my woes.

While sleep instils her poppy dews
In every slumbering eye,
I watch to meditate and muse,
In blest tranquillity.

And when I feel a God immense
Familiarly impart,
With every proof he can dispense,
His favour to my heart;

My native meanness I lament,
Though most divinely filled
With all the ineffable content
That Deity can yield.

His purpose and his course he keeps;
Treads all my reasonings down;
Commands me out of nature’s deeps,
And hides me in his own.

When in the dust, its proper place,
Our pride of heart we lay;
‘Tis then a deluge of his grace
Bears all our sins away.

Thou whom I serve, and whose I am,
Whose influence from on high
Refines, and still refines my flame,
And makes my fetters fly;

How wretched is the creature’s state
Who thwarts thy gracious power;
Crushed under sin’s enormous weight,
Increasing every hour!

The night, when passed entire with thee,
How luminous and clear!
Then sleep has no delights for me,
Lest thou should’st disappear.

My Saviour! occupy me still
In this secure recess;
Let reason slumber if she will,
My joy shall not be less.

Let reason slumber out the night;
But if thou deign to make
My soul the abode of truth and light,
Ah, keep my heart awake!


Meaning of Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades

Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades: Finding Peace in the Stillness

Oh, how I adore the tranquil embrace of the night! Its silent shades bring solace to my weary spirit, calming my troubled mind and filling my soul with heavenly bliss. Despite the challenges that may weigh me down, the night offers me a refuge of peace and serenity.

As the world sleeps and slumbers, I find myself awake, allowing sleep to sprinkle its poppy dews on every tired eye. I choose to stay awake, to contemplate and reflect, immersing myself in the blessed tranquility that envelops me. In these quiet hours, I find solace in the presence of a mighty God, who reveals Himself to me in countless ways, showering me with His favor.

Sometimes, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by my own shortcomings and imperfections, feeling the weight of my own insignificance. Yet, even in my moments of self-doubt, I am filled with an indescribable contentment, for I am graced with the presence of the Divine.

He guides my path and directs my steps. The wisdom of my own reasoning is humbled and cast aside as He commands me to surrender to His will. He takes me out of the depths of my own nature and hides me in His eternal embrace. In this sacred hiding place, I find comfort, acceptance, and a freedom like no other.

In moments of humility, when I lay down the pride that burdens my heart, a flood of His grace washes away my sins. His love and forgiveness cleanse me, offering me a fresh start, a chance to rise again. Oh, how blessed I am to serve a God who can lift the weight of my transgressions with a single gesture of His grace!

I belong to Him, and He belongs to me. His influence, like a refining fire, illuminates my soul, burning away impurities and setting me free from the chains that bind me. But how sorrowful is the state of those who resist His power, choosing to remain under sin’s oppressive weight, a burden that only grows heavier with time.

When the night is spent entirely in communion with Him, it becomes a radiant sanctuary. Sleep loses its appeal when the fear of losing His presence looms over me. How can I surrender to slumber when I might miss a moment in His glorious company? I yearn for the divine intimacy, the sweet union with my Savior.

My Lord, I implore you to continue to fill my secluded moments with your presence. Let this secure refuge be my dwelling, where reason can rest and slumber undisturbed. For even if reason sleeps, my joy will remain undiminished, for my joy finds its source in You.

Let reason retire for a while during the night, but if it is within Your divine plan, make my soul a sanctuary of truth and light. And in this sacred stillness, please keep my heart awake and attuned to Your whispers and nudges.

In the enchanting hours of the night, I find respite and restoration. Oh, how I love thy silent shades, night! For in your embrace, I discover a peace that transcends all understanding. May we all learn to cherish the stillness and find solace in the presence of the Divine, for it is in those moments of quiet reverence that our souls truly awaken.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the peace and tranquility of the night in Night How I Love Thy Silent Shades. Find solace in the embrace of the Divine and cherish the stillness to awaken your soul.


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