No Shadows Yonder Far Beyond The Sunsets – Hymn Lyric

Experience joy beyond the sunsets in "No Shadows Yonder." Discover a land of endless day where shadows fade

No Shadows Yonder Far Beyond The Sunsets – Hymn Lyric

Discover the wonder of “No Shadows Yonder,” a place far beyond the sunsets where tears are wiped away and shadows do not exist. Imagine a land of endless day, filled with peace, joy, and love, where sin cannot disturb us. Let the light of Christ guide us through the crystal sea and embrace a life free from pain and suffering.


No Shadows Yonder Far Beyond The Sunsets – Hymn Lyric

No shadows yonder,
Far beyond the sunset’s bars;
No shadows yonder, far beyond the stars;
Gates of pearl there gleaming,
Fadeless sunlight streaming,
Eyes of God are beaming, on the loved ones there.

No shadows yonder, all the tears are wiped away,
No shadows yonder, land of endless day.

No shadows yonder, land of peace, of hope and joy;
No shadows yonder, sin cannot annoy;
There no hearts are sighing,
There no thought of crying,
There no pain or dying, there no dark despair.


No shadows yonder, Christ Himself the light shall be;
No shadows yonder, o’er the crystal sea;
There no crosses bearing,
In a great love sharing,
Crowns of glory wearing, in that home so fair.


Meaning of No Shadows Yonder Far Beyond The Sunsets

No Shadows Yonder: Finding Joy Beyond the Sunsets

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the sunsets? Is there a place where all our sorrows and tears are wiped away? A land of endless day, where shadows do not exist? Well, my dear friends, there is such a place, and it is called “No Shadows Yonder.”

In this hymn, the verses paint a beautiful picture of a world far beyond the stars, where gates of pearl are gleaming and sunlight streams endlessly. In this land, the eyes of God are beaming upon his loved ones. Can you imagine a place like that? A place where there is only love, peace, and joy?

The refrain reminds us that in this land, there are no shadows. All the tears we shed on this earth are wiped away, leaving behind only an everlasting sense of happiness. It’s a land of peace, hope, and joy, where sin cannot bother us. And oh, how wonderful it is to imagine a world without pain, suffering, or despair!

In No Shadows Yonder, we learn that this place is not just a distant dream but a reality that awaits all those who believe. It’s a land where no hearts are sighing, where the thoughts of crying vanish, and where pain and dying have no existence. Can you picture a place where all your worries and troubles disappear?

The refrain further emphasizes the everlasting joy found in this magical world. It is a place where sin cannot annoy us, where our hearts can find true peace. Just think of a life without any crosses to bear, a life where we share boundless love with others. And to top it all off, we will wear crowns of glory, basking in the eternal beauty of our heavenly home.

As we delve deeper into this hymn, the title “No Shadows Yonder, Far Beyond the Sunsets” reminds us that beyond the sunsets lies a world filled with light. Christ Himself is the light that guides us in this place. Can you imagine being surrounded by the warm glow of His love, navigating through a crystal sea that reflects the beauty of eternity?

In this land, shadows are banished because Christ, the ultimate source of light, reigns supreme. The crystal sea symbolizes the purity and clarity of this heavenly place, where no darkness can obscure our path. Every step we take in this realm will be guided by His love, free from the burdens that weigh us down on earth.

“No Shadows Yonder” invites us to imagine a world where we no longer bear crosses but instead share in the tremendous love of our Creator. It’s a place where suffering is replaced by glory. Can you think of anything more breathtaking than wearing a crown of glory, a symbol of our victory over all earthly pain and suffering?

Beyond the sunsets, beyond the stars, lies a place of infinite joy, peace, and love. It is a place where shadows do not exist, where no tears are shed, and where our hearts are truly content. “No Shadows Yonder” brings comfort and hope to our souls, reminding us that there is a greater purpose beyond the challenges we face in this life.

So, my dear friends, let us keep our hearts filled with the hope of “No Shadows Yonder.” Let us strive to live lives that reflect the eternity that awaits us. And when the sun sets each day, let us remember that it is merely a glimpse of the beauty that lies beyond.

No matter what trials we face or how dark the shadows may seem, know that there is a land of endless day waiting for us. A land where Christ’s light will never falter, and where we will experience joy beyond our wildest dreams. Let us hold onto this hope and let it guide us through the sunsets, into a world where no shadows exist.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience joy beyond the sunsets in No Shadows Yonder. Discover a land of endless day where shadows fade, and tears are wiped away. Find hope, peace, and love far beyond the stars.


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