Now Before Thee Lord We Gather – Hymn Lyric

Join us as we gather before the Lord to receive His precious Word. Experience His grace

Now Before Thee Lord We Gather – Hymn Lyric



Now Before Thee Lord We Gather – Hymn Lyric

Now before Thee, Lord, we gather
To receive Thy precious Word;
Let Thy grace in showers, O Father,
On our parched hearts be poured.

Send Thy Holy Spirit o’er us,
With Thy quick’ning fire restore us,
At Thy table spread before us
Fill our hung’ring souls, dear Lord.

May Thy Word, to us now given,
Be retained in hearts contrite;
On the narrow way to Heaven
Lead us in Thy perfect light.

Hush, within us, all commotion,
Silence each disturbing notion;
May we, Lord, with true devotion
Use this hour of grace aright.

Of the time may we avail us,
When to seek us Thou art near;
Soon the day of grace may fail us,
And no message more we hear.

Turn our minds to meditation
On our need of Thy salvation;
Urge on all Thine invitation-
To our prayer incline Thine ear.


Meaning of Now Before Thee Lord We Gather

Now Before Thee Lord We Gather: Finding Grace in God’s Word

In this hymn, we are reminded of the importance of coming together as a community to receive God’s precious Word. As we gather before Him, we humbly ask for His grace to be poured upon our parched hearts. Just as showers replenish the dry earth, we long for the Holy Spirit to revive and restore us.

The act of gathering before the Lord is not merely a formality; it is a sacred time when we seek to be nourished by His Word. We recognize that in His presence, we can find the answers, guidance, and comfort we need. It is in His Word that we find the truth that sets us free, the wisdom that illuminates our path, and the love that sustains us.

As the hymn suggests, the Holy Spirit plays a vital role in this time of gathering. We implore the Spirit to come upon us with His quickening fire, to ignite within us a renewed passion for God’s Word. We acknowledge that without the Spirit’s work in our hearts, the Word may remain lifeless and distant. But with His power, the Word comes alive, taking root in the soil of our souls and bearing fruit in our lives.

With anticipation and gratitude, we approach the table spread before us, symbolizing God’s abundant provision. Just as physical nourishment sustains our bodies, we recognize our deep hunger for spiritual sustenance. We long to feast on the Word, to partake of the spiritual food that can only be found in the presence of our Lord. It is here, at the table of grace, that we find solace, strength, and satisfaction for our hungry souls.

However, simply hearing the Word is not enough. The hymn encourages us to retain it in our hearts. The process of retention involves not only listening attentively but also internalizing and applying what we have heard. It calls for us to meditate on the truths we have encountered, allowing them to sink deep into the soil of our hearts. The Word, when embraced and lived out, becomes a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

During this time of gathering, the hymn invites us to silence any commotion within us. It is a call to still our minds and hearts, to set aside distractions and disturbances. In this quietude, we make space for God’s voice to be heard clearly. By removing the noise and turmoil, we create an environment where true communion with God can flourish.

In this hour of grace, we are urged to approach with true devotion. This invitation is extended to all who seek God, regardless of their past failures or shortcomings. God, in His infinite mercy, extends His hand and invites us into His presence. He longs to be in relationship with us, to offer His love and forgiveness, and to guide us on the narrow way to Heaven.

The hymn reminds us that time is of the essence. We are gently reminded that the day of grace may soon come to an end, and the opportunity to hear God’s message may fade away. Therefore, we are exhorted to make the most of the present moment. We are encouraged to seize the time when God draws near to us and not take it for granted. For it is in these precious moments that transformation happens, hearts are changed, and lives are restored.

As we gather before the Lord, we are prompted to turn our minds to the contemplation of our need for salvation. It is a humbling realization that we are broken and in need of healing, lost and in need of finding, sinful and in need of redemption. In recognizing our desperate state, we are compelled to seek the One who offers the only solution. We acknowledge that without God’s saving grace, we are hopeless and lost. But through His invitation, we find hope, peace, and eternal life.

In conclusion, “Now Before Thee Lord We Gather” is a hymn that beautifully encapsulates the essence of coming together as a community to receive God’s Word. It emphasizes the importance of seeking His grace, inviting the Holy Spirit, and approaching with true devotion. It reminds us of the urgency to seize the present moment, to meditate on our need for salvation, and to respond to God’s invitation. May we always come before Him with open hearts, ready to receive His Word and be transformed by His amazing grace.


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