O Give Thy Heart To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Find refuge and comfort in Jesus' loving arms with "O Give Thy Heart To Jesus." Trust in His deep love

O Give Thy Heart To Jesus – Hymn Lyric



O Give Thy Heart To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

O give thy heart to Jesus,
Thy weary heart of care;
No friend can love so deeply;
Go, find thy refuge there.

O give thy heart to Jesus,
A balm for ev’ry care;
Go, hide beneath His shadow;
No storm can reach thee there.

O trust the heart of Jesus,
Breathe all thy sorrows there;
He loves to hear thy pleadings,
Thy humble, contrite prayer.


Go, hide thyself in Jesus;
No foe can harm thee there;
His hand will lift thy burdens,
And all thy sorrows bear.


Go, lean thy heart on Jesus,
Who sees each falling tear;
No friend so true and tender
Can soothe thy every fear.


Meaning of O Give Thy Heart To Jesus

O Give Thy Heart To Jesus: Finding Refuge and Comfort in His Loving Arms

In times of trouble and despair, it is natural for us to seek solace and comfort. We often turn to our friends, family, or loved ones for support, but there is someone who can love and care for us even more deeply. That someone is Jesus. In the hymn “O Give Thy Heart To Jesus,” we are reminded of the incredible refuge and love that can be found in giving our hearts to Him.

The verse states, “O give thy heart to Jesus, thy weary heart of care; no friend can love so deeply; go, find thy refuge there.” These words beautifully express the idea that Jesus is the only one who can truly understand our weariness and cares. We may have friends who love us and care for us, but their love cannot compare to the deep and unconditional love that Jesus has for each one of us.

The refrain of the hymn further emphasizes this point: “O give thy heart to Jesus, a balm for every care; go, hide beneath His shadow; no storm can reach thee there.” When we give our hearts to Jesus, when we place our trust in Him, we find a healing balm for all our worries and troubles. Just like a protective shadow, Jesus shields us from the storms of life. No matter what difficulties we may face, no storm can reach us when we are hidden in His embrace.

Trusting the heart of Jesus is not just an abstract concept; it is something we can actively practice in our daily lives. The hymn encourages us to “trust the heart of Jesus” and bring all our sorrows to Him. Jesus loves to hear our pleadings, our humble and contrite prayers. He wants to be our confidant, our shoulder to lean on when life becomes overwhelming.

Sometimes, we may feel burdened by the weight of our troubles. However, the hymn assures us that when we hide ourselves in Jesus, no foe can harm us there. His strong and compassionate hand will lift our burdens and bear our sorrows. In Him, we find true rest and peace.

Furthermore, the hymn reminds us to lean our hearts on Jesus, who sees each falling tear. There is no friend as true and tender as Him. His love and compassion can soothe our every fear and provide us with the comfort and support we long for during difficult times. When we allow Jesus into our hearts, when we make Him our refuge and anchor, we can rest assured that we will never be alone.

In conclusion, “O Give Thy Heart To Jesus” is a hymn that beautifully captures the essence of finding refuge and comfort in Jesus’ loving arms. It encourages us to trust in His heart, to bring all our sorrows and cares to Him. When we do so, we discover an unparalleled love and peace that surpasses all understanding. So, let us open our hearts to Jesus, hide ourselves in His shadow, and experience the incredible joy and serenity that only He can provide.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find refuge and comfort in Jesus' loving arms with O Give Thy Heart To Jesus. Trust in His deep love, bring your cares to Him, and experience unparalleled peace and joy. Open your heart to Jesus today.


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