O God The Strength Of Those Who War – Hymn Lyric

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O God The Strength Of Those Who War – Hymn Lyric



O God The Strength Of Those Who War – Hymn Lyric

O God, the strength of those who war,
The hope of those who wait,
Be with our sons gone forth to fight,
And those who keep the gate.

Give to our hosts in battle’s hour
Firm hearts and courage high,
Thy comfort give to those who fall,
Thy peace to those who die.

Breathe on our land the spirit calm
Which faith in right bestows,
And in the hours of dark suspense
A faith which stronger grows.

In Thee alone we place our hope,
Thou Keeper of the just,
And Thou, through fight and fire and fears
Wilt justify our trust.

Thy ways are wonderful, O God,
Who makest wars to cease:
O let this be the final war
That ushers in Thy peace.


Meaning of O God The Strength Of Those Who War

O God, The Strength Of Those Who War: A Hymn of Hope and Courage

In times of struggle and uncertainty, we often turn to prayer for comfort and guidance. This hymn, titled “O God, The Strength Of Those Who War,” speaks to the hearts of those facing the challenges of battle and those who stand guard to protect their loved ones and their nation. Let us delve into the powerful message of this hymn and explore the themes of strength, hope, and the ultimate desire for peace.

The hymn begins by acknowledging God as the source of strength for those involved in war. It recognizes that during times of conflict, individuals need more than physical strength. They need strength of character, resilience, and courage. In a world where conflicts arise, it is crucial to have faith in a higher power, as it can provide the fortitude needed to face the perils of war. This acknowledgment resonates with those who have loved ones serving in the military or any other profession that requires bravery and sacrifice.

The hymn also speaks to the importance of hope and waiting. Those who wait for the safe return of their loved ones often experience a mix of emotions: apprehension, longing, and a yearning for the conflict to end. This hymn recognizes the hope that sustains those who wait, offering a comforting sentiment that during difficult times, there is always a glimmer of hope. It reminds us that hope is what keeps us going, especially when it feels like our strength is waning.

As the hymn progresses, it turns to those actively engaged in battle. The lyrics reach out to both the physical and emotional needs of soldiers, asking for firm hearts and courage. It acknowledges that the life of a warrior is marked by danger, but it presents a plea for divine comfort for those who may fall in battle. The hymn recognizes the sacrifices made by those on the front lines, acknowledging that not all will return home. It implores God to grant peace to those who tragically lose their lives, offering solace to grieving families and friends.

In moments of uncertainty, it is natural for people to seek a faith that grows stronger in the face of dark suspense. This hymn invites individuals to embrace a faith that can endure the most challenging times. It speaks to the importance of belief in a just cause, as it offers a source of reassurance and strength. This faith serves as a guiding light, illuminating a path forward during times of great tribulation.

Throughout the hymn, the underlying theme of trust resonates strongly. Trust is placed in God alone, recognizing the role of the divine as a keeper of the just. The hymn acknowledges that humans battle with their own fears, doubts, and insecurities, but in the end, it is trust in a higher power that can alleviate these concerns. Trust allows individuals to face adversity head-on and offers the promise that their actions are justified in the pursuit of a greater good.

One of the most profound sentiments in this hymn is the longing for an end to war. It recognizes the horrific nature of armed conflict and the devastation it brings. The lyrics beseech God to bring about an end to war, with the fervent hope that lasting peace may prevail. The hymn acknowledges that the ways of God are wonderful and that it is through the divine intervention that wars may cease. It yearns for that final war that will usher in lasting peace, where nations can come together in harmony.

In conclusion, “O God, The Strength Of Those Who War” captivates the essence of hope, courage, and longing for peace in the face of conflict. It offers solace to those directly affected by war, inspiring them to find strength in their faith and trust in a higher power. With its powerful and earnest message, this hymn serves as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, hope can flourish, and peace can be attained. May its words bring comfort to those in need and serve as a catalyst for a world filled with compassion, understanding, and lasting peace.


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