O Happy Soul How Fast You Go – Hymn Lyric

Discover the heartfelt hymn "O Happy Soul How Fast You Go

O Happy Soul How Fast You Go – Hymn Lyric

“O Happy Soul How Fast You Go: Celebrating the Journey to Eternal Joy” is a heartfelt hymn expressing admiration and longing for a departed soul’s journey to heavenly bliss. Through simple language and a friendly tone, the speaker encourages the soul to continue its speedy journey, trusting in God’s justice and kindness. With themes of faith, perseverance, and the anticipation of reunion, this hymn offers solace and guidance to all seeking spiritual comfort.


O Happy Soul How Fast You Go – Hymn Lyric

Oh! happy soul how fast you go,
And leave me here behind;
Don’t stop for me, for now I see,
The Lord is just and kind.

Go on, go on, my soul says go,
And I’ll come after you;
Though I’m behind, yet I can find,
I’ll sing hosanna too.

God give you strength that you may run,
And keep your footsteps right;
Though fast you go, and I so slow,
You are not out of sight.

When you get to those worlds above,
And all their glories see;
When you get home your work is done,
Then look you out for me.

For I will come fast as I can,
Along the way I’ll steer;
Lord give me strength, I shall at length
Be one amongst you there.

There altogether we shall be,
Together we shall sing;
Together shall we praise our God
And everlasting king.


Meaning of O Happy Soul How Fast You Go

O Happy Soul How Fast You Go: Celebrating the Journey to Eternal Joy

In this heartfelt hymn, the author expresses both admiration and longing for the soul that has departed this earthly realm and embarked on a journey towards heavenly bliss. The title itself, “O Happy Soul How Fast You Go,” reflects the speaker’s understanding that the departed soul has found contentment and peace in the presence of the Lord.

The opening verse sets the tone for the rest of the hymn, as the speaker acknowledges the quick pace at which the happy soul is moving, leaving them behind. However, rather than feeling left out or bitter, the speaker encourages the departing soul to continue its journey, trusting in the justice and kindness of the Lord. This friendly tone conveys a sense of joy and anticipation, as the speaker envisions eventually joining the departed soul in the eternal presence of God.

As the hymn progresses, the speaker addresses the departing soul directly, urging it to “go on, go on.” This repetition emphasizes the encouragement and support offered by the speaker, who recognizes that they may be slower in their own spiritual journey but are determined to follow suit. They express a deep desire to join the happy soul in singing “hosanna,” a jubilant phrase often associated with praise and celebration, emphasizing the speaker’s eagerness to partake in the joyous worship of God.

The hymn then shifts focus to a prayer to God, asking for strength and guidance for both the departing soul and the one left behind. This demonstrates the speaker’s faith in the Lord’s ability to sustain the soul’s journey and to provide the necessary strength to endure. It also shows the speaker’s humility, acknowledging their own limitations and recognizing that though they may be slower in their progress, they are not forgotten or forsaken by God.

Furthermore, the hymn recognizes the eventual reunion of the departed soul and the one singing the hymn. The speaker conveys a sense of hope and anticipation, asking the soul to look out for them when they reach the worlds above and their work on Earth is complete. This expectation of reunion reflects the speaker’s belief in a loving and inclusive God, who welcomes all faithful souls into eternal communion.

The hymn ends with a final affirmation of the speaker’s determination to join the departed soul. They express their resolve to come as fast as they can and steer along the path towards that heavenly destination. The speaker once again seeks God’s strength, recognizing that it is through divine grace that they will ultimately be united with the departed soul and together, they will sing and praise their eternal King.

In its entirety, “O Happy Soul How Fast You Go” extols the virtues of faith, perseverance, and the joyous anticipation of eternal communion with God. It is a heartfelt expression of longing and hope, meant to inspire and uplift those who hear or sing it. The friendly tone, simple language, and profound themes make this hymn accessible to all, including those at a 7th-grade literacy level. As an SEO keyword, the title encapsulates the central message of the hymn, enabling it to rank highly in search results and reach a wider audience seeking spiritual solace and guidance.


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