O Holy Lord Our God – Hymn Lyric

Discover the hymn "O Holy Lord Our God" - a beautiful praise and prayer. Join the heavenly hosts in adoration as we seek success for God's Word and blessings for His servant. May this hymn inspire and uplift

O Holy Lord Our God – Hymn Lyric



O Holy Lord Our God – Hymn Lyric

O holy Lord, our God,
By heav'nly hosts adored,
Hear us, we pray;
To Thee the cherubim, Angels and seraphim,
Unceasing praises hymn, Their homage pay.

Here give Thy Word success,
And this Thy servant bless,
His labors own;
And while the sinner's Friend,

His life and words commend,
The Holy Spirit send,
And make him known.

May every passing year More happy still appear
Than this glad day;
With numbers fill the place,
Adorn Thy saints with grace,
Thy truth may all embrace,
O Lord, we pray.


Meaning of O Holy Lord Our God

O Holy Lord Our God: A Hymn of Praise and Prayer

In the vast expanse of the heavens above, the heavenly hosts gather to adore and worship You, O holy Lord, our God. Like the cherubim, angels, and seraphim, we too join in this hymn of praise and adoration, lifting our voices to bring glory and honor to Your name.

As we bow before You in worship, we come to You with a prayer, O Lord. We humbly ask that You bring success to Your Word and bless Your servant who proclaims it. In his labors, may he be a vessel through which Your truth and love flow abundantly. Grant him the wisdom and guidance he needs to deliver your message with clarity and power.

We pray that as he faithfully serves as the sinner's Friend, his life and words will commend the truth of Your gospel. May his actions and teachings reflect the love and grace that You have bestowed upon us. In his presence, may sinners find comfort, forgiveness, and a pathway towards reconciliation with You, O Lord.

Furthermore, we beseech You, O Holy Spirit, to descend upon Your servant and make him known to all who encounter him. Pour out Your divine anointing upon him, enabling him to speak with authority and conviction. May his words pierce through hardened hearts and stir within them a desire to seek after You.

As the years pass by, O Lord, we pray that each one would bring greater happiness and joy than this present moment. Let Your favor shine upon us, and may Your blessings be upon this place. As we gather together, fill this sanctuary with an overflowing number of worshipers. Let Your presence be felt in our midst, and may it transform and uplift us all.

Not only do we pray for numerical growth, but we also ask that You adorn Your saints with grace. Pour out Your favor and blessings upon all who faithfully seek after You. May our lives reflect the beauty of Your holiness, and may others be drawn to You through our actions and testimonies.

Above all, O Lord, may Your truth be embraced by all who hear it. May it penetrate minds and hearts, leading to a deep and transformative understanding of Your love and salvation. As we meditate on Your Word, may it take root in our souls, guiding our thoughts, behaviors, and decisions.

In bringing forth this hymn of Praise and Prayer, O Holy Lord Our God, we recognize and acknowledge Your sovereign power and majesty. You are the creator of the heavens and the earth, the giver of life and salvation. We bow before You in humble adoration, knowing that without You, we are nothing.

As we offer this hymn to You, we do so with gratitude and reverence. We are grateful for Your love and faithfulness, for Your guidance and provision. We are grateful for the opportunity to gather together, to sing Your praises, and to seek Your presence.

May this hymn serve as a testament to our devotion and love for You, O Holy Lord Our God. As this words are shared and spread, may they bring hope, encouragement, and inspiration to all who encounter them. May it serve as a reminder of Your unfailing love and .

In conclusion, we give thanks for the privilege of worship and the opportunity to offer our prayers and praises to You, O Lord. We humbly ask that You continue to bless and guide us, shining Your light upon our path. May Your name be exalted and magnified in all we say and do.

For You alone are worthy of all honor, glory, and praise. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the hymn O Holy Lord Our God - a beautiful praise and prayer. Join the heavenly hosts in adoration as we seek success for God's Word and blessings for His servant. May this hymn inspire and uplift, reminding us of God's love and the power of prayer.


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