O How My Heart Throbs – Hymn Lyric

Discover the transformative power of Jesus' love and find redemption from sin. "O How My Heart Throbs" expresses the universal yearning for a deeper relationship with Jesus.

O How My Heart Throbs – Hymn Lyric

“O How My Heart Throbs: Seeking Redemption and Love in Jesus” Longing for something greater and burdened by the weight of sin, the speaker’s heart throbs with a desire for redemption. They reflect on their broken vows and express regret, yearning for a love that can bring joy and relief. Through the promise of forgiveness and transformation, Jesus offers hope and the opportunity to find true fulfillment.


O How My Heart Throbs – Hymn Lyric

Oh, how my heart throbs,
Jesus I am sick of sin;
Oh, God, ’tis bitter,
Just one look within;

I have never loved Thee,
I have broken ev’ry vow,
I have naught but sorrow,
Pain and sighing now.

Jesus, my Saviour,
Let me hear Thy gentle voice,
Teach me to love Thee,
Let my heart rejoice.

When all dispairing,
And my heart can find no rest,
Then softly wooing,
Jesus speaks and says,

“Tho’ your sins be scarlet,
I will make them white as snow;
Tho’ they be as crimson,
They shall be as wool.”


When all immortal,
I shall stand before Thy throne,
Stand with my loved ones,
This shall be my song:

Grateful praise eternal,
Be to Jesus free and full,
For His blood doth cleanse me,
Hath redeemed my soul.


Meaning of O How My Heart Throbs

O How My Heart Throbs: Finding Redemption and Love in Jesus

In the depths of my soul, a nonstop rhythm echoes – the beat of a heart that longs for something greater, something purer. Oh, how my heart throbs, Jesus, for I am sick of sin. It weighs heavily upon me, a bitter taste that lingers within my being.

As I take a closer look at myself, I find that I have fallen short of loving You, Jesus. I have broken every vow, each promise made in Your name. Regret fills my spirit, and all that remains is sorrow, pain, and endless sighing. It seems as though darkness has consumed the light within me.

But then, like a whisper in the wind, Your voice breaks through the despair. Jesus, my Savior, let me hear Your gentle voice. Teach me how to love You, for in Your love, my heart can rejoice. In the midst of my brokenness and inability to find rest, You softly woo me with Your words of grace and forgiveness.

You tell me that even though my sins may be as scarlet, You can make them white as snow. As crimson as they may be, You promise to transform them into the purest wool. Oh, what a marvelous Savior You are, Jesus, offering redemption and renewal to those who seek You.

And when the time comes for me to stand before Your throne, surrounded by my loved ones, my heart will overflow with grateful praise. In that moment, my song will resound with eternal gratitude for You, Jesus. Your blood, shed for me, cleanses me from all my wrongdoings, and it is through Your sacrifice that my soul has been redeemed.

Jesus, my Saviour, let Your gentle voice continue to guide me on this journey. Teach me to love You more deeply each day, so that my heart may truly rejoice in Your presence. Grant me the strength to turn away from sin, choosing instead to walk steadfastly in Your ways.

As I reflect on the lyrics of this hymn, it is evident that the speaker is wrestling with their own shortcomings and the weight of their sins. They recognize the need for redemption and the desire to love Jesus more fully. This introspection is relatable to many individuals, regardless of age or literacy level.

In today’s society, where we are bombarded with messages of instant gratification and self-indulgence, it can be easy to lose sight of our spiritual needs. However, this hymn serves as a reminder that true fulfillment and joy can only be found in a relationship with Jesus.

For the intended audience of 7th graders, it is important to break down the message of this hymn in a way that is approachable and easy to understand. Emphasizing the transformative power of Jesus’ love and the reassurance of forgiveness can help young hearts grasp the core teachings of Christianity.

The hymn also showcases the idea of repentance and the importance of turning away from sinful behaviors. By acknowledging our shortcomings and seeking forgiveness, we can find the strength to live a life that aligns with Jesus’ teachings.

In conclusion, “O How My Heart Throbs” is a hymn that speaks to the universal yearning for redemption and love. The heartfelt lyrics express the speaker’s desire to be cleansed of sin and to find joy in a relationship with Jesus. Regardless of our literacy level or age, we can all relate to the longing for something greater and the need for forgiveness. May this hymn serve as a reminder to seek out the love and redemption that can only be found in Jesus.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the transformative power of Jesus' love and find redemption from sin. O How My Heart Throbs expresses the universal yearning for a deeper relationship with Jesus.


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