O Jesus At Thy Feet We Wait – Hymn Lyric

"Experience Rest and Redemption with Jesus - O Jesus At Thy Feet We Wait. Find solace in His love and grace

O Jesus At Thy Feet We Wait – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus, At Thy Feet We Wait: Finding Rest and Redemption” is a hymn that speaks to our desire for forgiveness and restoration. It reminds us of the perfect love and grace that Jesus offers, and our longing to have our hearts filled with God. As we wait patiently at Jesus’ feet, we trust in His guidance to lift us up and transform us into vessels of His love.


O Jesus At Thy Feet We Wait – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus,
at thy feet we wait
Till thou shalt bid us rise,
Restored to our unsinning state,
To love’s sweet paradise.

Since thou wouldst have us free from sin,
And pure as those above,
Make haste to bring thy nature in,
And perfect us in love.

The counsel of thy love fulfill,
Come quickly, gracious Lord!
Be it according to thy will,
According to thy word.

Oh, that the perfect grace were given,
The love diffused abroad!
Oh, that our hearts were all a heaven,
For ever filled with God!


Meaning of O Jesus At Thy Feet We Wait

O Jesus, At Thy Feet We Wait: Finding Rest and Redemption

In this beautiful hymn, we find solace and hope in the presence of Jesus. It speaks to the deep desire within our hearts to be cleansed of sin and be restored to a state of love and purity. Through the words of this hymn, we are reminded of the perfect grace and love that Jesus offers to us, and our longing to have our hearts filled with God.

At the beginning of the hymn, we humble ourselves before Jesus, acknowledging that we are in need of His guidance and intervention. We wait patiently at His feet, knowing that He has the power to lift us up and restore us from our sinful ways.

The idea of being restored to our “unsinning state” implies that at our core, we are all inherently good. Sin has marred our true nature, but through Jesus’ love and grace, we have the opportunity to rediscover our true selves and experience love’s sweet paradise. This concept is both comforting and empowering – it reminds us that we are not defined by our mistakes, and we have the potential for growth and transformation.

Jesus, in His infinite wisdom and compassion, desires for us to be free from sin. He wants us to be pure, just like the heavenly beings. It is His will to bring His nature within us, to mold us into individuals who reflect His love and grace. We are reminded in the hymn to make haste in accepting this divine transformation, to wholeheartedly embrace the process of becoming perfect in love.

The counsel of Jesus’ love is a source of great comfort and security. When we seek His guidance, we find an unwavering support system. The hymn implores Jesus to come quickly, to fulfill His promises and bring us closer to Him. We trust in His will and His word, for we know that His plans for us are good. We can rely on His wisdom to lead us in the right direction.

The hymn takes us deeper into our longing for a perfect grace, a love that is diffused throughout our lives. We yearn for our hearts to be a reflection of heaven itself – a place where God’s presence fills every corner and love is the driving force. This longing speaks to the innate desire within every human to experience a sense of inner peace, joy, and harmony. We yearn for a life that is aligned with God’s will, where His love flows through us without any hindrance.

Yet, we are also aware of our human limitations and imperfections. We know that achieving such a state of being is not within our own power alone. Hence, the hymn reminds us to surrender ourselves fully to Jesus, to place our hopes and dreams in His capable hands. Only through His perfect grace and love can we strive towards becoming vessels that are forever filled with God.

In the search for rest and redemption, we find refuge at Jesus’ feet. His unconditional love and forgiveness offer us a chance to start anew. We are inspired to strive towards embodying His love, allowing it to permeate every aspect of our lives. With His guidance, we can become the best versions of ourselves, free from the weight of sin and filled with the light of His love.

Ultimately, “O Jesus, At Thy Feet We Wait” serves as a reminder of the transformative power of love and grace. It assures us that we are never alone in our journey towards redemption. Jesus walks beside us, guiding us towards a life of purity and wholeness. As we continue to wait at His feet, our hearts are filled with hope and anticipation for the day when we will be restored to love’s sweet paradise.


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