O Jesus Christ How Bright And Fair – Hymn Lyric

Discover the beauty and blessings of holy marriage with the hymn "O Jesus Christ

O Jesus Christ How Bright And Fair – Hymn Lyric



O Jesus Christ How Bright And Fair – Hymn Lyric

Oh, Jesus Christ! how bright and fair
The state of holy marriage where
Thy blessing rich is given
What gracious gifts Thou dost bestow,
What streams of blessing ever flow
Down from Thy holy heaven,
When they True stay
To Thee ever, Leave Thee never,
Whose troth plighted,
In one life
Have been united.

When man and wife are mated well,
In harmony together dwell,
Are faithful to each other,
The streams of bliss flow constantly
What bliss of angels is on high
From hence may we discover;
No storm, No worm
Can destroy it, Can e’er gnaw it,
What God giveth
To the pair that in Him liveth.

He giveth of His grace the boon,
And in its bosom late and soon
His own belov’d He keepeth,
His arms He daily spreadeth o’er,
Guards as a Father by His pow’r
Us and our house, nor sleepeth.
Still we Must be
Here and thither Roaming ever,
Till He gives us
Pious homes, and thus relieves us.

The husband’s like a goodly tree
Whose branches spread so fair and free;
The wife a vine that giveth
Much fruit, and nurtures what it bears,
Whose fruit increaseth with the years,
Fruit that remains and liveth.
Jewel, All hail!
Husband’s treasure!
House’s pleasure!
Crown of honour!
On His throne God thinketh on her.

O wife! the Lord hath chosen thee
That from thy womb brought forth should be
The folk His church that buildeth;
His wondrous work goes on for aye,
The mighty word His mouth doth say,
What thou beholdest, yieldeth,
Sons fair Stand there,
Daughters sitting Working, knitting,
Finely spinning,
And with art time wisely winning.

Be of good cheer, it was not we
Who first this order did decree,
It was a higher Father,
Who lov’d and loveth us for aye,
And from whose lips when griev’d each day
We friendly counsel gather;
Good end He’ll send,
What we’re doing And pursuing,
Or conceiving
Wise and happy issue giving.

A time will come, it cannot fail,
When we ‘neath trials sore shall quail,
And tears be freely flowing;
To him who bears it patiently,
By God’s grace shall his sorrow be
Turn’d into joy o’erflowing.
Toil now, Wait thou,
He arriveth Who rest giveth,
Who can ever
Banish care and soon deliver.

Come hither then, my King so bless’d!
In trials guide, in pain give rest,
In anxious times relieving!
To Thee we shall ascribe the praise,
Our hearts and voices we shall raise
In one loud song, thanks giving,
Till we With Thee
Ever dwelling, And fulfilling
Thy will ever,
Thy name cease to praise shall never.


Meaning of O Jesus Christ How Bright And Fair

O Jesus Christ, How Bright and Fair: Celebrating the Beauty of Holy Marriage

Marriage is a treasured institution that holds immense significance in the eyes of Jesus Christ. The hymn “O Jesus Christ, How Bright and Fair” beautifully captures the blessings and joys that flow from the state of holy matrimony. Let us delve deeper into the profound meaning behind these words and explore the importance of a strong and faithful union between husband and wife.

In the opening verse, we are immediately struck by the radiant beauty of a holy marriage. Jesus bestows His blessings abundantly upon couples who commit to staying true to Him and each other. These blessings flow like rivers from heaven, bringing unending streams of joy and fulfillment into their lives. This reminds us that a solid foundation built on the principles of love, trust, and loyalty ensures a peaceful and prosperous union.

When a husband and wife are faithfully connected in harmony, their love becomes a constant source of bliss. Like the angels in heaven, they experience a profound sense of contentment and fulfillment as they journey through life together. Their commitment to each other remains unshaken, even in the face of storms or challenges that may arise. Their love is resilient, their bond unbreakable, as it is rooted in the grace and guidance of God.

The hymn beautifully describes the role of a husband as being like a goodly tree, with branches that spread wide and offer shelter and stability. The wife, likened to a fruitful vine, nurtures and supports the family, resulting in a fruitful and flourishing home. It is through this analogy that we recognize the unique and complementary roles spouses play in building a harmonious and loving household. As husband and wife, they bring out the best in each other, working together towards common goals and fostering an environment of growth and happiness.

Importantly, the hymn emphasizes that this divine order of marriage was not established by human beings, but by a higher Father. God’s love and wisdom are the driving forces behind this sacred institution, and it is through His grace that couples are blessed with the ability to create and nurture life. As husbands and wives, we must humbly recognize our role as vessels of God’s purpose, entrusted with the responsibility of raising and guiding our children in the ways of righteousness.

The hymn reminds us that there will be times of trial and sorrow in any marriage. We cannot escape the inevitable challenges that life throws our way. However, the lyrics reassure us that those who bear their burdens patiently, relying on God’s grace, will find their sorrow transformed into overflowing joy. We are reminded to remain steadfast, to trust in God’s plan, and to have faith that He will provide rest and relief during times of anxiety and uncertainty.

In the closing verses, we are called to approach Jesus Christ, our King and source of blessings, in times of hardship and need. As we navigate through the trials of life, we can find solace and strength in His guidance and experience His comforting presence. We are called to lift our voices in gratitude and praise, continually acknowledging and giving thanks for all that He has done for us. Our hearts and voices unite in one harmonious song of thanksgiving, never ceasing to honor and glorify His name.

In conclusion, the hymn “O Jesus Christ, How Bright and Fair” serves as a beautiful testament to the beauty and significance of holy matrimony. It reminds us that when two individuals come together in the sacred bond of marriage, they are blessed abundantly by Jesus Christ. Through their commitment, love, and faithfulness, they create a haven of joy and fulfillment, nurturing a strong and thriving relationship. In times of trial and sorrow, they can always turn to the loving embrace of Christ, finding solace and strength. May we cherish and celebrate the sanctity of marriage, guided by the words of this hymn and the teachings of Jesus Christ.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the beauty and blessings of holy marriage with the hymn O Jesus Christ, How Bright and Fair. Explore the profound meaning behind these words and learn the importance of a strong and faithful union between husband and wife.


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