O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb – Hymn Lyric

Discover the Love and Sacrifice: O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb

O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb – Hymn Lyric

Summarized engaging summary: “O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb” is a powerful hymn that reminds us of Jesus’ immense love and sacrifice. The hymn expresses trust and surrender to Jesus, highlighting His gentle and humble nature. It encourages believers to embrace His teachings and live a life that brings glory to His name.


O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb – Hymn Lyric

Oh, Jesus Christ thou dying Lamb,
In whom I trust, and whose I am;
I yield the life Thou gavest me,
Forever only Thine to be.

Christ of my soul, Thou blessed meek and lowly One,
Christ of my soul, Thou glorious high and holy One,
Christ of my soul, Thou altogether lovely One,
Whose I am and whom I serve.

Thy yoke upon me I would take
And humbly bear it for Thy sake;
Of Thee the meek and lowly learn,
While crucial fires within me burn.


Thou needest not my praise, I know,
Yet all my heart desires to show,
By the best service I can bring
My full allegiance to my King.


Complete in Thee, I hope to stand
With saints redeemed at Thy right hand,
Clothed in Thy righteousness alone,
To sing Thy praise before the throne.


Meaning of O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb

O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb: Embracing the Love and Sacrifice

In this beloved hymn, we are reminded of the immense love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who is often depicted as a lamb due to his gentle and humble nature. The hymn expresses a deep sense of trust and surrender to Jesus, acknowledging that we belong to Him and that our lives are meant to be lived for His glory and service.

The opening verse starts with a powerful declaration, “Oh, Jesus Christ thou dying Lamb, in whom I trust, and whose I am.” Here, we witness the songwriter’s personal connection to Jesus, recognizing Him as the source of their trust and identity. The use of the word “dying” reminds us of Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, which is a central theme in Christianity. It acknowledges that through His death, Jesus paid the price for our sins and offers us salvation.

The chorus further celebrates the multifaceted nature of Jesus Christ. It addresses Him as the “blessed meek and lowly One,” acknowledging His humility and gentleness. This aspect of Jesus’ character is also emphasized in the Gospels, where He consistently demonstrates compassion and care towards others. The chorus also refers to Jesus as the “glorious high and holy One,” highlighting His divinity and exalted position. This contrast between His meekness and His glory showcases the magnitude of His character.

As we delve into the second verse, we discover the songwriter’s willingness to embrace the yoke of Jesus. They express a desire to take up Jesus’ yoke and bear it humbly for His sake. The yoke symbolizes surrendering to Jesus’ teachings and following His example. By willingly assuming His yoke, the songwriter seeks to learn from Jesus, who is described as meek and lowly.

Within this verse, we also encounter the notion of “crucial fires.” Although not explicitly defined, it can be interpreted as the trials and challenges that one faces in life. Despite these difficulties, the songwriter chooses to find solace in the teachings and character of Jesus, using them as a guide to navigate through life’s trials. This speaks to the power of faith and the way it can provide comfort and strength during trying times.

Addressing Jesus directly in the third verse, the songwriter acknowledges that Jesus does not need their praise but desires to show allegiance through the best service they can offer. This statement reflects the heart of worship, understanding that praising and serving Jesus is not primarily about fulfilling a requirement, but an act of love and devotion. It also emphasizes the importance of serving Jesus not just through words but through actions and a life lived in accordance with His teachings.

The final verse brings forth the hope of standing before Jesus, clad in His righteousness, alongside other redeemed saints. This echoes the Christian belief in the ultimate reward of eternal life in the presence of God. By being clothed in Jesus’ righteousness alone, believers are free from sin and are able to stand in the presence of God. This verse serves as a reminder that our ultimate goal is to praise and worship Jesus in His presence for all eternity.

In conclusion, “O Jesus Christ Thou Dying Lamb” is a hymn that beautifully encapsulates the love, sacrifice, and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a hymn that inspires trust, surrender, and a desire to serve Him wholeheartedly. Through its poetic verses and uplifting chorus, it encourages believers to embrace the gentle and humble nature of Jesus, learn from Him, and live a life that brings glory to His name. May this hymn continue to resonate with hearts and minds, reminding us of the depth of Jesus’ love and the significance of His sacrifice.


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Embrace the profound love and sacrifice of Jesus, the humble and gentle lamb. Trust in Him, surrender, and serve His glorious and holy name. Experience the power of His righteousness and eternal praise.


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