O Jesus Crowned With All Renown – Hymn Lyric

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O Jesus Crowned With All Renown – Hymn Lyric

Praising Jesus, who is crowned with all renown, we are reminded of His greatness and blessings in our lives. Through Him, we receive health, wealth, beauty, and joy, and we are called to share His gifts with others. As we express gratitude and praise His name, may we continue to spread His love and light to the world, honoring the Savior who reigns in glory.


O Jesus Crowned With All Renown – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, crowned with all renown,
Since Thou the earth hast trod,
Thou reignest, and by Thee come down
Henceforth the gifts of God.

Thine is the health and Thine the wealth
That in our halls abound,
And Thine the beauty and the joy
With which the years are crowned.

Lord, in their change, let frost and heat,
And winds and dews be giv’n;
All fostering power, all influence sweet,
Breathe from the bounteous Heav’n.

Attemper fair with gentle air
The sunshine and the rain,
That kindly earth with timely birth
May yield her fruits again.

That we may feed the poor aright,
And gathering round Thy throne,
Here, in the holy angels’ sight,
Repay Thee of Thine own:

That we may praise Thee all our days,
And with the Father’s Name,
And with the Holy Spirit’s gifts,
The Savior’s love proclaim.


Meaning of O Jesus Crowned With All Renown

Oh, how wonderful it is to sing praises to Jesus, who is crowned with all renown! As we walk upon this earth, we are reminded of the greatness and majesty of our Savior. It is through Him that we receive the gifts of God – health, wealth, beauty, and joy. All of these blessings come from Him, and we are grateful for His abundant grace.

In every season, we see the hand of Jesus at work. From the frost of winter to the heat of summer, from the winds that blow to the dews that fall, we are reminded of His provision and care for us. It is His power and influence that breathe life into the world around us, creating a perfect balance of sunshine and rain for the earth to yield its fruits.

And as we enjoy the abundance that Jesus provides, we are called to share with those in need. We are tasked with feeding the poor and caring for the less fortunate, showing love and compassion to all. In doing so, we repay Him for all that He has given us, gathering around His throne with grateful hearts and praising His name alongside the angels.

May we never cease to give thanks to Jesus, our Savior, who reigns in glory and is worthy of all honor and praise. Let us proclaim His love and share His gifts with the world, shining brightly as beacons of His light. And as we journey through life, may we always remember that it is Jesus who is crowned with all renown, the source of all goodness and grace. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the beauty of praising Jesus, crowned with all renown. Receive His gifts of health, wealth, and joy as we share His love with the world. Join us in honoring our Savior!


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