O Jesus Lamb Of God Thou Art – Hymn Lyric

Discover the comforting words of "O Jesus

O Jesus Lamb Of God Thou Art – Hymn Lyric

In “O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou Art,” we are reminded of the immense love and forgiveness that Jesus offers to those who come to him as sinners. Despite the weight of our sins, Jesus gladly takes them upon himself, showing us mercy and grace. Through his sacrifice and guidance, we can find comfort, redemption, and strength to follow his Word and walk in his ways. Jesus, the Lamb of God, is our source of hope and salvation, always ready to welcome us into his loving arms.


O Jesus Lamb Of God Thou Art – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou art
The Life and Comfort of my heart.
A sinner poor I come to Thee
And bring my many sins with me.

O God, my sin indeed is great;
I groan beneath the dreadful weight.
Be merciful to me, I pray;
Take guilt and punishment away.

Saint John the Baptist points to Thee
And bids me cast my sin on Thee;
For Thou hast left Thy throne on high
To suffer for the world and die.

Help me to mend my ways, O Lord,
And gladly to obey Thy Word.
While here I live, abide with me;
And when I die, take me to Thee.


Meaning of O Jesus Lamb Of God Thou Art

O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou art truly the Life and Comfort of our hearts. When we come to you as sinners, burdened by our many wrongdoings, you offer us mercy and forgiveness. Our sins may be great, but your grace is even greater. We can cast our sins upon you, knowing that you willingly took the weight of the world’s sins upon yourself on the cross.

Just like Saint John the Baptist pointed to you as the solution to sin, we too can turn to you for guidance and redemption. You left your heavenly throne to suffer and die for us, showing the depth of your love and sacrifice. With your help, we can strive to live according to your Word and make amends for our past mistakes.

As we journey through life, we ask that you remain by our side, guiding us and giving us strength. And when the time comes for us to leave this world behind, we trust that you will welcome us into your presence with open arms. Your love knows no bounds, and we are grateful for the hope and salvation you offer us.

In moments of doubt or despair, we can find solace in your presence. Your light shines brightly, guiding us towards a path of righteousness and peace. We are thankful for your constant care and unwavering love, even when we fall short of your expectations.

May we always remember that you are the Lamb of God, the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Your grace is a source of comfort and strength, enabling us to navigate life’s challenges with courage and faith. Thank you for being our savior and our friend, now and forevermore.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the comforting words of O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou Art as we seek mercy and forgiveness for our sins. Find peace and guidance in His love and sacrifice. Jesus, our ultimate savior.


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