O Jesus Lord Most Merciful – Hymn Lyric

Seeking forgiveness and solace in the boundless mercy and love of our Lord

O Jesus Lord Most Merciful – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful” is a heartfelt hymn that speaks of seeking forgiveness and finding solace in the boundless mercy and love of Jesus. With contrite hearts, we come before Him, pouring out our sins and seeking redemption. The hymn reminds us that no matter how far we may have strayed, Jesus is always there to embrace us with open arms, offering forgiveness and the promise of eternal joy.


O Jesus Lord Most Merciful – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, Lord most merciful,
Low at Thy cross I lie;
O sinner’s Friend, most pitiful,
Hear my bewailing cry.

I come to Thee with mourning,
I come to Thee in woe;
With contrite heart returning,
And tears that overflow.

O gracious Intercessor,
O Priest within the veil,
Plead, for a lost transgressor,
The blood that cannot fail.

I spread my sins before Thee,
I tell them one by one;
O for Thy Name’s great glory,
Forgive all I have done.

O by Thy cross and passion,
Thy tears and agony,
And crown of cruel fashion,
And death on Calvary;

By all that untold suffering,
Endured by Thee alone;
O Priest, O spotless Offering,
Plead for me, and atone.

And in this heart now broken,
Re-enter Thou and reign;
And say, by that dear token,
I am absolved again;

And build me up, and guide me,
And guard me day by day;
And in Thy presence hide me,
And keep my soul alway.


Meaning of O Jesus Lord Most Merciful

O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful: A Hymn of Hope and Forgiveness

In times of despair and sorrow, when our hearts are burdened with guilt and remorse, we are reminded of the boundless mercy and love offered to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ. The hymn “O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful” captures the essence of seeking redemption and finding solace in the arms of our Savior. With a contrite heart, we fall before the cross, knowing that Jesus, our friend and intercessor, will hear our cries and forgive our transgressions.

As we begin this heartfelt prayer, we acknowledge our sinful state and come before Jesus with mourning and sorrow. We recognize that we have strayed from the path of righteousness and find ourselves in need of His grace and forgiveness. With tears streaming down our faces, we pour out our sins before Him, confessing each one with utmost honesty.

We take solace in knowing that Jesus, our gracious intercessor, stands before the Father on our behalf. He is the High Priest who entered the heavenly sanctuary, offering His own blood as a sacrifice for our sins. We plead with Him to apply the cleansing power of His blood to our lives, knowing that His sacrifice cannot fail to bring forgiveness and reconciliation.

With humility and awe, we reflect upon the immense suffering endured by Jesus on the cross. His tears, agony, and the cruel crown pressed upon His head bear witness to His sacrificial love for humanity. The hymn urges us to remember His death on Calvary, the ultimate act of atonement that paid the price for our sins.

In recognition of Jesus’ untold suffering, we approach Him with a contrite heart seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. We acknowledge Him as our Priest, our spotless offering, who alone can intercede for us before the Father. With a deep longing for absolution, we implore Him to forgive all we have done, no matter the depths of our transgressions.

As we surrender our broken hearts and contrite spirits to Jesus, we invite Him to re-enter our lives and reign over us. We understand that true forgiveness brings restoration and rebuilding of our hearts. We ask for His guidance and protection, knowing that His presence can shield us from the temptations and trials of this world.

With utmost trust, we ask Jesus to hide us in His presence, keeping our souls safe and secure. We recognize our need for His constant care and guidance, as we navigate the challenges of daily life. We find comfort in knowing that in His loving embrace, we can always find solace and sanctuary.

In this hymn, we find a profound message of hope. It reminds us that no matter how far we may have strayed, no matter the depths of our sins, Jesus, our Lord Most Merciful, is there to embrace us with open arms. His forgiveness knows no bounds, and His love can heal even the most broken of hearts.

Let us hold onto the lyrics of this beautiful hymn, allowing them to guide us in our journey towards redemption. May we remember that we are never beyond the reach of God’s mercy and forgiveness. For it is through His grace that we can find peace, restoration, and eternal joy.

O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful, we place our hope and trust in You. In Your precious name, we humbly pray. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Seeking forgiveness and solace in the boundless mercy and love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. A hymn of hope and redemption. Find peace and restoration through His grace. O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful.


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