O Jesus Our Salvation – Hymn Lyric

Discover the power of Jesus as our salvation! Seek comfort

O Jesus Our Salvation – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus Our Salvation: Finding Comfort and Forgiveness in the Cross” explores the profound message of the hymn and emphasizes the significance of Jesus as our source of solace, forgiveness, and guidance. It encourages us to turn to Him in times of trouble and sincerely lay our sins before Him, knowing that through His sacrifice on the cross, we can find complete absolution and redemption.


O Jesus Our Salvation – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, our Salvation,
Low at Thy cross we lie:
Lord, in Thy great compassion,
Hear our bewailing cry.

We come to Thee with mourning,
We come to Thee in woe;
With contrite hearts returning,
And tears that overflow.

O gracious Intercessor!
O Priest within the veil,
Please for each lost transgressor
The blood that cannot fail.

We lay our sins before Thee,
We tell them one by one:
O for Thy Name’s great glory
Forgive all we have done.

O by Thy cross and passion,
Thy tears and agony,
And crown of cruel fashion,
And death on Calvary;

By all that untold suffering,
Endured by Thee alone,
O Priest, O spotless Offering,
Plead, for Thou didst atone!

And in these hearts now broken
Re-enter Thou and reign,
And say, by that dear token,
We are absolved again.

And build us up, and guide us,
And guard us day by day;
And in Thy presence hide us,
And take our sins away.



Meaning of O Jesus Our Salvation

O Jesus Our Salvation: Finding Comfort and Forgiveness in the Cross

In times of trouble and despair, we often find solace in turning to a higher power. As the hymn “O Jesus, our Salvation” reminds us, it is in the presence of Jesus and the power of the cross that we can find strength, forgiveness, and guidance. Let us delve deeper into the meaning behind this beautiful hymn and explore the significance of Jesus as our salvation.

The hymn begins with the humble acknowledgment of our need for salvation. It paints a vivid picture of believers prostrating themselves before the cross, recognizing the immense love and compassion of Jesus. In our moments of anguish, we implore Him to hear our cries and be moved by our genuine repentance. With contrite hearts and tears overflowing, we seek His forgiveness and mercy.

Here, Jesus is portrayed as the gracious Intercessor, the Priest within the veil. He is the one who intercedes on our behalf, bridging the gap between sinful humanity and a holy God. It is through His shed blood that forgiveness is made possible. The hymn underscores the power of Jesus’ sacrifice and acknowledges that His blood cannot fail to redeem even the most lost and broken of sinners.

The hymn continues with a heartfelt confession of our sins. We lay them before Jesus, not hiding anything, but sincerely acknowledging each transgression. There is a plea for forgiveness, recognizing that it is for the sake of God’s great glory that we seek absolution. It is through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that we can find the hope of complete forgiveness for all that we have done wrong.

The second verse of the hymn shifts the focus to the sufferings of Jesus during His crucifixion. It highlights His tears, agony, and the crown of cruel fashion placed upon His head. The haunting refrain of “O Priest, O spotless Offering” reaffirms Jesus’ role as the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Through His unimaginable suffering, Jesus atoned for our sins, securing our salvation through His death on Calvary.

The final verse of the hymn is a plea for Jesus to enter our broken hearts and reign. It is an invitation to surrender ourselves to His guidance, protection, and forgiveness. Our desire is to be built up and led by His loving hand, to be hidden in His presence, and to have our sins washed away. The beautiful imagery of being hidden in Jesus’ presence speaks to the safety and security we find when we submit ourselves to His care.

Ultimately, the hymn wraps up with the word “Amen,” meaning “so be it.” It serves as a declaration of faith and a confirmation that the desires expressed in the hymn align with our sincere hearts. We trust that Jesus will indeed be our Salvation, providing comfort, forgiveness, and guidance in our lives.

In conclusion, the hymn “O Jesus, our Salvation” captures the essence of seeking solace, forgiveness, and guidance in Jesus Christ. It portrays Him as the compassionate Intercessor, the spotless Offering, and the ultimate source of our redemption. Through His sacrifice on the cross, we are invited to lay our sins before Him and find complete forgiveness. With sincere repentance and contrite hearts, we can experience the power of His salvation in our lives. May we continue to turn to Jesus as our source of comfort, forgiveness, and guidance, knowing that in His presence, we are truly absolved again. Amen.


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