O Jesus Prince Of Life And Truth – Hymn Lyric

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O Jesus Prince Of Life And Truth – Hymn Lyric

In this hymn, titled “O Jesus Prince of Life and Truth,” we gather together to celebrate the unending love and guidance of Jesus. We dedicate ourselves to fighting for what is right under His leadership, willingly sacrificing and serving both Him and the world. As we march forward, we trust in His strength and power to conquer sin and bring His light and love to those in need.


O Jesus Prince Of Life And Truth – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, Prince of life and truth,
Beneath Thy banner bright,
We dedicate our strength and youth
To battle for the right.

We give our lives with glad intent
To serve the world and Thee,
To die, to suffer and be spent
To set our brothers free.

In serried ranks, with fearless tread,
O Captain of us all,
Thy glory on our banners shed,
We answer to Thy call;

And where the fiercest battles press
Against the hosts of sin,
To rescue those in dire distress
We gladly enter in.

O Jesus, once a Nazareth boy,
And tempted like as we,
All inward foes help us destroy,
And spotless all to be.

We trust Thee for the grace to win
The high, victorious goal,
Where purity shall conquer sin
In Christ-like self control.


Meaning of O Jesus Prince Of Life And Truth

O Jesus, Prince of life and truth,

The words of this hymn truly resonate with us, as we gather here today to celebrate your unending love and guidance. Your banner stands before us, shining bright, as we dedicate our strength and youth to fighting for what is right.

In this journey of life, we willingly give our lives with joy and purpose, to serve both the world and you, dear Jesus. We understand that it may involve sacrifice, suffering, and even death, but we embrace these challenges for the greater cause of setting our brothers and sisters free from the chains that bind them.

We march together, side by side, as a united force under your leadership, O Captain of us all. We look to you, Jesus, to guide and protect us. May your glory shine upon our banners as we fearlessly advance towards the battles that await us. We answer your call without hesitation because we trust in your unwavering strength and power.

In the midst of the fiercest battles against the armies of sin, we humbly offer ourselves as vessels of your love and compassion. It is our mission, dear Jesus, to rescue those who find themselves in dire distress. We understand that many souls are in desperate need of your saving grace, and we gladly enter into the fight to bring them back into the fold of your loving embrace.

O Jesus, your earthly journey began as a young boy in Nazareth, just like us. You experienced the same temptations that we face daily. Therefore, we humbly come before you, asking for your assistance in conquering our internal struggles and defeating the enemies that lurk within us. Help us, dear Jesus, to be spotless in your sight, pure and righteous in all that we do.

As we place our trust in you, we believe that you will grant us the grace and strength to overcome every obstacle that comes our way. We strive to achieve the high, victorious goal that you have set before us. We long for a world where purity conquers sin and where we exhibit Christ-like self-control. With your divine guidance, we know that this dream can become a reality.

So, dear Jesus, we lift our voices in praise and gratitude for your unwavering love and protection. As we sing this hymn, let it be a reminder of our commitment to live out the values and teachings you have bestowed upon us. May it serve as a declaration of our desire to be faithful servants and warriors for your cause.

O Jesus, Prince of life and truth, thank you for being a beacon of hope in our lives. As we continue on this journey, may your light continue to lead us, and may the words of this hymn echo in our hearts, inspiring us to always walk in your footsteps. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the powerful message of O Jesus, Prince of Life and Truth. Join us in our fight for what's right as we dedicate our lives to serving the world and setting our brothers free. Trust in Jesus and embrace the challenges for a victorious goal of purity and self-control.


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