O Jesus Savior Can It Be – Hymn Lyric

"Discover the profound sacrifice of Jesus in 'O Jesus

O Jesus Savior Can It Be – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus, Savior, Can It Be” is a thought-provoking hymn that explores the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. It highlights His love and mercy, as well as the physical suffering He endured. Through its powerful verses, we are called to reflect on the deep significance of His sacrifice and respond with gratitude and love.


O Jesus Savior Can It Be – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, Savior, can it be
That Thou didst bow Thine head
And suffer death on Calvary?
For me was Thy blood shed?

It was for me, it was for me,
That Thou didst die on Calvary!
Thy grief, Thy woe, Thy death, I know
Were all for me, for me!

The thorns that pressed Thine hallowed brow,
The spear that would not spare,
The nails that fixed Thy loving hands
And held Thee suffering there.


The dreariness, the dread dark hour,
When Thou didst hang alone;
O Christ, what awful woe was Thine,
When Thou didst sin atone!


O cross of Christ, what word thou hast
Of pain and agony!
Oh, help me read that other word-
‘Twas all, ’twas all for me!



Meaning of O Jesus Savior Can It Be

O Jesus, Savior, Can It Be: A Reflection on Christ’s Sacrifice

In the hymn “O Jesus, Savior, Can It Be,” we are reminded of the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for us on Calvary. As we delve into the verses of this hymn, we uncover the profound love and mercy that Jesus displayed through His suffering and death. Let us explore these ideas further and understand the significance of Christ’s sacrifice.

The hymn begins by posing a powerful question: “O Jesus, Savior, can it be that Thou didst bow Thine head and suffer death on Calvary? For me was Thy blood shed?” This opening verse sets the tone for the entire hymn, evoking a sense of wonder and gratitude. It acknowledges that Jesus, the Son of God, willingly offered Himself as a sacrifice for our salvation. The refrain echoes these sentiments, emphasizing that His death on Calvary’s cross was indeed for each one of us.

Continuing into the second verse, the hymnist reflects on the physical suffering that Jesus endured. The thorns that pressed upon His brow, the spear that pierced His side, and the nails that held Him to the cross. Each act of cruelty was inflicted upon Jesus because He loves us. These vivid descriptions allow us to empathize with His pain and better understand the depth of His sacrifice.

The third verse transports us to the agonizing moment when Jesus hung alone on the cross. It paints a somber picture of the dreariness and dread that surrounded Him during this time. In those darkest hours, Jesus was bearing the weight of all our sins and reconciling humanity with God. The hymn acknowledges the immense suffering that He endured for our sake.

As we come to the final verse, our attention is drawn to the cross of Christ. The hymnist acknowledges its powerful symbolism and the message it conveys. The cross speaks of pain and agony, reminding us of the tremendous price Jesus paid for our redemption. We are invited to “read that other word,” a word that proclaims, “It was all, it was all for me!” This declaration captures the heart of the Christian faith, emphasizing that salvation is a personal and individual experience. Jesus gave Himself entirely for each one of us.

Reflecting on the hymn as a whole, we are reminded of the immeasurable love and grace that Jesus demonstrated through His sacrifice. His death on Calvary was not a random act; it was a deliberate choice motivated by His great love for humanity. The hymn celebrates this unfathomable love and invites us to respond with gratitude and humility.

Considering the significance of these ideas, it is crucial to reflect on the impact they have on our lives today. The sacrifice of Jesus calls us to live transformed lives and to extend that same love and mercy to others. We are called to be grateful for the salvation we have received and to share this good news with those around us.

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In conclusion, the hymn “O Jesus, Savior, Can It Be” serves as a beautiful reflection on Christ’s sacrifice for humanity. Through its verses, we are reminded of the depth of His love, the physical agony He endured, and the profound significance of the cross. This hymn prompts us to contemplate the implications of His sacrifice in our own lives and challenges us to respond in gratitude and love. May we never forget the immeasurable gift that Jesus has given us through His death on Calvary.


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