O Jesus We Bless Thee – Hymn Lyric

Experience the joy of welcoming children to the loving arms of Jesus. O Jesus We Bless Thee hymn celebrates His invitation to the little ones

O Jesus We Bless Thee – Hymn Lyric

“O Jesus We Bless Thee: Welcoming Children to the Loving Arms of the Savior” is a beautiful hymn that expresses gratitude for Jesus’ invitation to children. It reminds us of the privilege and responsibility we have in bringing the little ones to the Savior, knowing that His tender mercy calls them to Him. As we guide and teach them, we pray for wisdom and grace, hoping to lead them to experience His perfect redemption and love.


O Jesus We Bless Thee – Hymn Lyric

O Jesus, we bless Thee for that dear word,
The mothers of Salem so gladly heard;
The word that was tenderly breathed by Thee,
O suffer the children to come to Me.

Blessed Savior, we bring them,
Thine, Thine forever to be;
Yes, Thy mercy so tender
Calleth the children to Thee.

We thank Thee that children can come and share
Thy perfect redemption, Thy love and care;
That Thou dost permit them Thy lambs to be,
And kindly invite them to come to Thee.


May we who instruct them be well supplied
With wisdom to arm them, and grace to guide;
O may our example and words agree,
While trying to lead them, dear Lord, to Thee.


And when at the judgment we all appear,
O, grant us a welcome of joy to hear;
Permit us the light of Thy smile to see,
And bring the dear lambs of the fold to Thee.


Meaning of O Jesus We Bless Thee

Ah, the joy and the beauty that comes when we have a glimpse into the tenderness of Jesus towards the little ones – it’s like a gentle breeze that sweeps through the hearts of all who hear. “O Jesus, We Bless Thee” is not just a hymn; it’s a celebration, a heartfelt thanksgiving, dedicated to the deep love that Jesus has shown for children throughout the ages.

When we think about the origins of this hymn, we find ourselves transported back to ancient Salem, where mothers crowded around Jesus, eager for a blessing upon their little ones. Imagine their delight when Jesus spoke those comforting words, “Suffer the children to come to me.” This wasn’t just a casual remark; it was a profound invitation, extending the arms of divine love to embrace the youngest of souls.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of this beautiful song and explore the jewels of wisdom and love it carries.

The first verse of the hymn captures a moment of pure bliss for the mothers of Salem. As they stood before Jesus, they received a gift more precious than any other – the assurance that their children were welcomed and cherished by Him. This verse is not just a historical reference; it’s a truth that stands just as firmly today as it did back then. Jesus’ invitation to the little ones is an evergreen promise, reassuring us that every child is precious in His sight.

Moving on to the chorus, we can almost see the throngs of believers bringing their children to Jesus, not only in physical presence but in spirit. It paints a picture of trust and relinquishment – that in the tender mercy of Jesus, every child is called and claimed. When we sing, “Blessed Savior, we bring them,” it’s a commitment from us to guide them toward His everlasting embrace.

The second verse broadens the circle of blessing. It’s not just about bringing children to Jesus; it’s about making sure that the message of redemption – His perfect love and care – is shared with them. In our own lives, we’re encouraged by these words to remember that every child has a place in the realm of God’s infinite love. They’re not just future believers; they’re part of the flock now, embraced by God’s mercy and grace.

The third verse is a gentle reminder to those who teach and mentor children. It speaks of the profound responsibility to be both an example and a beacon of wisdom. It’s an encouraging nudge to make sure that our actions resonate with the words we say, ensuring that we lead by example as we point the young ones towards Jesus.

Lastly, the hymn transitions to a note of hopeful anticipation looking forward to the ultimate gathering – the time of judgment. The final verse fills us with a sense of awe, as we envision standing before Jesus, surrounded by those we’ve guided. The hymn encourages us to live in such a way that when that moment comes, a smile of recognition and welcome will greet us, and the light of Jesus’ face will shine upon all.

“O Jesus, We Bless Thee” is more than a set of words set to music; it’s a roadmap for living a life filled with spiritual guidance, love, and care for the little ones among us. It tells us that children are not only the future of the church but are also active and important members of the Christian family right now.

Just like the mothers of Salem, parents, mentors, and friends today can take heart in knowing that Jesus’ love for children hasn’t diminished. And for children who are learning about Jesus, this hymn reassures them they have a special place by His side – a place safe and secure, where they are forever cherished.

This hymn resonates through time, echoing the sentiment that the tender, unassuming faith of a child is something to be nurtured and treasured. As a testament to this, churches, families, and Christian communities around the world continue to share this message, ensuring that it reaches every child’s ears.

So when we sing “O Jesus, We Bless Thee,” we do more than remember a biblical event – we partake in the ongoing story of Jesus’ love for children. We proclaim our willingness to be the carriers of this message, to be the ones who help shepherd the young along their spiritual journey.

In our daily lives, every time we show kindness, every time we teach a lesson, every time we nurture a young heart, we echo the essence of this hymn. And in doing so, we keep the spirit of the song alive, a melody that transcends time, carrying with it the pure, unconditional love Jesus has for every child.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the joy of welcoming children to the loving arms of Jesus. O Jesus We Bless Thee hymn celebrates His invitation to the little ones, calling them to experience His perfect redemption and tender mercy. Join us in bringing the dear lambs of the fold to Him.


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