O Joy Of God We Seek You In The Morning – Hymn Lyric

Experience the joy of seeking God in the morning with this beautiful hymn. Find meaning in the presence of God as you start each day

O Joy Of God We Seek You In The Morning – Hymn Lyric



O Joy Of God We Seek You In The Morning – Hymn Lyric

O joy of God,
we seek you in the morning
and long to see the glory of your face:
rise on our darkness
with your sun’s new dawning.
Flood all our being
in this feast of grace.

O life of God,
for you our spirits hunger;
unless we feed on you
we surely die:
with love and faith renewed
and hope grown younger,
send us from here
to serve you, God most high.

O peace of God,
you pass our understanding –
safe through each moment
keep us every day:
with joy divine
and mercy never ending,
direct our path
and prosper all our way.


Meaning of O Joy Of God We Seek You In The Morning

O Joy of God, we seek you in the morning. What a beautiful sentiment to start off the day! This hymn reminds us of the importance of finding joy and seeking the presence of God as we begin each new day. Let’s explore this idea further and delve into the meaning behind these inspiring words.

The hymn starts by expressing a deep longing to see the glory of God’s face, comparing it to the rising of the sun at dawn. Just as the sun dispels darkness and brings light and warmth, the hymn suggests that the presence of God can illuminate our lives and fill us with grace.

In our busy and often chaotic lives, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. We may find ourselves consumed by worries, anxieties, and the demands of everyday life. This hymn reminds us to pause, to seek the joy of God in the midst of our morning routines and to bask in the glory of his love.

The hymn goes on to talk about the hunger of our spirits for the life of God. It emphasizes the need to feed on God in order to truly live. Just as our bodies require nourishment, our souls crave the sustaining power of God’s love and presence.

When we allow ourselves to be filled with God’s love, our love and faith are renewed, and our hope is rekindled. It’s amazing how a simple act of seeking God each morning can have such a profound impact on our lives. By starting our day with God, we invite his love and grace to shape and guide our thoughts, actions, and interactions with others.

As the hymn moves forward, it introduces the idea of peace, a peace that surpasses understanding. It acknowledges that in the midst of life’s challenges and uncertainties, God’s peace can be our constant companion. This peace is not dependent on external circumstances but is rooted in the unchanging nature of God.

To have God’s peace means to trust in his providence and care, knowing that he is with us in every moment. It is a peace that guards our hearts and minds, giving us the strength and courage to face whatever comes our way.

The hymn concludes by asking for God’s guidance and blessings as we navigate our paths in life. It recognizes that in our own strength, we are limited, but with God’s direction, we can be led in the way that is best for us.

When we seek God’s joy in the morning, when we feed on his love, when we embrace his peace, we are equipped to serve him faithfully throughout the day. We become vessels of his grace, spreading love, joy, and peace to those around us. Our lives become testimonies of his goodness and unfailing presence.

In a world that often seems dark and overwhelming, this hymn encourages us to actively seek the joy of God. It reminds us that no matter what challenges we face, God’s joy can be found in the simplest of moments – a beautiful sunrise, a shared laugh with a loved one, or a quiet moment of reflection.

Let us make it a habit to seek the joy of God each morning, to nourish our souls with his love, and to embrace his peace. In doing so, we will discover that our lives are transformed, and we become beacons of light in a world that is in desperate need of God’s love and joy.

So, as you start your day, may the words of this hymn resonate in your heart. May you seek the joy of God in the morning, allowing his love to flood your being and guide your path. And may you experience the abundant blessings that come from living a life rooted in the joy, love, and peace of God.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the joy of seeking God in the morning with this beautiful hymn. Find meaning in the presence of God as you start each day, and let his love, grace, and peace guide your path.


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