O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee – Hymn Lyric

Experience peace and comfort through a deep love for the Lord. Explore the gratitude and responsibility we have towards God

O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee – Hymn Lyric

In the heartfelt hymn, “O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee,” the author expresses their deep love and devotion to Jesus, longing for His presence and finding comfort in Him. The hymn emphasizes gratitude for God’s blessings and the responsibility to use those gifts to help others, while also seeking guidance, purity, and contentment. Ultimately, the hymn conveys an anticipation for eternal joy in the presence of the Lord.


O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee – Hymn Lyric

O Lord, devoutly love I Thee;
Come, Jesus, and abide with me,
And grant me e’er Thy favor.

In this wide world of anxious care,
Vain-glory find I ev’rywhere,
But peace with Thee, my Saviour.

E’en though, in woeful agony,
My soul and body pine away,
Thou art my Comfort, ever blest,
I safely on thy bosom rest.

Lord Jesus Christ,
My Saviour dear, my Saviour dear,
Thy saving hand is ever near.

Almighty God, for what I own,
Receive, and am, to Thee alone
I ought my thanks to render.

Teach me to use Thy gifts, I pray,
To aid the poor, and never stay,
O Lord, Thy mercies tender.

Make known to me, O God, Thy will,
And purge my soul of every ill;
Yea, make me patient and content,
Nor let my soul to earth be bent,

Lord Jesus Christ,
For Thy death’s sake: for Thy death’s sake:
The bonds of my affliction break.

Send, Lord, Thine angels forth at last
To bear my soul, when life is past,
Where heavenly joy aboundeth;
And let my weary body rest
In peace, where’er Thou seest best,
Until Thy voice resoundeth.

Then lo! in holy vesture clad,
I shall behold my Lord and God;
His grace and glory then shall be
My joy in all eternity.

Lord Jesus Christ,
My prayer fulfill; my prayer fulfill;
In life, in death, Thine am I still.



Meaning of O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee

O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee: Finding Peace and Comfort in our Savior

In this meaningful hymn, the author expresses deep love and devotion to the Lord. The verses convey a longing for Jesus to abide with them and be their source of comfort in a world filled with anxious care and vain-glory. The hymn also acknowledges the gratitude towards God for all that is received and the responsibility to use these gifts to aid the poor. Furthermore, the author seeks guidance, purification, and contentment in their journey, ultimately hoping for the angels to carry their soul to eternal heavenly joy when life comes to an end.

The hymn begins by expressing the author’s devout love for the Lord. This love and devotion form the foundation of their faith and relationship with Jesus. Through these words, the author calls upon Jesus to come and abide with them, emphasizing the desire for a close and personal relationship. This intimate bond with Jesus is seen as the ultimate source of comfort and solace amidst the trials and tribulations of life.

The author acknowledges the presence of worldly distractions and vanities, which often lead to anxiety and unease. They recognize that true peace can only be found in the embrace of the Savior. Despite the hardships they may face, the author finds solace and rest in the comforting arms of Jesus. This reliance on Jesus as a constant source of comfort and refuge reaffirms their deep love and devotion.

Gratitude is an essential theme in this hymn. The author recognizes that everything they possess, both material and spiritual, is a gift from God. They understand that it is their duty to express thanks for these blessings and to use them for the betterment of others. The hymn emphasizes the importance of sharing one’s gifts and resources with the poor. This serves as a reminder to be generous and compassionate towards those in need, reflecting the teachings of Jesus.

The author also seeks God’s guidance and purification. They humbly ask for God’s will to be made known to them, desiring to align their actions and desires with what is pleasing to the Lord. The hymn acknowledges the imperfections of the human soul and the need for purification from worldly temptations and sins. This desire for spiritual growth and transformation reflects the ongoing journey of faith and the pursuit of a righteous life.

Contentment is another aspect highlighted in this hymn. The author prays to be made patient and content, recognizing the importance of finding satisfaction and peace within oneself rather than being consumed by worldly desires. They strive to resist the temptations that pull the soul towards earthly pursuits and instead find fulfillment in a life centered around Jesus.

The hymn concludes with a prayer for the soul’s journey beyond this life. The author asks for the Lord’s angels to carry their soul to a place of heavenly joy when their time on earth is complete. This reflects the belief in an afterlife and the hope for everlasting joy in the presence of God. The hymn acknowledges the weariness of the body and the need for rest, trusting that the Lord will determine the best resting place until the time of resurrection.

The final verse celebrates the anticipation of seeing the Lord face to face. The author envisions being clothed in holy vesture, finally beholding the grace and glory of God. This moment of eternal communion with the Savior is seen as the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment, surpassing any earthly pleasures. The hymn ends with a profound declaration of allegiance to Jesus, stating that in life and in death, the author belongs to the Lord.

In conclusion, “O Lord Devoutly Love I Thee” is a hymn filled with deep emotions, expressing love, devotion, gratitude, and hope. It encourages believers to find peace and comfort in Jesus amidst the anxieties and distractions of the world. It also reminds us of our responsibility to use our gifts for the betterment of others and to seek purification and contentment in our lives. Ultimately, the hymn instills a sense of anticipation for the eternal joy that awaits in the presence of the Lord.


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