O Lord Jesus High In Heaven – Hymn Lyric

Discover the humility and love of Jesus

O Lord Jesus High In Heaven – Hymn Lyric

“O Lord Jesus, High in Heaven: A Reflection on the Humility and Love of Christ” This hymn highlights the divine nature of Jesus Christ, who is adorned with glory and honor in Heaven. It also portrays Him as a humble and obedient child who lived among us, setting an example of selflessness and love. The hymn challenges us to emulate these qualities and seek eternal life with Christ.


O Lord Jesus High In Heaven – Hymn Lyric

O Lord Jesus, high in Heaven,
God’s beloved One,
Crowned with glory and with honour,
Brighter than the sun-

Art Thou Him whom little children
Knew long years ago,
When a little child amongst them
Thou didst come and go?

Well they knew the little cottage,
Small, and poor, and mean,
Where Thou wert a child obedient
As no child has been-

Holy, true, and tender, doing
All Thy Father’s will;
If men loved, or if they hated,
Loving, serving still.

Well they knew the workshop lowly
Where Thy days were spent,
Through the summer and the winter,
Peaceful and content.

O Lord Jesus, not as Thou wert
Have I ever been;
Selfishness and pride and anger
In my ways are seen.

Yet I would that I were like Thee,
Holy, tender, true,
As Thou didst and as Thou spakest
Would I speak and do.

Never selfish, never murmuring,
Loving, serving all,
Till in heaven amidst Thy glory
At Thy feet I fall-

See Thee who a child becamest
In a cottage poor,
That I might in Thy fair palace
Dwell for evermore.


Meaning of O Lord Jesus High In Heaven

O Lord Jesus, High in Heaven: A Reflection on the Humility and Love of Christ

In this hymn, we are reminded of the divine nature of Jesus Christ, who is described as being “high in Heaven,” adorned with glory and honor that surpasses the brilliance of the sun. However, the hymn also goes on to depict Jesus as a little child who once lived amongst us in a humble cottage, obedient and full of love.

The hymn begins by addressing Jesus as the beloved One of God. It acknowledges His exalted position in Heaven, where He is crowned with glory and honor. This image conveys a sense of majesty and power, reminding us that Jesus is far above anything we can comprehend. As readers, we are invited to marvel at His greatness and recognize the divine nature of the one we worship.

Yet, this lofty image of Jesus is immediately contrasted with His humble beginnings on earth as a little child. The hymn asks if He is the same Jesus whom little children knew years ago when He walked among them. This reference to His childhood evokes a sense of familiarity and intimacy, highlighting the accessibility of Jesus to all, regardless of age or status.

The hymn then takes us back to that small, poor, and unassuming cottage where Jesus spent His childhood. It portrays Him as a truly obedient child, unlike any other. His obedience extended beyond societal norms or expectations; He obeyed His Father’s will in every aspect of His life. In a world filled with selfishness and rebellion, this portrayal of Jesus as holy, true, and tender serves as a reminder of what it means to live a life that pleases God.

Next, the hymn brings us to the workshop where Jesus spent His days as He grew older. This workshop is described as lowly, but it was a place where Jesus found contentment and peace. This image speaks to the simplicity and humility with which He lived His life. In a world obsessed with material wealth and status, Jesus lived a life that focused on serving others and finding satisfaction in the simple joys of daily labor. It challenges us to reconsider our own priorities and what truly brings us contentment.

As the hymn continues, it acknowledges that the writer has not lived their life in the same manner as Jesus. They confess to their shortcomings, expressing their desire to be more like Him – holy, tender, and true in word and deed. They recognize that they often find themselves caught up in selfishness, pride, and anger, admitting that these flaws are evident in their actions.

Nevertheless, the writer longs to emulate the qualities they see in Jesus. They desire to be selfless, to never complain, and to love and serve all people they encounter. Their ultimate desire is to reach Heaven, where they can fall at Jesus’ feet and experience His glory firsthand. They aspire to dwell in His fair palace forevermore, an expression of their yearning for eternal life with Christ.

In conclusion, the hymn “O Lord Jesus, High in Heaven” prompts us to reflect on the profound humility and love demonstrated by Jesus throughout His life. We are reminded that despite His exalted position in Heaven, Jesus chose to become a child and dwell amongst us. He lived a life of obedience, selflessness, and love – qualities that are often lacking in our own lives. The hymn challenges us to strive for a closer resemblance to Christ, to imitate His grace and extend love to all those around us. May we be inspired by His example and find solace in knowing that, through His sacrifice, we can dwell in His fair palace for eternity.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the humility and love of Jesus, high in Heaven, as depicted in the hymn O Lord Jesus, High in Heaven. Immerse yourself in His divine nature and His humble beginnings on Earth, learning from His obedience, selflessness, and tender love for all. Strive to follow His example and find eternal solace in His fair palace.


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