O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands – Hymn Lyric

"Find hope in God's grace as Lord my soul stands convicted. Discover redemption through acknowledgment of flaws and seeking forgiveness. Embrace His love for true freedom."

O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands – Hymn Lyric

“O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands: Finding Hope in God’s Grace” is a powerful hymn that explores the author’s realization of breaking all of God’s commandments and their plea for forgiveness. Understanding their own unworthiness, they find solace in the Gospel plan and the hope of pardon. Through Christ’s restoration of honor to sinners, they discover the amazing wisdom, power, and love of God and pray for their faith to increase to love and trust in His plan of grace.


O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands – Hymn Lyric

O Lord, my soul convicted stands
Of breaking all Thy Ten Commands:
And on me justly might’st Thou pour
Thy wrath in one eternal shower.

But thanks to God, its loud alarms
Have warned me of approaching harms
And now, O Lord, my wants I see;
Lost and undone I come to Thee!

I know my worthless righteousness
Can ne’er Thy broken law redress,
Yet in the Gospel plan I see,
There’s hope of pardon e’en for me.

There I hold with wonder, Lord!
That Christ hath to Thy Law restored
Those honors on th’ atoning day,
Which guilty sinners took away.

Amazing wisdom, power, and love!
Displayed to rebels from above!
Do Thou, O Lord, my faith increase
To love and trust Thy plan of grace.


Meaning of O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands

O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands: Finding Hope in God’s Grace

In the depths of my soul, I stand convicted, aware of the ways in which I have broken all of Your Ten Commands. I know that I deserve to face Your wrath, to be consumed by an eternal shower of punishment. Yet, I am filled with gratitude because Your warning bells have rung loud and clear, alerting me to the impending dangers of my actions.

And now, O Lord, I humbly acknowledge my shortcomings, my desperate need for You. Lost and undone, I come before You, seeking solace and forgiveness. I recognize that my feeble attempts at righteousness can never repair the damage done to Your sacred law. But in the beautiful Gospel plan, a glimmer of hope shines through, even for someone like me.

In this plan, I find incredible wonder, Lord! For in Christ, You have reconciled Your law with the fallen nature of humanity. On that atoning day, He restored the honor that guilty sinners had shamelessly stolen away. This is nothing short of amazing wisdom, power, and love displayed by You, our gracious Creator, reaching out to rebellious souls like mine from above.

Oh Lord, I earnestly plead for You to nurture and deepen my faith. Help me to fully embrace and trust in Your marvelous plan of grace. With each passing day, may my love for You grow, as I surrender myself to Your infinite wisdom and indescribable love.

As I reflect upon these powerful words, my heart swells with a newfound understanding. I realize that each commandment broken is an opportunity to seek and receive forgiveness. It is an invitation to experience the sweet embrace of Your grace. Through Christ, every sin can be washed away, every transgression can be forgiven.

In the depth of my darkest days, when I am plagued by guilt and shame, I cling to the hope found in Your mercy. I am reminded that I am not alone in my struggle. Countless others have stumbled, fallen, and found redemption through Your unfailing love. The Gospel plan is not exclusive or reserved for the select few; it is a lifeline extended to all who are willing to embrace it.

Just as I have been forgiven, I am called to extend forgiveness to those around me. I realize that my own shortcomings and failures should make me more compassionate and understanding towards others. Instead of judgment, I choose to offer a helping hand, a kind word, and a heart brimming with forgiveness.

Lord, I am overcome by the beauty and depth of Your grace. It is a grace that reaches far beyond our understanding, a grace that knows no bounds. In the face of my brokenness, I find solace and peace, for I know that I am held in the palm of Your loving hand.

As I conclude this reflection, I am filled with a renewed sense of hope. The title of this hymn, “O Lord My Soul Convicted Stands,” reminds me that it is through acknowledging our flaws and seeking forgiveness that we can find true redemption. In our brokenness, we discover the immeasurable love of God, a love that offers hope, healing, and salvation to all who call upon His name.

May we never forget the power of God’s forgiveness and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Let us embrace His grace, share His love, and strive to live in a way that honors His commandments. For in His mercy and love, we find true freedom and everlasting joy.

O Lord, help our souls to stand convicted, that we may humbly come before You, finding hope in Your amazing grace.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find hope in God's grace as Lord my soul stands convicted. Discover redemption through acknowledgment of flaws and seeking forgiveness. Embrace His love for true freedom.


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