O Love I Languish At Thy Stay – Hymn Lyric

Embrace the power of love with "O Love I Languish At Thy Stay." Find true fulfillment and freedom as love heals

O Love I Languish At Thy Stay – Hymn Lyric

Embarking on a quest for love, I find myself longing with an ache that becomes heavier with each passing day. It is a yearning that consumes my heart and soul, searching for fulfillment and healing. Through the power of love, may we embrace its transformative nature and find solace in its warm embrace.


O Love I Languish At Thy Stay – Hymn Lyric

O love,
I languish at thy stay,
I pine for thee with lingering smart,
Weary, and faint through long delay,
When wilt thou come into my heart?

From sin and sorrow set me free,
And swallow up my soul in thee!
Come, O thou universal good,
Balm of the wounded conscience, come,
The hungry, dying spirit’s food,
The weary, wandering pilgrim’s home,
Haven to take the shipwrecked in,
My everlasting rest from sin.

Be thou, O love, whatever I want,
Support my feebleness of mind,
Relieve the thirsty soul, the faint
Revive, illuminate the blind,
The mournful cheer, the drooping lead,
And heal the sick, and raise the dead.

Come, O my comfort and delight,
My strength and health, my shield and sun,
My boast, and confidence, and might,
My joy, my glory, and my crown,
My Gospel hope, my calling’s prize,
My tree of life, my paradise.

The secret of the Lord thou art,
The mystery so long unknown,
Christ in a pure and perfect heart,
The name inscribed in the white stone,
The life divine, the little leaven,
My precious pearl, my present heaven.


Meaning of O Love I Languish At Thy Stay

O Love, I Languish At Thy Stay: Embracing the Power of Love

In the depths of my heart, a longing resides. It is a desire fueled by love, an ache that lingers and yearns for its fulfillment. Oh, how I pine for you, dear love, with an enduring pain that seems to stretch on endlessly. Each passing day feels heavier, as weariness and despair settle in, leaving me faint from the weight of longing. When will you come and free me from this burden? When will you enter my heart and heal my soul?

Like a gentle breeze on a sweltering day, your love has the power to cool my spirit and alleviate the torment within. It is an all-encompassing goodness, a balm for the wounded conscience. Oh, how I crave your arrival, love! You are the sustenance my weary soul needs, the nourishment that can fill the void within me. As a wandering pilgrim in search of a home, I long for your embrace to guide me to a place of eternal serenity.

As the storm-tossed sailor seeks refuge in a safe harbor, I yearn to find solace in your presence. Oh, love, you are my everlasting rest from the turmoil of sin. Be everything I lack, support my feeble mind, and quench the thirst of my soul. Revive me, illuminate the darkness that blinds me. Lift me up, for I am burdened with sadness and leaden with despair. Heal my brokenness, love, and resurrect the parts of me that have become lifeless.

You, my dear love, are my comfort and delight. In your embrace, I find strength, health, and protection. You shield me from the harshness of the world and provide warmth like the sun’s gentle rays. I boast in your presence, for you are my confidence and might. You bring me joy and glory, crowning me with an everlasting love that surpasses all earthly treasures. In you, I find the hope that the Gospel promises, a prize worth pursuing.

Within the depths of my heart, you, love, are the secret longing that has been hidden for so long. You are the mystery I have sought to unravel. Just as Christ dwells in a pure and perfect heart, your love resides within me. Your name is inscribed on the white stone, a symbol of purity and grace. You are the divine essence, the little leaven that transforms and sanctifies. My precious pearl, my present heaven – you are my everything.

Embracing your love is like discovering the key to life itself. As I surrender to the power of your love, I experience a taste of paradise. You bring meaning and purpose to my existence, filling each day with the warmth of your affection. In you, I find my true calling, my tree of life that bears the sweetest fruits.

So, dear reader, let us not languish in the absence of love. Let us open our hearts wide and embrace the power of love that transcends all understanding. Like a melody that reaches every corner of our souls, let us allow love to heal, restore, and transform. For in the end, it is love that brings us true joy, peace, and fulfillment. May we never cease to pine for this divine gift, for it is love that truly sets our hearts free.

As we fervently seek love and let it dwell within us, its radiance will illuminate our lives and touch the lives of those around us. Let us be vessels of love, spreading its healing power to a world in need. And in this journey, may we always remember the words of this hymn: “O Love, I Languish At Thy Stay,” for it is a reminder that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and in its presence, our hearts find their eternal home.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace the power of love with O Love I Languish At Thy Stay. Find true fulfillment and freedom as love heals, restores, and transforms. Discover the beauty of love's radiance and become a vessel of its healing power.


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