O Savior Jesus Not Alone – Hymn Lyric

Seeking help and healing? Turn to Savior Jesus

O Savior Jesus Not Alone – Hymn Lyric

O Savior Jesus Not Alone: A Plea for Help and Healing reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles. Through the intercession of Mary, saints, and all those who have gone before us, we can find comfort, guidance, and healing. With Jesus by our side, we can find solace and hope as we journey towards the crown of life.


O Savior Jesus Not Alone – Hymn Lyric

O Savior Jesus, not alone we plead
For help before thy throne;
Thy Mother’s love shall aid our prayer
To win for us that healing care.

For souls defaulting supplicate
All orders of the angel state;
The patriarchs in line to thee,
The prophet’s good company.

For souls in guilt ensnared pray
The Baptist, herald of thy way;
The wielder of the heavenly keys,
The apostolic witnesses.

For souls polluted intercede
Thy martyrs, hallowed in their deed;
Confessors high in priestly power,
And they who have the virgin dower.

Let all who served thy Church below,
And now thy heavenly freedom know,
Give heed to help our lingering strife
And claim for us the crown of life.

To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
All honor, praise, and glory be
From age to age eternally.


Meaning of O Savior Jesus Not Alone

O Savior Jesus, Not Alone: A Plea for Help and Healing

In times of trouble and despair, we often find solace in reaching out for help. Just like a child turning to their mother in times of need, we too seek assistance from those who can provide comfort and guidance. One such source of aid, we believe, comes from the love and intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mary, a figure known for her unwavering faith and love, acts as an advocate for our prayers. Just as she supported and nurtured Jesus during his time on Earth, we believe she continues to care for us and present our requests before the throne of her son. With her gentle and compassionate heart, she helps to win for us the healing care we seek.

But it is not only Mary who intercedes for us. We firmly believe that various saints and holy figures stand by our side, ready to plead on our behalf. We call upon the angelic orders, asking for their supplication on behalf of souls who have fallen short or are in need of intervention. The patriarchs, the great ancestors of our faith, also join in our plea, adding their intercession to the chorus of prayers before the throne of our Savior.

Oh, let us not forget the prophets, divinely inspired messengers of old! We seek their guidance and support as we navigate the challenges of our lives. Their wisdom and examples serve as a guiding light, leading us towards the path of righteousness.

In our request for aid, we also turn to the Baptist, John the Baptist, who fearlessly proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. The one who held the heavenly keys, he is a powerful intercessor on our behalf. Just as he prepared the way for Jesus, we trust that he will prepare the way for our prayers to be heard.

And who can forget the apostolic witnesses, those brave men and women who spread the message of Jesus throughout the world? Their steadfast faith and dedication serve as an inspiration to us all. We implore their intercession, believing that they too will lift our prayers before our Lord.

Yet, we do not stop there. We seek the help of those who have gone before us, the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their faith. Their bravery and devotion remind us of the ultimate sacrifice made by our Savior. We ask that they stand beside us, advocating and interceding on our behalf.

In addition to the martyrs, we also call upon the confessors, the holy men and women who held great power and authority within the Church. Their elevated status as priests and spiritual leaders gives them a unique ability to plead for us in the heavenly realms. Oh, let their voices be heard as they bring our petitions before the throne of God!

Lastly, we vocalize our prayers to those who possess the virgin dower, those who walked the path of purity and holiness. Their unfaltering dedication and virtue make them powerful allies in our quest for healing and redemption. May their prayers add weight to our requests, bringing us closer to the crown of life promised to us by our Savior.

As we cry out for help and healing, we do not overlook those who have already experienced the joy and freedom of God’s presence. We ask all those who have served the Church on Earth and are now basking in heavenly bliss to lend us their aid. Let their knowledge and experience guide us through the struggles of life, and let them claim the crown of life on our behalf.

In conclusion, we offer our plea to the Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Three in One, they are the source of all honor, praise, and glory. From age to age, their eternal presence brings us comfort and hope. And through the intercession of Mary, the saints, and all those who have gone before us, we trust that our prayers will be heard and answered.

So, dear friends, let us not face our troubles alone. Let us come together, united in our plea for help and healing. Let us trust in the love and intercession of Mary and the saints as we journey towards the crown of life. And let us never forget that we are not alone, for our Savior Jesus stands beside us, ready to bring comfort, healing, and eternal redemption.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Seeking help and healing? Turn to Savior Jesus, along with Mary's intercession and the support of saints. Find comfort as they plead for you before the throne. Experience the power of their prayers.


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