O See How Jesus Trusts Himself – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound trust Jesus places in us

O See How Jesus Trusts Himself – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “O See How Jesus Trusts Himself” reminds us of Jesus’ incredible trust in us, even in our simplicity and childlike faith. Jesus wants us to approach Him with trust and openness, just as the shepherds did at His birth in Bethlehem. Let us trust in Him and strive to be genuine and sincere in our relationship with Him, knowing that He is always there to guide and protect us.


O See How Jesus Trusts Himself – Hymn Lyric

Oh, see how Jesus trusts himself
Unto our childish love!
As though by his free ways with us
Our earnestness to prove.

The light of live is round his feet,
His paths are never dim;
And he comes nigh to us when we
Dare not come nigh to him.

Let us be simple with him then,
Not backward, stiff, nor cold,
As though our Bethlehem could be
What Sinai was of old.


Meaning of O See How Jesus Trusts Himself

O See How Jesus Trusts Himself

When you listen closely to the music of faith, it’s like hearing the gentle harmonies of a hymn that speaks to your heart. There’s a song that echoes with such warmth and trust, it inspires us to think about how we relate to Jesus and to one another. The hymn “O See How Jesus Trusts Himself” is a special tune that carries a message worth embracing and sharing.

Imagine Jesus, a figure of love and light, trusting us with the innocence of a child. It’s a beautiful and powerful thought. The very idea that He believes in our love, so pure and straightforward, is truly uplifting. In this hymn, we are reminded that Jesus sees something in us that sometimes we struggle to see in ourselves. He trusts us, not because we are perfect, but precisely because we are capable of great love and kindness.

Let’s think of our relationship with Jesus the way we think of a close friendship. If you had a friend who trusted you wholeheartedly, how would you act? You’d probably be more open, honest, and you’d want to share your thoughts and feelings freely. That’s how Jesus approaches us – with open arms, ready to listen and eager to walk by our side. He’s not looking for us to have all the answers or to be perfect. He’s looking for our true selves, for our “childish love” that is sincere and genuine.

And about this light of life that surrounds His feet, isn’t that just like having a friend with the most uplifting and positive energy? Wherever this friend walks, it feels as though the room gets brighter, and there’s a sense of hope and joy. Jesus brings that light into our lives. With Him, the path isn’t dark or scary. It’s filled with warm light, illuminating our way, especially during times when we feel lost or uncertain.

It’s amazing to think that even when we are hesitant to approach Jesus, He still comes close to us. Sometimes, we might feel like we’re not good enough, or we might be scared to reach out. But Jesus doesn’t wait for us to make the first move. He comes closer, inviting us to trust Him and to grow our friendship.

So, how should we be with Jesus? The hymn suggests that we should be “simple,” which means to be sincere and without pretense. Don’t hold back, don’t be stiff or cold, but instead, be warm, open, and friendly. This relationship isn’t about fear or strict rules, like some stories of old might have taught us. It’s about being real and bringing our unique selves into His loving presence.

Imagine being in a place called Bethlehem, which in this hymn, symbolizes warmth, small beginnings, and a close-knit feeling. It’s not like the daunting Mount Sinai, a place where Moses received the Ten Commandments, accompanied by thunder, lightning, and a sense of grandeur and fear. Our connection with Jesus doesn’t need to be filled with fear or formality. It should feel cozy, personal, and direct.

Now, let’s take these lessons from the hymn and apply them to everyday life. In our life’s journey, we are constantly building relationships—with our family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. And in each of these relationships, trust and sincerity play vital roles. When we trust one another and show our true selves, our relationships become stronger and more meaningful.

Imagine you have a friend at school, someone you see every day. If you were to trust them the way Jesus trusts you, you’d share your secrets, your fears, and your dreams with them. And just as importantly, you’d listen to theirs, help them when they stumble, and cheer for them in their victories. In doing so, you strengthen your bond and create a space where both of you can grow and be your best selves.

Moreover, the hymn tells us to keep life simple with our friendship with Jesus—but simple doesn’t mean boring. It means appreciating the small moments, laughing at silly jokes, finding joy in a shared snack, or just enjoying a walk together under the sun. By being ‘simple’ with Jesus, we learn that in simplicity, there’s a treasure trove of happiness waiting to be discovered.

In the end, the hymn “O See How Jesus Trusts Himself” isn’t just a song to be sung; it’s a call to action, a reminder to build our lives on trust, simplicity, and hope. It encourages us to walk with each other and with Him, with the confidence of someone surrounded by light. So let’s take these words to heart, live them out loud, and become a beacon of trust and love in the world around us. With every step we take, let’s thrive in that beautiful, guiding light.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the profound trust Jesus places in us, inspiring our growth in faith. Approach Him with childlike simplicity, knowing He desires a personal relationship filled with love and guidance. O See How Jesus Trusts Himself.


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