O That My Soul Were Now As Fair – Hymn Lyric

Explore the beauty and redemption of the soul through the longing expressed in the hymn "O That My Soul Were Now As Fair." Discover the author's desire for a radiant

O That My Soul Were Now As Fair – Hymn Lyric

Discovering the Soul’s Beauty and Redemption: O That My Soul Were Now As Fair In this heartfelt hymn, the author reminisces about a time when their soul was filled with love, joy, and a deep connection with their Savior. However, distractions and fears caused their heart to become heavy and distant. They long for those beautiful days to return, recognizing their need for repentance and the grace of God to make their soul fair once again.


O That My Soul Were Now As Fair – Hymn Lyric

O that my soul were now as fair
As it hath sometimes been!
Devoid of that distracting care
Without, and fear within!

There was a time when I could tread
No circle but of love:
That joyous morning now is fled,
How heavily I move!

Unhappy soul, that thou should’st force,
Thy Savior to depart,
When he was pleased with so coarse
A lodging in thy heart!

How sweetly I enjoyed my God!
With how divine a frame!
I thought, on every plant I trod,
I read my Savior’s name;

I lived, I loved, I talked with thee,
So sweetly we agreed,
And thou no stranger wast to me
Till I became a weed.

The tempter robbed me, and I must
I fear be ever poor;
May this suffice, to roll in dust
Before thy temple door!

My dearest Lord, my heart flames not
With love that sacred fire;
But since my love has wore that blot
Repentance runs the higher.

O might those days return again,
How welcome they should be!
Shall my petition be in vain,
Since grace is ever free?

Lord of my soul, return, return,
To chase away this night;
Let not thine anger ever burn;
God once was my delight.


Meaning of O That My Soul Were Now As Fair

As it hath sometimes been: Exploring the Beauty and Redemption of the Soul

Have you ever felt like your soul was shining with a beautiful light? Like it was filled with love and joy, free from any worries or fears? That’s exactly how the author of this hymn felt at one point in their life. They long for those days to return, to feel that divine connection with their Creator once again.

In the first verse, the author expresses their desire for their soul to be as fair, or as beautiful, as it once was. They remember a time when their heart was filled with nothing but love, when they were surrounded by a circle of love. It was a joyous morning that has now faded away, and they feel the weight of life’s burdens dragging them down.

The author then reflects on how they allowed distractions and fears to creep into their heart, causing their Savior to depart. It is a sad realization that they didn’t cherish the presence of God as they should have. They think back to the sweet moments when they truly felt connected to their Savior, when they saw His name in everything around them. They lived, loved, and talked with Him, and there was no separation between them. But now, they feel like a weed, unwanted and distant from their Creator.

The tempter, the source of evil and temptation, has stolen the author’s joy and left them feeling poor in spirit. They recognize their need for repentance, and their desire for their love for God to burn brightly once again. They long for the return of those beautiful days, where their soul was filled with divine love and their heart was on fire for God. They humbly come before God, rolling in the dust before His temple door, seeking His forgiveness and restoration.

In the final verse, the author addresses the Lord directly, pleading for His return. They acknowledge their own darkness, this metaphorical night that has enveloped their soul. They ask for God’s anger not to burn against them, but instead for His grace and love to fill their heart once more. They long for the days when God was their delight, when their soul shone brightly with His presence.

This hymn beautifully captures the longing that many of us feel in our own lives. We desire to have our souls be as fair and radiant as they once were, free from distractions and fears. We long to feel that deep connection with our Creator, to live, love, and talk with Him on a daily basis. It is a reminder that we are not alone in these feelings, and that God’s grace is always available to us.

So, if you find yourself yearning for the beauty and redemption of your own soul, take heart. God’s love and grace are always free and available to us. Just as the author of this hymn seeks the return of their beloved Lord, so can we seek His presence in our own lives. Let us turn away from distractions and fears, and allow God to once again make our souls fair and filled with His light. And may we always remember that God’s love and grace are there to chase away the darkness and bring us back into the light.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Explore the beauty and redemption of the soul through the longing expressed in the hymn O That My Soul Were Now As Fair. Discover the author's desire for a radiant, connected soul and the hope for its return.


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