O Thou My Soul Forget No More – Hymn Lyric

Remembering the Friend Who Bears Our Misery. Reflect on the love and sacrifice of Jesus

O Thou My Soul Forget No More – Hymn Lyric

O Thou My Soul, Forget No More: Remembering the Friend Who Bears Our Misery Engaging summary: In a world full of distractions and idols, this timeless hymn reminds us to forget everything else but to always remember Jesus. Through His love and sacrifice, He breaks our chains and pays our debts, offering us solace and salvation. Let us hold His name close to our hearts and find eternal comfort in His unending love.


O Thou My Soul Forget No More – Hymn Lyric

O thou, my soul, forget no more
The friend who all thy misery bore;
Let every idol be forgot,
But, O my soul, forget Him not.

Jesus for thou a body takes,
Thy guilt assumes, thy fetters breaks,
Discharging all thy dreadful debt;
And canst thou e’er such love forget?

Renounce thy works and ways, with grief,
And fly to this most sure relief;
Nor Him forget, who left His throne,
And for thy life gave up His own.

Infinite truth and mercy shine,
In Him, and He Himself is thine:
And canst thou, then, with sin beset,
Such charms, such matchless charms, forget?

Ah! no-till life itself depart,
His name shall cheer and warm my heart;
And lisping this, from earth I’ll rise;
And join the chorus of the skies.

Ah! no-when all things else expire,
And perish in the general fire,
This name all others shall survive,
And through eternity shall live.


Meaning of O Thou My Soul Forget No More

O Thou My Soul, Forget No More: Remembering the Friend Who Bears Our Misery

In a world that constantly bombards us with distractions and idols vying for our attention, it is crucial to pause, reflect, and remember the one true friend who bore all our misery. This hymn serves as a poignant reminder to forget every fleeting idol but never forget the love and sacrifice of Jesus.

The first verse encourages our souls not to forget the friend who willingly took on our burdens and bore our pain. When we are overwhelmed, it is easy to seek solace in material possessions, social media, or other worldly distractions. However, this hymn reminds us that these idols should be forgotten, as they cannot bring true peace and comfort. Only by remembering Jesus, who embraced our guilt, broke our chains, and paid our overwhelming debt, can we find lasting solace.

The second verse emphasizes the need to relinquish our own works and ways, acknowledging the futility of relying solely on our human efforts. It calls us to turn to Jesus, who left His heavenly throne and gave up His life for our sake. This selfless act of love deserves eternal remembrance, surpassing all other charms that this world can offer.

The third verse sheds light on the nature of Jesus as the embodiment of infinite truth and mercy. By accepting Him in our lives, we become recipients of His truth and mercy, making Him not only our friend but also our own. How can we, then, forget such matchless charms in the midst of our struggles and temptations?

The fourth verse holds a promise of unending hope and comfort. As long as we live, the name of Jesus shall cheer and warm our hearts. Just the mention of His name can uplift our spirits and provide the strength needed to navigate the hardships of life. This profound truth compels us to rise above earthly concerns and join the celestial chorus of believers, praising Him from the depths of our souls.

The fifth verse delves into the realm beyond our temporal existence. When every earthly thing ceases to exist and is consumed by the fires of destruction, the name of Jesus will not only survive but also thrive. It boldly declares that His name will persist throughout eternity. This eternal significance of Jesus serves as a powerful reminder of His unmatched love and the importance of never forgetting Him.

In conclusion, O Thou My Soul, Forget No More is a timeless hymn that calls us to remember the one true friend who bore our misery: Jesus. It urges us to forsake the idols of the world and turn to Jesus for solace and salvation. Reflecting on His sacrifice for us, we find infinite truth, mercy, and love. This hymn encourages us to continually remember His name, seeking comfort and strength in our daily lives. And as we journey through life towards eternity, His name will forever endure, reminding us of His unending love. So, let us take these words to heart and never forget the one who knows our every burden and offers us eternal peace.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Remembering the Friend Who Bears Our Misery. Reflect on the love and sacrifice of Jesus, forsake worldly distractions, and find solace in His infinite truth and mercy. Never forget the name that brings eternal comfort and joy. O Thou My Soul, Forget No More.


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