O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless For Thou Art Great and High – Hymn Lyric

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O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless For Thou Art Great and High – Hymn Lyric



O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless For Thou Art Great and High – Hymn Lyric

O Thou my soul, JEHOVAH bless;
for Thou art great and high,
O LORD my God, with honour cloath'd,
and comely majesty.

With shining robes of purest light
Thou dost thy self array;
And like a curtain to thy throne
Thou dost the heav'ns display.

His chamber-beams on waters lays,
and clouds his chariot makes,
And on the wings of mighty winds
his steps serenely takes.

His angels active spirits makes,
who glad before Him stand;
His ministers as lightning fly
to compass his command,

The deep foundations of the earth
so firmly did he lay,
That never From their fixed place
shall they be mov'd away.

As with a robe Thou o'er the earth
didst spread the spacious flood:
Above the mountains highest head,
the mighty waters stood.

But then at thy rebuke they fled,
they dare no longer stay,
And at thy thunders dreadful voice
they hasted quick away.

As down they rush, the mountains rise,
the vallies sink below;
And to the deeps Thou mad'st for them
tumultuously they flow.

There hast Thou set their certain bound,
which they may not pass o'er;
That they to overwhelm the earth
may turn again no more.

[ Part]

He sends the springs and streaming rills
along the vales to glide;
Which running all among the hills,
refresh on every side.

Thence drink to the field-beasts he gives,
their thirst wild asses slake:
And on their bord'ring boughs the birds
their sweetest musick make.

From his high chambers plenteous stores
He waters all the hills;
And with the fruit of those his works
the earth He richly fills.

For beasts He makes the grass to grow,
and herbs for human use;
He makes the earth for ev'ry one
their various food produce.

To glad man's heart He makes the earth
to bring forth grapes for wine;
Heart-strengthning bread, and suppling oil
to make his face to shine.

JEHOVAH's great and lofty trees,
with sap thence filled are;
The cedars of mount Lebanon,
which He hath planted there.

Upon their branches cheerful birds
quite fearless build their nest;
And lodg'd aloft on stately firs
the storks securely rest.

The tow'ring mountains for wild goats
places of refuge are;
The clefts of rocks for feebler tribes,
who make their dwelling there.

The changing moon He constitutes
the seasons forth to show;
The sun his time of going down
exactly makes to know.

Thou dost the earth with darkness spread,
and night succeeds the day;
When wild beasts creeping from the wood«,
are bold through fields to stray.

Young lions then range here and there,
and hunt for prey abroad:
But when they find no prey, they roar,
and call for meat to God.

But when the sun begins to rise,
and makes the shades to fly,
They all retire to hide themselves
and close in dens they lie.

Then man goes forth with chearfulness
his labours to begin;
And ppies his work throughout the day,
till evening calls him in.

[ Part]

How various are thy works, O Lord!
and with what wisdom made!
Thy riches fill the earth within,
and ev'n all over spread.

So is this great and spacious sea,
where swarms of creatures creep;
And shoals of fish both small and great,
which traverse through the deep.

There sail the ships amidst the waves,
[thy winds give them their way.]
And there's the great Leviathan,
Thou mad'st therein to play.

All these on thee submissive wait,
and on thy care depend,
That Thou their Vigour to renew,
may'st food in season send.

That which Thou kindly giv'st to them
they gather for their food;
Thy lib'ral hand Thou op'nest wide,
and the are fill'd with good.

But when from them Thou hid'ft thy face,
they troubled are and mourn;
Thou tak'st away their breath, they die,
and to their dust return.

Thou send'st thy spirit forth, and we
a new creation view;
And with fresh animals the earth
dost constantly renew.

[ Part]

The glory of JEHOVAH shall
last to eternity:
JEHOVAH shall in all his works
rejoice exceedingly.

If on the earth He turns his eye,
it trembles at his look:
If He the mountains does but touch,
they rise into a smoke.

I'll to the LORD sing chearfully
throughout my life always;
Yea while I have my being, I
will to my God sing praise.

With meditations upon Him
I shall be sweetly fed;
And ever in JEHOVAH I
shall be exceeding glad.

Sinners from earth shall be consum'd,
no more the wicked be:
O thou my soul JEHOVAH bless:
sing HALLEUJAH, ye.


Meaning of O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless For Thou Art Great and High


In the hymn “O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless,” the writer praises and acknowledges the greatness and majesty of God. The lyrics depict God's power, creativity, and provision, highlighting the various wonders of the world that reflect His glory. This hymn serves as a reminder to appreciate and give thanks for God's blessings in our lives. Let us delve deeper into the themes and messages conveyed in this beautiful hymn.

Verse 1: The Greatness and Majesty of God

The hymn begins with a declaration of God's greatness and honor. The writer addresses God as JEHOVAH, emphasizing His and power. The imagery of God being clothed in shining robes of purest light and displaying the heavens like a curtain before His throne vividly expresses His majestic nature. It's a reminder that despite our challenges and trials, God is in control and deserving of our praise.

Verse 2: God's Control Over Creation

The hymn continues by illustrating God's sovereignty over creation. It describes how God lays the foundations of the Earth and sets boundaries for the waters. The imagery of mountains rising and valleys sinking at His command showcases His ultimate authority. The verse emphasizes God's power to control natural forces, such as winds and thunder, to make them conform to His will.

Verse 3: God's Provision and Care

This section of the hymn highlights God's provision for all living creatures. It speaks of God's role in providing water through springs and streams, which flow through valleys, nurturing plants and quenching the thirst of animals. The writer mentions how wild beasts, birds, and even humans benefit from the fruit of God's works, enjoying the abundance and sustenance He provides.

Verse 4: Harmony in Nature

In this verse, the hymn draws attention to the harmony and balance found in nature. The writer mentions how the Earth brings forth grapes for wine, bread for sustenance, and oil for physical well-being. The presence of great and lofty trees, along with the birds and storks that find refuge and rest in them, demonstrate the interconnectedness and order found in God's creation.

Verse 5: Order in the Natural Cycles

This section focuses on the cyclical patterns observed in nature. It mentions the changing moon as an indicator of the seasons and the sun's precise timing for rising and setting. The hymn acknowledges God's design, which brings forth distinct periods of day and night. It paints a picture of the wild beasts venturing out at night, followed by the waking of mankind to carry out their daily tasks.

Verse 6: God's Wisdom and Abundance

The final verse celebrates the various works of God, displaying His wisdom and abundance. The hymn mentions the sea, teeming with diverse creatures, and the ships sailing under God's guidance. It also brings attention to the Leviathan, a great sea creature symbolizing God's creative power and playful nature. Throughout this verse, the writer emphasizes God's ability to provide for His creation abundantly.


In “O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless,” we find a hymn of praise and gratitude for God's greatness, power, provision, and wisdom. Through its vivid imagery and poetic language, it allows us to reflect on the wonders of God's creation and His constant care for all living things. This hymn serves as a reminder to appreciate God's blessings, find solace in His control over nature, and rejoice in His everlasting glory. Let us join together in singing Hallelujah and offering our heartfelt praise to the great and high JEHOVAH.


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