O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless Thou Lord my God Most Great – Hymn Lyric

Discover the awe-inspiring hymn praising Jehovah

O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless Thou Lord my God Most Great – Hymn Lyric

In this engaging hymn, titled “O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless Thou Lord my God Most Great,” we are invited to praise and give thanks to God, who is referred to as Jehovah. The hymn highlights the magnificence and power of God, as well as His care and provision for all living creatures on earth. Through vivid imagery, the hymn encourages us to reflect on the awe-inspiring wonders of creation and find joy in the eternal glory of the Almighty.


O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless Thou Lord my God Most Great – Hymn Lyric

O Thou, my soul, Jehovah bless,
Thou Lord my God most great:
With majesty and comelinefs
Thou cloathed art in state.

Who dost thyssl.f with light array,
As if a robe it were;
Who like a curtain doth display
The heav’ns every where.

Who doth the beams of chambers lay
I’th’ waters, and he makes
The clouds his chariot, and his way
On wings of wind he takes.

His ministers a fi’ry flame,
His angels spirits makes.
The earth he founded on her frame,
So that it never shakes.

As with a robe thou with the deep
Didst overspread the land:
Aloft above the mountains steep,
The waters they did stand.

When thou didit them rebuke, they fled
Ev’n then away full fast:
And at thy thunder’s voice they sped
Their course away in haste.

They up aloft by mountains past
Down by the vales did go,
The place for them which fix’d thou hast
Until they come unto.

Thou hast appointed them a bound
Which they may not pass o’er,
That they to cover the dry ground
May turn again mo more.

Into the vales he sendeth springs,
Which run among the hills:
Thence drink to all field beasts he brings-
Wild asses drink their. fills

The fowls of heav’n dwell there which sing
Among the springs with mirth.
From lofts to hills he rain doth bring
Thy works fruit fills the earth.

For beasts the grass, and for man’s good
He makes the herb to spring:
That what may serve them for their food
He from the earth may bring.

And wine man’s heart that maketh glad,
And oyl his face to shine:
And for the heart of man gives bread
A strong support to find.

Jehovah’s trees that are most strong
No fill of sap do want;
The cedar trees of Lebanon
The which himself doth plant.

That so the little birds may there
Upon them build their nest:
As for the stork, the fir-trees are
The places of her rest.

The hills for wild goats refuge be,
The conies rocks enclose:
The moon for seasons made hath he,
The sun his setting knows.

Thou darknefs mak’ft, and night comes on
When wood-beasts creep out all.
i Roar for their prey do lions young,
From God for food they call.

The sun doth rise, they in their dens
Then couch, they go aside.
Man to his work, and labour tends
Unto the ev’ning tide.

Thy works, O Lord, how manifold!
Them all thou mad’st with skill:
The earth doth of thy riches hold
Abundantly her fill.

So doth the sea so great and wide,
Wherein things creeping be
Beyond all count, small beasts beside
Those of great quantity.

There go the ships, there thou didst make
Leviathan to play.
Their food in season to partake,
All on thee waiting stay.

They gather that thou dost bestow,
Thine hand thou open’st wide:
With such things as are good, they so
Are fully satisfy’d.

Thou hid’st thy face, they troubled are,
Their breath thou tak’st away:
And then they die, likewise repair
Unto their dust do they.

Thou mak’st thy spirit forth to go
They are created then:
And of the earth the face also
Thou dost renew again.

The glory of Jehovah shall
Last to eternity;
The Lord shall in his doings all
Take pleasure joyfully.

The earth doth fall a trembling when
He thereupon doth look:
The mountains he doth touch, and then
Immediately they smoak.

I’ll to the Lord sing chearfully
Throughout my life always:
While I a being have will I
Unto my God sing praise.

Full sweet the meditation
Of him (shall be to me:
Exceeding glad will be.

From off the earth let sinners cease,
And wicked be no more:
O thou my soul, Jehovah bless,
Praise ye the Lord therefore.


Meaning of O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless Thou Lord my God Most Great

O Thou My Soul Jehovah Bless Thou Lord my God Most Great


In this hymn, we find beautiful expressions of praise and gratitude towards God, who is referred to as Jehovah. The hymn highlights the magnificence and power of God, as well as His care and provision for all living creatures on earth. Through vivid imagery, the hymn invites us to reflect on the awe-inspiring wonders of creation and offers a reminder to give thanks to the Lord for His countless blessings.

Verse 1: The Majesty of God’s Creation

The first verse of the hymn paints a picture of God’s majesty and grandeur. It describes how God clothes Himself in light, as if it were a magnificent robe, and how He decorates the heavens like a curtain. The imagery here reminds us of God’s creativity and how He fills the world with beauty and wonder. We are encouraged to marvel at the displays of divine craftsmanship all around us, from the intricacies of a flower to the vastness of the universe.

Verse 2: The Power of God’s Elements

Continuing in the hymn, we are invited to contemplate the power of God’s elements. It illustrates how God lays the beams of His chambers in the waters, using clouds as His chariot and riding on the wings of the wind. This imagery reminds us of the strength and sovereignty of God. We see how He controls and commands the natural forces to fulfill His purposes. It is truly remarkable to think about how God uses His creation to orchestrate and sustain life on earth.

Verse 3: The Foundations of the Earth

Here, the hymn brings our attention to the foundational stability of the earth. It reminds us that God established the earth and structured it in such a way that it never shakes. This firm foundation allows us to have confidence in the world around us and reminds us of God’s faithfulness. Just as He sets boundaries for the seas, God also sets limits in our lives to bring about balance and order. It is a comforting thought to know that we can trust in a God who holds the world in His hands.

Verse 4: Provision for All Living Creatures

Moving on, the hymn highlights God’s provision for all creatures of the earth. It speaks of how God covered the land with the deep and how the waters once stood above the mountains. We are reminded of God’s power to both give and take away. The hymn mentions the springs that flow from the mountains, providing water for all living beings. It emphasizes how God’s creation is intricately designed to meet the needs of every creature, from the mighty beasts to the smallest birds. It is a testament to God’s care and love for His creation.

Verse 5: Nourishment and Sustenance

In this verse, the hymn acknowledges God’s provision of sustenance for both animals and humans. It mentions the grass for the beasts and the herbs for mankind, which serve as food for them. Additionally, the hymn speaks of how God provides wine, oil, and bread to bring gladness, vitality, and nourishment to our lives. It reminds us of the rich blessings we receive from God and how He delights in seeing His children flourish.

Verse 6: The Beauty and Function of Nature

Continuing with the hymn, we encounter the beauty and functionality of nature. It mentions the strong trees, specifically the cedar trees of Lebanon, which serve as a nesting place for birds. We are reminded of the interconnectedness and harmony within God’s creation. From the hills serving as refuge for wild goats to the rocks providing shelter for conies, every aspect of nature serves a purpose. God’s design is perfect, ensuring that all creatures have a place to thrive.

Verse 7: God’s Control over Time

This verse acknowledges God’s control over time and the seasons. It mentions how God made the moon for specific seasons and how the sun knows its appointed time to set. It is a reminder of God’s orderliness and precision in all things. Just as nature obeys God’s commands, we are encouraged to submit to His timing and trust in His perfect plan for our lives.

Verse 8: The Eternal Glory of Jehovah

The final verse of the hymn celebrates the eternal glory of Jehovah. It proclaims that the glory of God will last forever and that He takes pleasure in all His doings. The hymn acknowledges the awe-inspiring power of God, with the earth trembling at His sight and mountains smoking when He touches them. The hymnist vows to sing praises to the Lord throughout their life and finds true joy in the everlasting presence of the Almighty.


In this hymn, we are invited to reflect on the greatness and goodness of God. It encourages us to find joy in the beauty of His creation and to be grateful for the countless blessings He bestows upon us. Through vivid descriptions and powerful imagery, the hymn prompts us to offer our praise and worship to Jehovah, the Lord our God most great. May we always remember His love, provision, and eternal glory as we journey through life.


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