O To Abide In Jesus – Hymn Lyric

O To Abide In Jesus: Find joy and peace by dwelling in His presence. Long for a deeper connection

O To Abide In Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“O To Abide In Jesus: Finding Joy and Peace in His Presence” is a hymn that expresses a deep longing to be connected to Jesus in a meaningful way. It reminds us that by staying close to Him, we can find strength and guidance to navigate life’s challenges. Through this hymn, we are encouraged to grow in our faith, praise Him, and strive to become more like Jesus every day.


O To Abide In Jesus – Hymn Lyric

O to abide in Jesus,
O to be His alone;
Close to the fount of blessing,
Close to my Savior’s throne.

O for an earnest longing,
Into His life to grow;
O for a deeper yearning,
More of its joy to know.

O to abide in Jesus,
Never to faint nor fall;
Clinging to Him Who loves me,
Trusting my all in all.

O for a heart to praise Him,
O for a tongue to sing
Glory to Him Who saves me,
Jesus my Lord and King.

O to be more like Jesus,
Earnest whene’er I pray;
Into His perfect likeness
Growing from day to day,

O for a faith to bear me,
Ever with tireless wing,
Home where the blest are waiting,
Home where the angels sing.


Meaning of O To Abide In Jesus

O To Abide In Jesus: Finding Joy and Peace in His Presence

Have you ever felt a longing deep within your heart? A yearning for something more than what this world can offer? If you have, then you’re not alone. Many of us have felt that desire to be close to something greater than ourselves, something that can fill us with true joy and peace. And in the hymn “O To Abide In Jesus,” we find a beautiful expression of that longing.

To abide in Jesus means to dwell in His presence, to be connected to Him in a deep and meaningful way. It’s not just a fleeting encounter, but a constant state of being, like a branch that is securely attached to a strong and healthy tree. And just as a tree provides nourishment and sustenance to its branches, so does Jesus provide us with the strength and guidance we need to navigate through life’s challenges.

In the first verse of the hymn, we are reminded of the fount of blessing that is found in Jesus. Just like a refreshing spring of water that never runs dry, Jesus offers us an abundant supply of love, grace, and mercy. When we are close to Him, we can draw from this well and find the fulfillment and satisfaction our souls crave.

But how do we abide in Jesus? The hymn tells us that it starts with an earnest longing, a heartfelt desire to grow in our relationship with Him. It’s not enough to have a superficial faith; we need to yearn for a deeper connection, to truly understand and experience the joy that comes from knowing Him.

This longing leads us to the second verse, where we learn the importance of never fainting or falling away from Jesus. We are called to cling to Him, to hold on tightly to His promises and trust that He loves us unconditionally. In a world full of uncertainties and disappointments, Jesus remains our constant source of strength and security.

When we abide in Jesus, our hearts naturally overflow with praise. We can’t help but sing glory to Him who saves us, who has redeemed us from the darkness and brought us into the light. Our tongues become instruments of worship, proclaiming His goodness and mercy to all who will listen.

As we continue to abide in Jesus, we are transformed more and more into His likeness. This is not an instant change, but a gradual process that happens day by day. Just as a seed grows into a beautiful flower, so our faith can blossom and flourish as we surrender ourselves to Him. We become more like Jesus, displaying His love, compassion, and forgiveness to those around us.

But this transformation is not just for our own benefit. The hymn reminds us that as we grow in faith, we can also be a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. Our lives become a testimony of God’s faithfulness, and we can point others to the hope and joy that is found in a relationship with Jesus.

And finally, the hymn paints a beautiful picture of our ultimate homecoming. As we abide in Jesus, as we trust and follow Him, we can look forward to a glorious future. A home where the blest are waiting, a place where the angels sing praises to our Lord and King. It’s a hope that sustains us through trials and tribulations, knowing that one day we will be united with Jesus in everlasting joy.

So let us embrace the longing in our hearts, the desire to abide in Jesus. Let us draw near to Him in prayer and seek His perfect likeness in our lives. Let us trust and cling to His love and find joy in praising Him. And let us remember that our journey doesn’t end here on earth; there is a heavenly home awaiting us, where we will be forever united with our Savior.

In conclusion, “O To Abide In Jesus” is not just a beautiful hymn, but a heartfelt plea for a deeper connection with our Lord. It teaches us the importance of longing for His presence, trusting in His love, and growing in His likeness. May this hymn serve as a reminder to us all, regardless of our age or literacy level, that in Jesus, we can find true joy, peace, and fulfillment.


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