Only In Jesus My Heart Is At Rest – Hymn Lyric

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Only In Jesus My Heart Is At Rest – Hymn Lyric

“Only In Jesus My Heart Is At Rest: Finding Peace, Joy, and Salvation” explores the deep longing we have for rest, peace, and salvation that can only be found in Jesus. Through Him, we find forgiveness, grace, and hope that transcends our earthly circumstances. By placing our trust in Him, our hearts can be satisfied and our souls can experience true contentment.


Only In Jesus My Heart Is At Rest – Hymn Lyric

Only in Jesus my heart is at rest;
Only in Him can my spirit be blest;
Only on Him ev’ry burden I roll;
He is the fountain of life to my soul.

Only in Jesus my hope shall be,
In life and in eternity;
Only in Jesus would I abide,
Till in His presence I’m satisfied.

Only in Jesus forgiveness is found;
Grace that in trials much more shall abound;
Peace amid conflict and joy amid pain,
Turning earth losses to heavenly gain.


Only in Jesus salvation is mine;
Light that for guidance will steadily shine;
Pow’r for His service, His word to obey,
Strength that forever shall be as my stay.


Meaning of Only In Jesus My Heart Is At Rest

Only In Jesus My Heart Is At Rest: Finding Peace, Joy, and Salvation

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, it is so comforting to know that there is a place where our hearts can find rest. This place is not a physical location, but rather a state of being – a state that can only be achieved through our connection with Jesus. In the hymn “Only In Jesus,” the lyrics beautifully express the deep longing we have for this rest and the incredible blessings that come from abiding in Him.

The first verse of the hymn reminds us that our hearts can only find true rest in Jesus. In a world where we are constantly searching for fulfillment and satisfaction, it is easy to get caught up in worldly pursuits that ultimately leave us feeling empty. But when we turn our hearts towards Jesus, we find the peace and contentment that we have been searching for. He is the source of true rest, the fountain of life that quenches our deepest spiritual thirst.

The refrain of the hymn emphasizes the importance of placing our hope and trust in Jesus, not just in this life, but for all of eternity. In a world where everything is temporary, where nothing lasts forever, it is reassuring to know that we have a solid foundation in Jesus. No matter what trials and challenges we face, we can have hope because we know that our ultimate satisfaction lies in Him. As we journey through life, our hope and our trust should always be in Him.

The second verse speaks of the forgiveness and grace that we find in Jesus. We all make mistakes and fall short of perfection, but in Jesus, we find forgiveness and a love that knows no bounds. His grace not only covers our sins, but it also gives us strength and courage to face trials and difficulties. In times of conflict and pain, we can find peace and joy in Jesus. He turns our earthly losses into heavenly gains, giving us a perspective that transcends our circumstances.

In the third verse, we learn that salvation is found only in Jesus. He is our light, our guide, and our source of strength. Through Him, we find the power to serve and obey, and the assurance that He will always be by our side. This verse reminds us that our salvation is not dependent on our own efforts or righteousness, but on the incredible grace and love of Jesus. It is through Him that we find true salvation and eternal life.

In conclusion, the hymn “Only In Jesus” beautifully captures the longing of our hearts for rest, peace, and salvation. It reminds us that true rest can only be found in Jesus – the source of life, forgiveness, and hope. It encourages us to place our trust in Him, both in this life and for all of eternity. As we abide in Jesus, our hearts will be satisfied, and we will experience the peace, joy, and salvation that our souls long for. So let us turn our hearts towards Him and find rest in His loving embrace.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find eternal rest, peace, and salvation in Jesus. Trust in Him for forgiveness, hope, and true fulfillment. Abide in Him for ultimate satisfaction.


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