Peace, Troubled Soul – Hymn Lyric

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Peace, Troubled Soul – Hymn Lyric

“Peace, Troubled Soul” is a comforting hymn that reminds us not to fear in times of trouble and uncertainty. It reassures us that our great Provider is always near and ready to listen to our cries. By having faith and surrendering to His will, we can find true peace and fulfillment in God’s provision and promises.


Peace, Troubled Soul – Hymn Lyric

Peace, troubled soul, thou need’st not fear;
Thy great Provider still is near;
Who fed thee last, will feed thee still:
Be calm, and sink into His will.

The Lord, Who built the earth and sky,
In mercy stoops to hear thy cry;
His promise all may freely claim;
Ask and receive in Jesus’ Name.

Without reserve give Christ your heart,
Let Him His righteousness impart;
Then all things else He’ll freely give;
With Him you all things shall receive.

Thus shall the soul be truly blest,
That seeks in God His only rest;
May I that happy person be,
In time and in eternity.


Meaning of Peace, Troubled Soul

Peace, Troubled Soul: Finding Comfort in God’s Provision and Promises

In times of trouble and uncertainty, it’s natural for our souls to be troubled. We may worry about our future, our needs, and even our purpose in life. However, as the hymn “Peace, troubled soul” reminds us, we need not fear, for our great Provider is always near. God, who created the earth and sky, is always ready to listen to our cries and answer our prayers. We only need to have faith and trust in Him.

The hymn offers words of comfort and reassurance, reminding us that God’s provision and promise are always available to us. Just as He has fed us in the past, He will continue to do so in the present and future. We need to remain calm and surrender to His will, knowing that He has our best interests at heart.

The hymn encourages us to approach God with confidence, knowing that He is always ready to hear and answer our prayers. His promises are there for us to claim freely. All we need to do is ask in the name of Jesus, and we can receive the blessings and provisions that we need.

But the hymn doesn’t stop at physical provision. It delves deeper into the spiritual aspect of our lives. It urges us to give our hearts fully to Christ, allowing Him to impart His righteousness upon us. When we surrender to Him, He freely gives us all things that are in alignment with His will. Our relationship with Him becomes the foundation of our contentment and blessings.

The hymn reminds us that true happiness and peace can only be found in God. When we seek rest and fulfillment in Him alone, we will be truly blessed. It’s a reminder to prioritize our spiritual well-being over worldly achievements, possessions, or temporary pleasures. Only by seeking God’s presence can we find lasting joy and purpose in both this life and the eternity that lies ahead.

In today’s fast-paced and often chaotic world, it’s easy for our souls to become troubled and burdened. We may struggle with anxieties, doubts, and insecurities. However, “Peace, troubled soul” offers a gentle reminder that we don’t have to carry these burdens alone. We have a loving and caring Heavenly Father who is always with us, willing to bear our burdens and provide us with peace.

Having an understanding of this hymn can bring great comfort to those who may be struggling with their faith or feeling overwhelmed by the trials of life. It reminds us that we are not alone and that God is always near, ready to listen and respond to our needs. It reassures us that if we surrender to His will and seek His presence, we can find peace and contentment amidst the storms of life.

To fully appreciate the message of this hymn, it’s essential to reflect on our own lives and circumstances. Are we relying on God’s provision and promises? Do we trust Him to provide for our needs, both physical and spiritual? Are we seeking true happiness in Him alone? These questions encourage introspection and help us evaluate our own faith and relationship with God.

In conclusion, “Peace, troubled soul” is a hymn that offers solace and encouragement to those who may be feeling troubled or burdened. It reassures us that our Heavenly Father is always near, ready to listen to our prayers and provide for our needs. By surrendering to His will and seeking His presence, we can find true peace, happiness, and fulfillment. May we all strive to be that happy person who finds rest in God, both in this life and for all eternity.


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