Plenty Of Time – Hymn Lyric

Reflecting on life's choices and the importance of seizing the moment. Don't wait for tomorrow

Plenty Of Time – Hymn Lyric



Plenty Of Time – Hymn Lyric

I got up one Sunday morning
Went to church at ten
I listened to the words I’d heard
Time and time again

The preacher spoke of sinful eyes
It seemed he spoke of mine
But I was young, I had plenty of time

Plenty of time to decide where I’m bound
To eternal darkness or to a heavenly crown
I’m just a young man, not yet in my prime
So I’ll just wait, I’ve got plenty of time

You know as I was traveling down
Life’s highway
Living just the way I wanted to live
I was out to beat the other guy
And to try to get whatever life could give

Now I know that making money
That wasn’t a sin
And having fun, that wasn’t a crime
I thought I’d wait, I had plenty of time

Before I knew what had happened
Life seemed to have passed away
And millions stood before God’s throne
For it was Judgment Day

Now eternal darkness blackens
And the name he calls is mine
But I had thought that I had plenty of time

Eternity waits, I’ve got plenty of time
To think of all the days Christ could have been in mine
My chance is over, life’s days are left behind
And here am I, I’ve got plenty of time

Now I’ve got nothing, but plenty of time


Meaning of Plenty Of Time

Plenty Of Time: A Reflection on Life’s Choices and the Importance of Seizing the Moment

Growing up, I was taught the importance of attending church on Sundays. It was a routine that I followed diligently, waking up early in the morning and making my way to the small church on the corner. One particular Sunday, as I sat in the pews and listened to the familiar hymns and sermon, a sense of familiarity washed over me. The preacher began speaking about sinful eyes and how they reflect our own shortcomings. At that moment, it felt as though his words were directed towards me, like he knew the struggles I faced within myself. But, being young, I brushed it off, thinking I had plenty of time to figure out my path.

Decisions can often feel daunting, especially when faced with the enormity of eternity. The preacher’s words echoed in my mind, urging me to contemplate the choices I would make on this journey called life. Would I be led down a path towards eternal darkness, or could I find my way to a heavenly crown? As a young man, still in the early stages of life, I couldn’t fathom the weight of such decisions. I reassured myself that there was plenty of time ahead, and I could address these questions later.

Life, however, has a funny way of slipping through our fingers while we wait for the right moment. As I traveled down life’s highway, I reveled in the freedom of living according to my desires. I was determined to outdo others and seize everything life had to offer. Making money and having fun became my focal points, as if they were the ultimate measures of success. I convinced myself that waiting was the prudent choice, as I had plenty of time to delve into deeper matters.

But, as life unfolded, I realized that time doesn’t wait for anyone. The moments we take for granted can quickly turn into missed opportunities. In the blink of an eye, I found myself facing the consequences of my choices. Judgment Day arrived, and millions stood before God’s throne. How had it come to this? Eternal darkness loomed, and the name He called was mine. I had naively believed that I possessed plenty of time to make amends.

As I stood there, regret gnawing at my heart, I couldn’t help but think of all the days that Christ could have been a part of my life. The chance to choose a different path had slipped away, and now I was left with only time to ponder what could have been. The realization hit me like a tidal wave, washing away any remnants of youthful ignorance. I had nothing left, except the abundance of time that lay before me.

Plenty of time. These three words now carried a weight I had never anticipated. They were a reminder of the importance of seizing each moment, of living with intention and purpose. Life’s days lay behind me, and I found myself standing at the crossroads that led to eternity. The opportunity for change was gone, and all that was left was time.

Looking back, I wish I had listened to that preacher’s words more carefully. I wish I had recognized the urgency in his voice, the desperate plea to not squander the precious moments that we are given. Time, once lost, cannot be reclaimed. It is a resource we often take for granted, assuming that it will always be available to us. But the truth is, we never know when our time will run out.

So, as you read these reflections, I implore you to learn from my mistakes. Embrace the present moment, for it is the only time we truly have. Cherish the relationships that bring you joy, pursue your passions, and live with a purpose greater than yourself. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, for it may never come. Take risks, make mistakes, and grow from them. Embrace the uncertainty of life, for it is in these moments that we discover who we truly are.

Plenty Of Time may seem like an innocuous phrase, but it carries profound implications. It serves as a reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and the choices we make today shape our eternity. So, let us not be complacent in our youth or disregard the importance of each passing day. Let us seize the opportunities that come our way and live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

In the end, all we have is time. Let’s make the most of it.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Reflecting on life's choices and the importance of seizing the moment. Don't wait for tomorrow, make the most of each day. Plenty Of Time is a reminder to embrace the present and live with purpose.


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