Praise God The Lord Praise O My Soul – Hymn Lyric

"Praise God

Praise God The Lord Praise O My Soul – Hymn Lyric

Praise God, The Lord, praise O my soul! This hymn reminds us to sing praises to God with all our being, trusting in Him alone. It highlights God’s love, care, and justice, encouraging us to always give thanks and praise to our Creator. Let’s reflect on the message of this beautiful hymn and strive to live our lives in praise and gratitude to God.


Praise God The Lord Praise O My Soul – Hymn Lyric

Praise God.
The Lord praise, O my soul.
I’ll praise God while I live;
While I have being to my God in songs I’ll praises give.

Trust not in princes, nor man’s son,
In whom there is no stay:
His breath departs, to’s earth he turns;
That day his thoughts decay.

O happy is that man and blest,
Whom Jacob’s God doth aid;
Whose hope upon the Lord doth rest,
And on his God is stay’d.

Who made the earth and heavens high,
Who made the swelling deep,
And all that is within the same;
Who truth doth ever keep.

Who righteous judgment executes
For those oppress’d that be,
Who to the hungry giveth food;
God sets the pris’ners free.

The Lord doth give the blind their sight,
The bowed down doth raise:
The Lord doth dearly love all those
That walk in upright ways.

The stranger’s shield, the widow’s stay,
The orphan’s help, is he:
But yet by him the wicked’s way
Turn’d upside down shall be.

The Lord shall reign for evermore:
Thy God, O Sion, he
Reigns to all generations.
Praise to the Lord give ye.


Meaning of Praise God The Lord Praise O My Soul

Praise God, The Lord, praise O my soul! What a beautiful hymn this is, reminding us to praise God with all our being. As we sing these words, let’s reflect on the message behind them and how we can apply it to our own lives.

The hymn starts by encouraging us to praise God while we are alive, to sing songs of praise to Him. It’s a reminder that we should always be thankful and grateful for the life that He has given us. We should never take for granted the gift of life and the opportunity to worship and praise our Creator.

The verse also warns us not to put our trust in worldly things, such as princes or men, as they are mortal and will eventually pass away. It’s a reminder that our ultimate trust should be in God, who is unchanging and everlasting. He is the one who created the earth and the heavens, the one who provides for those in need, and the one who brings justice to the oppressed.

The hymn goes on to describe the many ways in which God shows His love and care for His people. He gives sight to the blind, lifts up the downtrodden, and provides for the needy. He is a shield for the stranger, a support for the widow, and a helper for the orphan. God’s love and mercy are boundless, and He is always there for those who walk in righteousness.

But the hymn also reminds us that God will ultimately bring justice to the wicked. He will turn their ways upside down and reign forever as the true and righteous ruler. It’s a comforting thought, knowing that God’s justice will prevail in the end and that all things will be made right.

As we sing this hymn and reflect on its message, let’s remember to praise God with all our heart, soul, and mind. Let’s put our trust in Him alone, knowing that He is the one who sustains us and cares for us. Let’s be grateful for all that He has done for us and strive to walk in His ways each and every day.

So let us join together in praising God, The Lord, and giving thanks for His love, mercy, and justice. Praise to the Lord, now and forevermore!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Praise God, The Lord, praise O my soul! Reflect on the message of this hymn and praise Him with all your being. Trust in His love and justice always. Praise to the Lord, now and forevermore!


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